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The Splendid American-Japanese Youtuber, Reina Scully


Reina Scully is one of those people who chose social media to channel their interests among the people and give inspiration. She managed to have a successful YouTube channel that gathered more than 400,000 subscribers and counting. But even though her popularity continually grows as of the moment, she still chose to keep a low-key, private life outside the media.

Reina Scully was born in Japan on August 21, 1988, and her zodiac sign is Leo. She is a believer in the Christian religion. This wonderful woman holds both Japanese and American nationalities since she was born in Japan, and they later moved to New Jersey, USA. She spent her first three years in Japan; then, her parents decided to take their chances on having a better life in America.

Although Reina uses various social media platforms, she shared limited information about her early life, family, and educational background. She is believed to have been raised in a middle-class family, which explains why they gambled for a more decent life in America.

Reina scully
Reina scully

Both her parents are from Japan, but she doesn’t talk much about them. Reina once posted a picture with her dad on one of her social media accounts. She wrote a description which tells that her parents are already divorced since she was still seven years old. But her parents are on good terms and are getting along well. She graduated from one of the local high schools in the US. After that, she set aside her plans for college and pursued her career on YouTube.

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Scully’s physique fits right to her current age as she is already 30 years old. She has a perfect height of 5 feet and 7 inches and an appropriate body weight of 60 kg. Reina’s hair and skin are her distinctive features. She’s white, has blonde hair, and a pair of deep black eyes. Reina Scully can be found in the same name on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Reina’s Social Media Career

Reina never dreamed of becoming a social media personality or a model. She just found herself in 2010 launching her first social media account. However, she did not share what or who pushed her on pursuing this path. The first platform that she chose was Twitter since she thought that it is the best media that will fit her and the things she wants to share.

After several years, she managed to gather a number of followers who encouraged her to create her very own YouTube channel. She was later convinced to explore a different platform and launched her channel on YouTube on October 17, 2011. This lady did not meet any disappointment as her channel attracted a lot of viewers over time. She received her silver play button in 2016 and posted a video about it entitled “My YouTube Play Button Channel Looks Weird.”

So far, she has successfully gathered more than 414,000 subscribers as of writing. She already accumulated almost 22 million views from all of the videos she posted. Her contents are mostly about anime, cosplay, and other things connected to Japanese culture. Her description reads, “Learn about JAPAN #reinasensei, WEIRD Japanese Lessons, Silly Japanese Translations, Anime Reviews, and Anime Industry Insight, Japan and other Travel Vlogs.”

Aside from Reina’s self-titled YouTube channel, she also worked as a host in the popular YouTube channel, SourceFed. This channel allowed her to win a Streamy Award for News and Current Events in 2014. However, SourceFed was suspended in 2017. It later made a return with new content and name—NERD. She gained much recognition after she posted a response on Logan Paul’s video where he narrated and described his experience in Japan. She also made an appearance in the podcast “Boys Only Club,” even though she was obviously not a boy. Reina also worked for the Crunchyroll website, where she served as an anime and manga interpreter.

Reina doesn’t always go solo. She has videos where she collaborates with other successful vloggers on the platform. She made videos together with Steven Suptic and The Anime Man. Their contents are anime, which is the interest that they all have in common. YouTube is not the only social media site that Reina explored and gained a massive number of followers. She has an Instagram account that has more than 150,000 followers. She already posted more than 1,380 pictures in it. On the other hand, her Facebook page already gathered more than 15,000 followers.

Reina’s Current Relationship

Reina scully and husband
Reina scully and husband

Reina always wanted to preserve her private life, sharing only a little information about her personal life. But she did not deny and hide the fact that she is already a happy, married woman. She is together with her beloved husband, Michael Flask. The two were dating for several years before Michael finally proposed to Reina in front of her family. She first informed her followers about her engagement through Twitter in 2014. The lovely couple tied the knot in 2016 after two years of planning. Their wedding was based on the traditional Japanese style, from the place and decorations down to the ceremony itself.

The two seem like a perfect match made in heaven as they share the same interests. It is mostly on the gaming side since they are both active online and are streaming games. Michael is also a big fan of playing sports. They are focusing on their respective careers while living a happy conjugal life. The couple doesn’t seem like they’re planning to have kids anytime soon, but they don’t close the possibility of having one in the future.

More About Reina Scully

If you’re a fan of Reina Scully, you’ll probably know that it is not her real name. Reina is born Reina Suzuki. She changed her last name and replaced it with “Scully” because of her massive love for Dana Scully, a character from the “X Files.” It is an American science fiction TV series created by Chris Carter.

Aside from her obvious love for anime, Reina is also a food lover. She always wants to explore new and different restaurants wherever she travels. She loves animals as well. Her favorite one is a cat, which she has as a pet. She never told the name of her cat, but it’s super cute and cuddly.

One of the issues that Reina had come across was when she criticized the video of Logan Paul. In that video, he included the body of a man who committed suicide in the suicide forest in Tokyo, which is clearly a violation of the community guidelines of YouTube. The video was created on December 31, 2017. When she saw the YouTube content of Logan, she did not hesitate to call him out even though the latter has a greater number of subscribers than hers. Reina received a lot of hate comments, but she managed to keep her reputation, and it even had clout for a moment.

Reina is very passionate about her home country even though she only stayed there for three years, and she was really young during that time. She treasures her Japanese roots so much that she made it the center of her YouTube content. She even faced a lot of bashful comments after defending her country, but she never backs down.

Reina’s Net Worth

Reine is living a simple life as a blossoming Youtuber and with her loving husband. There are no accurate calculations on her actual earnings on YouTube. But according to Social Blade, Reina makes earnings of between $21-$330 every month from her YouTube views. This makes a total of $248-$4,000, which is a pretty decent amount earned while doing something she’s very passionate about.

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