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I tried 14 Instagram Account brokers (here is my review!)

Rank #1:Fameswap
Rank #2:Insta Sale
Rank #3:E-flipo
Rank #4:Toofame
Rank #5:Social Tradia
Rank #6:Swapd
Rank #7:Accs-Market.com
Rank #8:PVA Corner
Rank #9:Instapva.com
Rank #10:Pvahub.com
Rank #11:High Quality Pva
Rank #12:Pva Accounts
Rank #13:Buyaccs
Rank #14:Pvalo

Being famous is a sign that you are doing exceptionally well at something, at least in most circumstances. Yet, to be well known is not to be successful. It only means that you are either doing something entirely right or completely wrong. Or, to put it another way, you have your own ample amount of audience size.

What then could you exactly do with a large audience size at your disposal? With the influence of social media growing daily, it is safe to say that to be famous on social media is a good sign, especially for those in the commercial niche. And for the creative hands, Instagram is a perfect tool that could go a long way to grant you benefits you have never dreamed about!

The recognition you may or may not receive could be out of your control. The efforts you put in are, however, in your control. And this is where your focus should be. As a new company looking to make your name out there, as a brand or a rising star that needs social media presence, all you need to do is focus on defining your goals and developing your content.

The rest would be easier, as there are a lot of social media service providers that would do the remaining part of the job for you. By sharing their products and highlighting the services they offer, businesses have grown tremendously with the help of proper marketing and visually appealing designs. Few times, it was with the help of companies whose only purpose for existing is to serve as the middleman between you and fame or the audience you needed.

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/top-best-places-to-buy-instagram-account-in-2021/ by Landon Morton on 2021-06-29T16:53:03.486Z

So typically, these middleman companies are those into the business of helping people and brands to get to where the need to be, either through the follower count or account engagement. They provide grounds for which you can either buy Instagram account or other social media accounts.

In essence, when using middleman services, you never get in touch with the account seller directly. Instead, you deal with a certain website which is the common ground provided. The transaction for the account goes through a third party. This is simply to reduce the high risks of getting scammed.

Most of the accounts on these websites are free to get, with the middleman companies only making profits after a transaction is successfully carried out.

There are other ways to acquire Instagram accounts. Some of them are through are eBay, individuals wishing to sell their accounts, and other online forums.

For this article though, we are only going to look at those middleman companies that are some of the best places for you to buy an Instagram account.

Top Best Places To Buy Instagram Account In 2021


Considered as one of the top-rated companies in the business of Instagram account trading, Fameswap has always provided a platform form for the trading of Instagram accounts. People can either buy or sell their Instagram accounts through them.

They claim to be the largest and fastest-growing marketplace for buying Instagram accounts and rightly so, they often have over 2000 accounts for sale. Social media managers, brands, and marketing agencies, all in their thousands have all bought Instagram accounts here at one point. They have been operating since 2013 so it is safe to say they know what they do well.

All account listings on Fameswap are verified and checked before being published on the marketplace. Fameswap says they offer an array of tools to make a customer’s purchase safe and secure. Customers can as well find on the marketplace, authentic Instagram accounts with real followers and engagement that can aid in their growth.

What one would first notice on their site is how simplified their interface is. They further simplified account search by grouping them according to audience size, category, and time of listing.

Fameswap has a customer base ranging from small businesses looking to build or start their social media presence, all the way to already established brands looking to expand their reach.

Some of the benefits promised by Fameswap are verified listing data, safe account transfer, 24/7 customer service support, secure messaging platform, encrypted payment system. They also help their customers with any post-purchase or pre-purchase questions.

Other services offered by Fameswap are escrow services and affiliate programs. They also provide trading services for other platforms such as TikTok and YouTube.

In all, their services are efficient and quick. They have safety policies well-structured and aimed at helping its customers to have a good experience. They have a growing number of positive reviews.

To engage their services, one must first create an account and go from there.

Insta Sale

This is another free platform for both buyers and sellers of Instagram accounts. They only get commissions for successful transactions between buyers and sellers. Insta Sale like Fameswap has also provided customers with an easy to use the website. Recent account listings are easily seen on the front page of their website. They have a user-friendly interface that minimizes time spent searching for the right account.

Insta sale promises fast delivery such that if one were to put up an account for sale today, he’d get his money the next day.

The best part is that customers' details are encrypted. They have made provisions for round the clock support team.

Insta Sale says all accounts are vetted in advance by their managers.

The buying process is simplified as well, a buyer only needs to log in or create an account and then go ahead to choose the account he is interested in buying. In a private chat, both the buyer and seller would then be able to discuss the terms of the transaction, with a form filled and submitted. Insta Sale provides the services of a guarantor for the transaction to go on successfully.

