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March Madness: 10 Fun and Astonishing Facts


The March Madness bracket comes around every year, and the hype train starts rolling! Ever since 1939, the event has been a yearly tradition, with the only exception being 2020 when the pandemic struck, turned the world upside-down, and the whole thing had to be cancelled.

But in 2022, it looks like better times are ahead. On March 14, the six-day basketball marathon begins, and it’s going to be intense! When the 68 teams finally meet on the playing field, several stunning moments are bound to unravel.

Speaking of which, here are some epic moments that will forever be ingrained in the iconic NCAA Tournament’s history, as well as some astonishing facts you may not yet be familiar with:

The Term ‘March Madness’ Was Coined In 1982

In 1982, Brent Musberger, the head coach, was put in charge of covering the NCAA tournament. Although he claims to have come up with the term ‘March Madness,’ the Illinois High School Boys Basketball Championship seems to believe otherwise. Allegedly, the term has been in use since 1939. Either way, the court has ruled that both parties can use the trademark.

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March Madness Wasn’t The First Of Its Kind

Nowadays, college basketball is one of the most popular sports in the country. Since several March Madness betting sites are providing risk-free bets and new customers are flocking in like crazy, its popularity is unlikely to have reached its peak quite yet. But did you know that in the pre-1939 era, the inaugural National Invitation Tournament used to be the more popular event?

Glen Rice Scored The Most Points In A Single Tournament

Having scored the most points in a single tournament (184 points in 1980), Glen Rice is the University of Michigan’s record-holding leader. As for setting a career record, Christian Laettner accumulated 407 points across 23 tournament games.

Corporations Are Not The Biggest Fans

During the event, people can hardly keep their focus on the job they’re supposed to be doing. And who can blame them, right? On the flip side, the success of corporations that employ them is often based on how productive their employees are. Allegedly, corporate losses are estimated to reach billions during March Madness due to a dip in productivity; the workers are simply unable to focus.

You Are Not Allowed To Participate In NCAA And NIT Tournaments At The Same Time

Even though there’s no way for a team to participate in both the NCAA and NIT tournaments simultaneously, before the mid-50s, the rules were quite different. In 1950, for example, City College of New York made an appearance in both brackets and even won both of the tournaments.

Only Eight Teams Participated In The First NCAA Tournament

The very first NCAA tournament took place in 1939. At the time, the total number of participants was 8. In the finals, there was a clash between Ohio State Buckeyes and Oregon Webfoots, the latter of which reigned victorious.

Villanova Is The Lowest Seed Ever To Take Home The Big Title

In 1985, the Villanova Wildcats managed to win first place despite being the lowest seed. The year after, LSU – the 11th seeded contender – managed to break through to the top 4. In 2006, a similar feat was achieved by George Mason, and in 2011, VCU.

The University Of North Carolina Had The Worst Loss In Tournament History

In 1941, the University of North Carolina scored a humiliating 20 points and got absolutely destroyed when playing against Pittsburgh. Historically speaking, this remains one of the most devastating sports performances to date.

The Youngest Head Coach To Take Home A National Trophy Was 31 Years Old

When Emmett McCracken and Indiana Hoosiers won the national title in 1940, he was only 31 years of age. In 1953, he managed to take it home once more, adding another national trophy to his collection.

Pizza And Beer Orders Go Up In March

On a typical month, beer production sits at an average of 14 million barrels. During March, that number bumps up to 17-18 million due to increased consumption. During that time, it’s estimated that pizza orders go up by 19%.


Are you ready for this year’s March Madness? Then grab your favorite snack and brace yourself for March 14 when it all begins!

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