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Violet Moon Howey - Born Into A Family Of Entertainers


The umbilical cord was around Violet Moon Howey's neck when she was born; it was in that position when she was delivered. It came as a surprise to both the midwife and her mother when they realized that she was not breathing.

Nevertheless, following a series of medical procedures, she finally let out her first cry. Even in the present day, she continues to pique the interest of a wide variety of people who are familiar with her story.

Violet Moon Howey is one of the most well-known children in the world due to the fact that she is a celebrity child.

Both of her parents are actors who have established themselves successfully in the entertainment industry. So, how well-informed are you when it comes to their daughter?

Violet Moon Howey is the daughter of actor Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi, his ex-wife. Violet's father, Howey, is well-known for his roles as Van Montgomery on The WB/Reba CW's and Kevin Ball on Showtime's Shameless.

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Sarah, on the other hand, is an actress who appeared as Carmen on The L Word in 2005, Kate Reed in the USA Network legal drama Fairly Legal (2011-2012), and Sameen Shaw in the CBS crime drama Person of Interest. Shahi is currently starring in the Netflix series Sex/Life.

Violet, Steve and Shahi's daughter, has a number of incidents worth reading about that begin even before her birth. There are numerous memorable chapters that made headlines, particularly in relation to Violet's arrival and whatever was going on in her parents' lives at the time.

Violet and her twin brother, Knox Blue, were born in March 2015 in Sherman Oaks, California, at their parents' home. The former is two hours older than the latter.

Sarah stated during her first pregnancy that she chooses home birth because she believes in the body's natural ability to give birth. She went on to say that she wanted to disprove the stereotype that women don't know how to give birth and that they always need doctors, epidurals, and Pitocin.

Many mothers in the twenty-first century have their babies delivered in hospitals. Many have done so as a result of the complications that may arise during the process. Violet and his brother were both born at home.

Sarah Shahi stated that she believed in natural birth and was willing to give it a shot. She gave birth to her twins at home in a water bath with the assistance of a midwife. Her twins' birth, however, was not without complications.

Violet Moon Howey Net Worth

Violet Moon Howey wearing a pink dress
Violet Moon Howey wearing a pink dress

There are no available sources about Violet Moon Howey's net worth yet.

People Also Ask

Violet Moon Howey Is The Only Daughter Of Sarah Shahi?

There are three of Sarah Shahi's children. Violet Moon Howey is one of her three children, along with two sons. Her twin brother, Knox Blue, and her older brother, William Wolf, were her primary caregivers while she was growing up.

Is There A Mystery Behind Violet's Name?

When it comes to naming a child, many parents just don't pick a name at random. Sarah revealed that deciding on a name for her daughter was not an easy task. She considered several names before settling on Moon as her daughter's middle name.

Did Violet's Parents' Divorced?

Sarah Shahi and Steve Howey married on February 7, 2009. Violet Moon Howey's parents married in front of their friends and family members.

Final Words

Violet Moon Howey, five, is the focus of media attention because of her parents, not because of what she does for a living. She is a well-known child and the child of prominent Americans.

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