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Métro2030: The New Paris Metro


For over a century, the Paris metro has been writing history and changing the city and the lives of its people. It is an integral part of the capital's identity, contributing to its character and assisting in its growth. For today's environmental and urban issues, the Paris metro model is regarded as a true international norm.

The Paris metro has always embodied and pioneered its time cycle. It has consistently provided new technical, layout, and design solutions to boost passengers' timeliness, reliability, comfort, and service.

The ongoing modernization of the Paris metro epitomizes a special culture and a state of mind, often stealing the show and other times staying in the background.

Modernising Stations

Métro2030 means, first and foremost, more modern and contemporary stations that are more convenient to use, more fluid, and more practical for passengers. This entails considering entry, circulation areas, and connections, before moving on to platforms. Materials, lighting, signs, and our cultural heritage make up the décor and direct routes in this underground section of the city, while preserving accessible areas helps ensure the network continues to function.

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While the historic network is excluded from the ten-year deadline for ensuring easier access for people in wheelchairs, the new stations built for line extensions have complete accessibility. Many steps are also being taken to enhance the historic network's visual and audio usability. On platforms and on trains, for example, dynamic information is available.

Long-lasting glasswork and works of art are needed for the hundred-year-old viaducts and glass canopies to be preserved and to face the future with confidence. The viaduct on Line 6 will be the subject of the 2014 program.

Modernising Information

Mobility now has the same sense regardless of mode of transportation thanks to Métro2030. Information is now available in a variety of formats. The metro is very much a part of the twenty-first century, and it has evolved into a wired space that provides passengers with real-time information and assists them in navigating their own networks.

Métro2030 continues to expand broadband mobile, thanks to the wired generation. By the end of 2016, all lines will be covered by 3G and even 4G.

Modernising Transport

Modernizing transportation entails a wide range of highly specialized expertise, for which RATP is well-known globally. This section delves into the heart of an undertaking in which both visible and unseen aspects are intertwined. Trains that carry us into the future, with improvements in comfort and design that passengers will appreciate, are visible factors. The entire digital architecture, as well as all train and track maintenance operations, are covered by invisible influences.

By 2030, virtually every line in the historic Paris metro network will be equipped with next-generation trains. In terms of both quantity and quality, these represent a quantum leap: energy efficiency has improved by 30%, and spatial and temperature comfort, as well as dynamic details, have all improved. There are new trains on lines 1, 2, and 5. On line 9, the deployment is underway. Line 4 will be the next fully automated line after lines 14 and 1 from 2022 onwards.

The Digital Revolution

The implementation of digital technologies is used to modernize metro operating systems as part of Métro2030.

The new driver assistance system has been operational on Line 3 since the end of 2012, and it is now being implemented on Lines 5 and 9. The system will be phased in across the entire network by 2030, with Lines 11 and 6 following suit.

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