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MicroBT Whatsminer M30S Mining Hashrate And Specifications


The MicroBT Whatsminer M30s mining hashrate of 88 TH/s is a SHA-256 algorithm mining rig available on Cryptouniverse. Because the Whatsminer M30s is one of the most powerful miners on the market, Cryptouniverse offers a competitive price for production capacity.

The Whatsminer M30s achieves a hash rate of 88 TH/s while consuming only 38 tera hash per second in power. This miner consumes a total of 3344W and is also overclockable, making it among the best on the market. This energy-efficient miner provides dependable processing power.

By hosting this miner for interested parties, Cryptouniverse eliminates delivery, customs clearance, installation, overheating, and maintenance issues, as Cryptouniverse maintains this miner in their cool data center.

After installing the Whatsminer in the Cryptouniverse data center, it is immediately connected to a pool, and daily mining earnings are given to the user's account. Within 24 hours, the hash rate of the Whatsminer M30s is shown on the user's account.

Every 24 hours, when a user's earnings are handed out, Cryptouniverse charges a $4.02 maintenance fee (energy and maintenance combined). No commission is charged on withdrawals from a user's account.

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The daily income generated by hosting the Whatsminer M30s on Cryptouniverse is fairly acceptable.

The term of hosting this equipment at the Cryptouniverse data center began on January 1, 2024, when it was purchased. After the hosting service is completed, users can choose to resell the equipment and earn some money.

MicroBT M30S Whatsminer ASIC Miner Specifications

Whatsminer M30S, a bitcoin mining equipment
Whatsminer M30S, a bitcoin mining equipment
  • Manufacturer: MicroBT
  • Model: Whatsminer M30S
  • Release: April 2020
  • Size: 150 x 225 x 390mm
  • Weight: 10500g
  • Chip boards: 3
  • Chip name: Samsung
  • Chip size: 8nm
  • Chip count: 444
  • Noise level: 72db
  • Fan(s): 2
  • Power: 3268W
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Interface: Ethernet

MicroBT Whatsminer M30S Bitcoin Mining Hashrate

  • SHA256 Mining Hashrate: 86 TH/s
  • SHA256AsicBoost Mining Hashrate: 86 TH/s


The Whatsminer M30s are available on Cryptouniverse for $2,790 and may be purchased with a credit card or Bitcoin.

The MicroBT Whatsminer M30s is a unique Bitcoin miner. Unlike the majority of Bitcoin miners, this particular piece of mining equipment has a maximum hash rate of 86 T/s. It has a maximum power usage of 3344W, which provides it with additional mining power.

After taking into account current market conditions, the miner achieves a profit ratio of 70%. The annual percentage rate of return has been set at 117%.As a result, this is one of the greatest Bitcoin miners available. Users should budget $9.30 per day for electricity.

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