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Meet Louise Anstead, The First Wife of Ant Anstead


Louise Anstead, sometimes known as Louise Ann Herbert, is the ex-wife of Ant Anstead, a television presenter, and automobile specialist. When it comes to their marriage, they were married for many years before divorcing.

Herbert and her ex-husband have two children together. Despite their divorce, the ex-lovers enjoy a strong relationship with both of their children. Let us find out if Louise has remarried and what her current relationship situation is.

We will also discuss her parents and a variety of other topics about her!

Louise Anstead Personal Life 

Louise Anstead was born in the United States in June 1980. Because of the secrecy, the precise date of birth is not known to the general public.

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One of the key reasons for renown is the existence of a husband, thus nothing about the principal individual's parents and siblings is known.

Anstead is also of American nationality and white ethnicity. Her zodiac sign is unclear owing to a lack of information on her exact day of birth.

Anstead is a young American lady who had a happy upbringing. The concealment may be tough to maintain, but Louise has done all imaginable.

We believe Louise was properly nourished throughout her childhood based on the way she conducts herself.

In the case of Louise's educational background, she is deafeningly mute. There isn't much that can be stated about a person's school or college achievement.

Louise Age And Body Measurements

Louise is currently 40 years old. We believe Louise is 5'7" tall, although precise measurements are not available to the general public.

Her physical weight, on the other hand, is perfectly proportionate to her height. Furthermore, body data are outside the scope of traditional journalism.

Louise may be in her forties, but her elegance and charm show no signs of fading. Her excellent looks are the product of hard effort and a nutritious diet. Furthermore, blonde hair and blue eyes take the stage.

Louise Anstead Social Media

If you are looking for Louise Ansteadthen, please be aware that she is not active on social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

If you want to learn more about her children and ex-husband, you can follow Ant Anstead on social media platforms like Instagram.

Louise and Ant Anstead Dated For Years Before Married
Louise and Ant Anstead Dated For Years Before Married

Louise And Ant Anstead Dated For Years Before Married

The ex-sums married in 2005, in a low-key ceremony attended by their family and friends. However, the two never talked about their marriage again, preferring to keep everything to themselves.

In terms of their initial meeting, Louise and her future husband met in the mid-1990s. According to sources, they began their lovey-dovey relationship in 1996. As a result, it is evident that they had a love affair for several years before walking down the aisle.

For many years, the couple had a blissful marriage. The TV host previously referred to his wife as "a legend." He went on to claim that his wife is "mad enough to deal with my goals." I live by the saying, to be fulfilled, have a full life, and rest when you’re dead.”

Despite the wonderful relationship that they had had for years, their marriage couldn't continue.

Louise And Ant Anstead Divorce After Over A Decade Of Marriage

The true cause for the couple's divorce after being together for so long has yet to be discovered. The ex-personal couple's lives have remained unobtrusive throughout.

They keep their marital lives and conflicts from the public eye. In addition, their divorce was handled in private. This subject is never discussed in the media. Ant and Louise, on the other hand, split custody of their two children.

Ant's extramarital romance with TV actress Christina El Moussa is considered to be the catalyst for their divorce. He publicly disclosed his connection with Christina after divorcing his wife Louise.

All About Louise Ex-Husband, Ant Anstead

He was born on March 28, 1979, in Plymouth, Devon, England, as the second oldest of his parents' four boys.

There is little known about Anstead's family history and upbringing since he resided in the cathedral city of Ely in Cambridgeshire, England until he was 10 years old before moving to the county of Hertfordshire in southern England.

As a child, Anstead would design and build his own automobiles.

He spent some time at the boy’s secondary school Richard Hale Institution in Hertford, Hertfordshire, before transferring to the Haileybury School, an independent school near Hertford, to complete his A-Levels.

In 2005, he married Louise Anstead (née Herbert), with whom he has two children, Amelie, born in 2003, and Archie, born in 2006. However, the pair called it quits and split in 2017.

He is currently residing in Newport Beach, California. In 2018, he was romantically involved with American real estate investor and TV personality Christina El Moussa, whom he began seeing in November 2017.

He does post-dinner speaking as well as motivational speaking at charities and schools. He also supports the organization 'Harrisons Fund,' which is committed to fighting for children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Anthony Richard Anstead is a television presenter from England who also works as a vehicle constructor, motor specialist, artist, famous designer, and restoration expert.

He is most known for hosting the one-hour Channel 4 automotive show 'For the Love of Cars,' as well as co-hosting the British television series 'Wheeler Dealers,' where he succeeded Edd China.