The selling process is also simplified. A person intending to sell their account would need to log in, add the Instagram account for sale to the listing and get it verified. A little description of the page, the niche, and the cost will then be specified.


On E-flipo, one can buy an account, sell an account, find an influencer or even be one. Those are the key services offered there. But the first one must create an account before beginning their social media growth journey.

The company has got some positive reviews to show for the excellent work they do. They not only sell accounts, but they also have tie-ups with influencers who can help in promoting your brand.

E-flipo assures customers safe payment methods, the presence of MasterCard and Visa Card banners at the bottom of the website suggests so.

They also promise authenticated and audited Instagram accounts, a safe transfer method of accounts, and a hassle-free process.

E-flipo says all the accounts given by the sellers are thoroughly verified by their team and then put on the market for sale. This is so that interested buyers can check the authenticity of the accounts before buying. Through their verification process, accounts with fake followers and accounts associated with fraudulent activities fail to make the listing.

The process of account buying is simple - the buyer makes an offer, the buyer pays the company, the account is transferred to the buyer, the company then pays the account seller.

One feature that makes e-flipo stand out is its activity analytics report through which they provide detailed analysis for the growth of the accounts that they sell. This helps the intending buyer in making an informed decision regarding their purchase.

This helps them choose a more suitable product for themselves. This also creates a foundation of trust.

The influencer support provided by the company is also a fascinating way of growing one’s internet presence using shout-outs.

On the front page of the website, one can easily find featured accounts which are randomly selected for sampling. These accounts have a pictorial overview of them along with their audience size and the pricing displayed. They also have featured Instagram influencers with their number of followers and price tag appended.

The company has also provided a 24/7 customer care support system through the chat messenger bot seen on their website. Agents are always online to assist.


They are a digital marketing company that has been in the business for over 5 years. Hence, they understand what it takes to establish quality accounts with targeted followers.

The company has over 2000 satisfied customers. They have helped grow over 3000 accounts. These statistics can be found on their website.

Toofame promises account delivery within 24 hours from the time of payment. they handpicked Instagram accounts that have organic and authentic followers. Those accounts are then manually verified.

When you buy an Instagram account with them, you would have avoided ghost-followed accounts with no engagement and gained quality accounts with active and targeted followers to help grow your presence.

Toofame offers a 7-day money-back guarantee, should an intending buyer have a sudden change of heart after making a purchase. They have an email support system put in place, they have also provided other social media handles of theirs on the website for which they can easily be reached.

They also offer tips for maintaining an account after buying it on their website. Furthermore, they have a blog section that provides various suggestions and tips for being successful on Instagram.

Social Tradia

This is a Toronto-based company. It is another good company that has made it easy for people to buy and sell Instagram accounts.

Social Tradia says it filters all the Instagram accounts for sale before putting them up on the site to make sure that customers get real followers who engage with their content.

The buying process is simple too, once a customer makes an offer on any Instagram account of their choice, the company will then negotiate with the seller.

When the offer is accepted, the customer will receive the Invoice to buy the account.

Social Tradia might ask the customer to sign a contract for the Instagram account being purchased.

The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee if they are unable to complete the account transfer within 5 business days after the payment is done. They are one of the few companies however that offer such a deal.

Listed accounts are grouped into different audience sizes such as 2000 - 5000 accounts, 5000 – 20,000, 25,000 – 50,000, and so on. There is even the option of a custom order for those who don’t find what they are looking for in the listed groups. Other groups are those of product categories which contain industry activities like Art & gaming, cars & bikes, fashion & style and much more. In essence, Social Tradia has made it so easy to find the exact account that matches a customer’s needs.

For security reasons, Social Tradia does not provide user names to protect the privacy of those selling their accounts. However, they do have a verification team that checks the validity of an account.

While some of the sites do not specifically state prices for different account types or pricing plans, Social Tradia does it a little differently. One can easily find accounts on the home page randomly displayed with their price tags and the option to add them to a shopping cart.

Social Tradia sure seems like the right place to buy an Instagram account given they provide so many account options. One would be saving energy, time, and money when buying from them. They have a growing number of positive reviews to attest to their wonderful services.


This another popular company in the business of providing accounts. Swapd (coined from the word SWAPPED) is a community forum aimed at facilitating buying and selling in a safe and moderated marketplace. They are a trusted service dedicated to offering users the safest way to buy, sell, or trade items and services of virtual nature. They too have been around for some time with their service emphasis on safety.

They have a simple to use interface, such that listings are grouped according to audience size and account types.

