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Water Sports in Turkey


Turkey provides almost the perfect travel experience for any traveler; warm weather, numerous beaches, incredible hospitality deals and tons of attractions make it an ideal place to visit and relax. When you are spoiled for options, it is difficult to select the best spots for water sports, but we have tried to compile some spots worth your time and money.


Sailing is one of the most sought after and costly water sports at the moment, exhilarating and probable. The novices want fun and easy-to-navigate circumstances, the experts want more difficult situations, regardless of what you are looking for; Turkey has it covered.

  • The Aegean and the Mediterranean offer the ideal sailing locations to try your luck.
  • The coastal provinces of Bursa, Izmir, Mugla and Adana are renowned for their happy sailing winds and underlying currents.
  • For resorts, beginners or experts alike give a great sailing experience.


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Rafting is a little easier than sailing, but it has an extra amount of fun in it.

  • For enthusiasts from around the world, Manavgat in Antalya province, Firtina in Rize and Çoruh River in Artvin province give plenty.
  • If you still don't have a visa for Turkey, it's time to get one just to get a rafting experience.


The coral reefs, the calm waters and the number of fish present in the water make Turkey an excellent location for deep sea diving, scuba diving and open water snorkeling.

  • Apart from Fethiye in Muğla province, Kaş in Anatlya province, Çeşme in Izmir province and Bodrum are fantastic places to get into swimming shorts and discover the deep sea wonders that are available in great supply.


Perhaps an ideal classic pastime, yachting is laced with sophistication, drenched in chivalry and a true gentleman's emblem. There are fantastic ways to discover while yachting, with the seas covering three sides of Turkey.

For people interested in yachting, Kusadasi in Aydin province and Çelebi Marina in Antalya province are fantastic destinations that are willing and warm hosts.


Not only is windsurfing a sport, it is a culture. Those who grew up watching Baywatch will testify that windsurfing is glamorous, hip, trendy and glamorous.

For wind surfers, Alacati and Marmaris are among the most famous Aegean coasts. Check into a nearby resort if you are unable to do so, not only do they have facilities for novices but also specialist coaches that assist surfing novices.

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