He began making bespoke vehicles as a youngster, but he first sought a career in law enforcement, joining Hertfordshire Constabulary as a Police Constable and later becoming a member of the Tactical Firearms Team (TFU).

Anstead, one of the UK's youngest armed officers, received two commendations for acts of courage.

His enthusiasm for the automobile led him to retire from the police force in order to pursue a career in vehicle manufacturing.

He is a maestro in vehicle building and restoration, having constructed cars for customers such as recreation cars and one-offs, as well as some rare and one-of-a-kind pieces of art and sculpture, many of which can be found in museums and private collections across the world.

Beginning with ‘For the Love of Cars,' he has appeared as a host in a variety of television programs, including documentary TV series such as ‘Building Cars Live,' one-off TV shows such as ‘Craft I Made This,' and TV series such as ‘Wheeler Dealers.'

Louise Ex-Husband, Ant Anstead Remarried and Started a Family
Louise Ex-Husband, Ant Anstead Remarried and Started a Family

Louise Ex-Husband, Ant Anstead Remarried And Started A Family

As a result, their personal lives are also under the spotlight. Ant Anstead married Christina Anstead for the second time on December 22, 2018, making her Christina Anstead.

They've already had a child, Hudson London Anstead, who was born on September 6, 2019.

Is Louise Remarried Too?

Yes, Louise married her new spouse following her divorce from Ant. However, the former famous spouse has kept her new marital life private from the public eye. She also has stepchildren from her second husband's previous marriage.

Louise and her new husband presently reside in Newcastle, England. Furthermore, her two children from Ant live with her primarily in England. “I fly from England to California six to eight times a year,” her daughter told Spokin, to visit her father in California.

Louise and Ant Anstead Children
Louise and Ant Anstead Children

Louise And Ant Anstead Children

The couple then had two children. They had their first child, a girl called Amelie, who is now sixteen years old. Louise then gave birth to their second child, a male named Archie, three years after their first kid was born.

Louise and her ex-husband Ant had joint custody of their children following their divorce. Despite the fact that the ex-couples reside in separate countries, their children spend time with both their biological father and their mother.

Amelie, 16, enjoys playing netball. In the Regional Round of National Clubs 2018, she was a member of the Under-14 squad. Maisy Henn, Sophie Lennon, Abby Hockney, and Hannah Parkinson were also on the team.

Furthermore, the young child has a food allergy. She is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, and gluten, as well as yeast. To regulate her allergies, she constantly uses an epi-pen, an inhaler, and allergy pills.

Amelie and Archie are presently enrolled in school, although their grades have not been disclosed. Perhaps their daughter is about to start school this year. Louise's ex-husband posts many photographs of their children on his social media accounts.

What Is Louise Anstead Doing Now?

Nonetheless, no information about her present career or employment has been released. However, Louise formerly worked for her ex-husband Ant's firm, ANT ANSTEAD LIMITED.

She began working for the firm on June 30, 2014, and quit in February 2018, following four years of service.

Louise Anstead Career And Professional Life

How can a woman have a respectable job to share while her husband is in the media spotlight? This arduous digging has left us empty-handed. Nothing useful is known about her, whether she is a businesswoman or a job holder.

Louise Anstead Net Worth

No one knows where Louise Anstead is or what she is doing right now. She kept her personal life private after her divorce from Ant. Her ex-husband was the sole person who brought her to public attention. Her current relationship status is unknown.

Ant, on the other hand, has already moved on and remarried a television celebrity. As a result, we may infer that Louise Anstead has begun her new life and that she is pleased with her decision.

According to reputable sources, Lousie Anstead's net worth is believed to be approximately $500,000, which she received as part of her divorce settlement. In addition, she has not disclosed her career or educational history to the public.

Ant, on the other hand, has a net worth of $5 million. He made his wealth through shows like 'For the Love of Cars,' 'Wheel Dealers,' and many more. He is currently living in Fly, Cambridgeshire, England, with his second wife.

In addition, he owns the antique automobile construction firm 'Dowsetts Classic Cars.' He also gets money from his publications, such as 'Cops and Robbers,‘ and 'The Story of the British Police Car,' which are available on Amazon.

3 Facts You Should Know About Louise Anstead
3 Facts You Should Know About Louise Anstead

3 Facts You Should Know About Louise Anstead

  • Louise Anstead, also known as Louise Ann Herbert, is Ant Anstead's ex-wife.
  • Louise married her new husband after her divorce from Ant. The previous celebrity spouse, on the other hand, has kept her new marital life hidden from the public view.
  • In October 2017, her ex-husband, Ant, announced their divorce on Twitter. In July 2017, he informed his friends and followers that he and his wife had divorced.
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