Swapd offers a host of other services such as PR campaigns, influencer deals, and other social services that could help a business grow. The company apart from providing Instagram accounts, also sells YouTube accounts.

They say that they can make one famous, launch a venture into success, or provide the tools needed to make serious money.

They provide the clock support system for their customers as well as quick service delivery.


This is a unique service provider that allows secure dealings between sellers and buyers of social media accounts. The company guarantees that a buyer of the new account will successfully get the transfer. And a seller will either get his agreed-upon payment, else the account is returned to him.

Accs-Market is one of the largest platforms for buying and selling accounts, groups, channels, and pages on social media. Buying or selling accounts via Accs-market is safe and convenient!

Here one can quickly buy an account or channel on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram. A convenient ad search filter can help prospective buyers to find what they need within a couple of minutes. There is a provision of complete information, which will help in making a quick decision.

Parsing the name and number of group subscribers when one adds a sale ad allows customers to see valid numbers. The company provides a guarantee of re-registration of the group and its receipt with the creator's account. One is protected against possible fraud by the seller with the verification service - ensuring the seller's possession of the group. When adding an ad, a special code is generated; later the seller must place this code in his group. There is a mark confirming the past verification next to such ads.

This feature helps the buyer to avoid scammers.

Accs-market provides the following for its customers; a guarantee of security and transparency of the transaction, arbitration if necessary, an adequate commission in the case of a transaction with the use of the guarantor and instructions for the transfer of a group,

They also provide transaction support.

PVA Corner

This is a big company known for its services in email and social media marketing. They say they are the biggest and most proficient providers of social media accounts. True to their claim, they sell Google voice accounts, Pinterest accounts, Gmail accounts, Yahoo accounts, YouTube accounts.

Accounts are verified manually by a team of experts to ensure their authenticity and the best performance of accounts provided to customers. Customers can place an offer on any of their choice accounts then the company will negotiate with the seller after which the buyer will receive the invoice upon the offer being accepted. Pva Corner may ask you to sign a contract for an Instagram PVA account before you are buying. The company also offers its customers a 100% money-back guarantee especially when it cannot complete the transfer within 5-7 business days after the payments.

There are over 154, 706 accounts created to date on here and about 18, 957 orders to date.

They receive payment through credit cards, bitcoin, PayPal, and perfect money. There is a 10% instant discount for those paying with bitcoin and perfect money.

For their PVA Instagram accounts, they offer a 3-day money-back guarantee. Delivery time is usually between 1-3 hours.

Package prices begin at $40. They have a pricing chart with account types and prices broken down. Accounts are sold according to how long they have been created too


InstaPVA is another popular online phoned-verified-account merchant of various internet-based live accounts. They have been in the business for quite a while now. On their site, one can buy Instagram accounts, in bulk too. Other social media accounts available for purchase are Gmail accounts, aged Gmail Accounts, Twitter accounts and bulk Twitter Accounts, YouTube accounts, and Pinterest accounts.

InstaPVA says all accounts are checked manually using unique residential IP. All accounts come with unique emails as well. Yahoo emails or Gmail are used according to the needs of the client.

InstaPVA team is very experienced in handling bulk account orders.

Instagram PVA account packages start for as low as $12. These Instagram accounts are listed as new Instagram accounts, aged Instagram accounts, email, and phone verified accounts. Instagram accounts are further classified as bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.

There is an instant delivery system of 2 hours as well as a 2-day replacement policy. Like other service providers, they have made provision for customer assistance via chat support.


They are one of the biggest social media PVA account providers. Pvahub provides services on so many social media platforms, these platforms include Pinterest, Google, Hotmail, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and Yahoo. . This means that one can easily boost their Business over the different social media sites.

Their team of experts craft every account manually to ensure the authenticity and best performance of the accounts provided to customers.

Pvahub says they provide all information about PVA accounts via the chat box on their site such that an intending buyer can chat with them before placing an order. This helps the company to understand the requirements of such customers more efficiently.

Just make payment and within 24 Hours, the PVA Account is delivered.

They have made payment easy too by accepting almost all Payment Methods - Visa Card, PayPal, MasterCard, and even cash-on-delivery.

Instagram PVA accounts start from $50 and they promise satisfaction is guaranteed. They also sell Instagram followers and likes.

Finally, there is provision for a 24/7 customer care system that promises to try its best to respond within 1 - 6 hours.

High Quality Pva

This is a renowned digital marketing company that provides 100% phone verified bulk email and social media accounts, with high quality and fantastic results.

