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Sportcraft Turbohockey Tables - The Best Air Hockey Table For Your Game Room!


The General Sportcraft Company, better known as just Sportcraft, has been a manufacturer of a range of gaming tables, including foosball, air hockey, and outdoor games, since 1926.

Most Sportcraft air hockey tables are made in a way that they can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

The affordable, entertaining range of Sportcraft air hockey tables are worthy of your consideration if you are an air hockey enthusiast on a budget.

But not all air hockey tables are created equal. The Sportcraft brand is a trusted and high-quality option that won't let you down.

But which Sportcraft turbohockey table is right for you?

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Sportcraft Turbohockey Tables

Sportcraft 54″ Excelerator Turbo Hockey Table

An air hockey table with an overhead LED scoring unit
An air hockey table with an overhead LED scoring unit

In a twist on the classic arcade game of air hockey, Sportcraft's Excelerator Turbo Hockey Table features two spinning puck acceleraters. Designed to be one of the more affordable tables for kids, this one is a good option for parents who need to keep their children occupied on a budget.

Two pushers and three pucks are included with your table purchase. Another appealing feature is the inclusion of an overhead LED scoring unit, which mimics the design of professional ice hockey tables.

This table is easy to move because of its light weight. It can withstand the playing forces of children ages 5 and up, thanks to its hardwood surface and plastic frame.

Assembly has been a problem for some customers, though Sportcraft appears to be unconcerned about the state of the product components and whether the necessary hardware is included in the package for assembly.

Sportcraft Silver Line Turbo Air Hockey Table

This Sportcraft Silver Turbo air hockey table has the look and feel of a "game room." This model is perfect if you're looking to bring the arcade experience to your living room.

While still maintaining the arcade hair hockey table's classic look, the table is sleek and modern.

In terms of playable space, it's one of the larger options we're looking at in these reviews. In terms of design, the "field" resembles a typical hockey "rink." It even comes with a scoreboard.

The Sportcraft Silver Line Turbo table is one of the easiest to assemble. In order to customize the height of this table, the legs can be easily and individually adjusted.

To avoid playing on an uneven hockey table (which means you have no excuse if you lose!), you can adjust each of the legs individually, making it ideal for placement in any room and on any surface.

The air hockey table's "air" is now ready to be discussed in detail. Turbo's air boxes are among the best in the industry. The puck does not cling or stutter as it moves across the field because of the even and consistent pressure it receives from the stick.

The only drawback is that, due to its size, it may not be suitable for all locations. It's normal for a table that gets a lot of use to lose some of its sheen over time.

Sportcraft 90”- Best Extreme Turbo Air Hockey Table

A high-gloss acrylic tabletop air hockey table with a rail-mounted LED scorer
A high-gloss acrylic tabletop air hockey table with a rail-mounted LED scorer

The arcade-style gameplay of the Sportcraft 90 emulates that of a real arcade table. It has a classy look and feels great in the wallet. Start playing right away because this table comes with everything you need to get started right away. It saves you money! Its eye-catching design enhances the look of your home while also making your guests want to buy something. The tabletop is made of high-gloss acrylic, allowing for lightning-fast gameplay. Its rail-mounted LED scorer gives it a premium look, setting the stage for an exciting game.

To fit in a small space, the Sportcraft extreme turbo table is medium in size. A built-in blower ensures a steady stream of cool air across the surface of the table. This prevents the puck from getting stuck. This table, on the other hand, is large and cumbersome to assemble by one person. After completing the process, the stability of the result is unquestionable.

To sum it up, this table is a well-liked option for buyers looking for quality furniture for their homes. It's elegant and full of fun for the whole family and their friends.


Sportcraft is a well-known name in the air hockey table industry for producing high-quality and entertaining tables. For example, there are a number of other Sportcraft turbohockey table models available.

Each table has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on what you're looking for. Is your home already overcrowded? Alternatively, do you have enough space for a large table?

It's possible that going over the details of these three models will help you decide which is best for you.

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