High Quality Pva comes with years of experience providing organic social media accounts and email accounts to customers in bulk

Instagram PVA accounts are grouped into new PVA or Old PVA. They are created with Unique IP's and they come at affordable and low prices.

The company promises a 24/72 Hours Delivery system. That is anything between 06 to 72 hours, depending on the amount of the order and workload they receive. The more accounts one order, the more time the company would need to create them all.

However, customers are guaranteed to receive their PVA accounts at least a day after the order is placed.

They also promise to give updates and recent information so that one can easily track his order.

Customer satisfaction is the company’s primary concern. Hence, they make sure that everything is excellent after delivery of the accounts to customers. Should a customer notice that something does not work out, the advice that they are contacted immediately for a replacement. Thus, the company provides a guarantee in every package they supply.

Pricing-wise, the prices of already established Instagram accounts on the site vary, depending on minor details such as the number of followers, engagement rate, number of posts, niche, and so on. A food blogger account with 15,000 followers, for instance, can cost around $150 to $750 depending on the number of followers, the number of posts, and the engagement rate. The prices can as well be higher if the engagement rate is excellent.

Both phone and email verified PVA accounts start from $12.75 for 5 pva to $2000 for 1000 PVA and a delivery time usually falls within 72 - 150 hours.

Pva Accounts

They are similar to Pvacorner in terms of operation mode and services provided, Pva Accounts provides both email and social media services on Instagram, Gmail. Yahoo and YouTube among others.

They accept almost every payment method like PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill, Perfect Money, and many others.

They have over 202, 451 PVA accounts created and 2000 account orders to date.

There is customer care support in the form chatbot on their website to always assist customers as well as an email support system.


This is a Russian service provider that has been on the market for 5 years. They seem like the biggest in email marketing. They however provide service on other social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and so on.

All the accounts are provided in any format the customers want. Should a buyer not be satisfied with the format delivered, there is a provision for a free account converter to get it in a more convenient format.

Buyaccs says delivery is instant and one can get his account immediately after your payment is confirmed.

The company accepts payments via perfect money, credit cards, and most of the popular cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

On their site, one can easily buy bulk Gmail accounts, bulk Hotmail accounts, buy bulk yahoo accounts, buy Facebook PVA accounts, buy bulk Twitter accounts, etc.


Pvalo is a reputed agency with trust among the marketer’s community. They have got such a reputation due to their services.

The company has a dedicated team of experts who can create verified accounts within record time without compromising quality. All accounts are created manually to ensure the authenticity of the PVA accounts. There are different packages meeting different requirements for your convenience.

Pvalo promises to let prospective buyers manually check the PVA account they intend to buy so that they can be satisfied with the quality.

The company accepts payments via almost all major payment methods for your convenience.

They also promise instant support. A 24/7 support team is available to support or solve any issues quickly should customers face issues with their accounts. Pvalo also ensures the highest quality and security through its full dedication to serving you.

On Pvalo, PVA accounts are created with valid and genuine information with necessary steps, making them 100% verified and at a very low rate too.

There is a 7- day replacement window for accounts the customers are not satisfied with.

There is also a money-back guarantee in case one is not satisfied, they place a higher value on customers.

Some Useful Tips For Buying Instagram Accounts

One the biggest cautionary steps a startup can take is to ensure they do not fall into dubious hands or take moves that are harmful to the health of the company. When it comes to buying Instagram accounts, there are many risks involved, especially when you have to consider the existence of fake accounts and other online scammers ready to milk you dry of your hard-earned money.

There are no perfect rules to aid one in buying but there is, however, some useful information to consider while buying an account. Below are just some of the few things to look at when at:

  • Buy an Account That’s Already in A Niche You’re Interested In

It is easier for you to engage your followers if you buy an account that is already in your niche. You don’t want to get an account with over a million followers interested in travel and tour guides and then switch it to a soccer account. By sticking to the same theme that the previous owner had, you not only keep the audience already established but also make engaging with them easier.

  • Always Get the Original Email Address and Password

It is very important to get the original email and password by which the account was operated. This is so that you can change the details to yours to avoid a sudden account takeover one day. Simply, when you fail to get the original email used on the account, the previous owner for instance could report the account as hacked and in the process keep both the account and the money.

  • Change the Email Address and Password Associated with The Account Asap

As mentioned in the previous tip, it is important to immediately change the email and password associated with the previous account. It’s just another safety measure so the previous owner couldn’t recover the account and boot you out in the process.

As long as you reach that point in your business where you know you needed an account with a large following, go for one that is in your place of interest, take the necessary precautions before and after making purchase, and then go right ahead to begin creating contents that would sustain both your Instagram audience and marketability.

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