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✔ Kelley Phleger 2021: Wiki, 12 Photos, Height, Parents, Wedding, Instagram & Pinterest


Some people are born famous. They were still in their mother's belly, and yet they are already famous. In contrast, some work their way up to get to where they are now. In some cases, people who are not known suddenly become famous because they get involved with a prominent showbiz personality.

The world of glamour may not be everyone's cup of tea, but when love knocks on the door accompanied with fame, can you resist? Kelley Phleger did not want the kind of life she was getting into, but love has a way with everything. Wondering who Kelly Phleger is? Read this to find out.

Who Is Kelley Phleger?

Kelley phleger
Kelley phleger

Kelley Phleger is the wife of a renowned Hollywood musician, Don Johnson. She was born on June 22, 1969, in San Francisco, California, USA. She also spent her childhood in her hometown. Her parents' names are Wells Fargo, a lawyer, and Jean Phleger.

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Kelley has lived a quiet life as a school teacher until she got married. By that time, she rose to fame when the public learned about her marriage to the TV personality musician.

Early Life And Education

Kelley finished her elementary years at a local school. After that, she attended Urban High School in San Francisco. Growing up, Kelley has been adept at learning lessons. She also had a wonderful childhood, mostly that her parents were loving and supportive.

After she graduated from high school, Kelley decided to pursue a Fine Arts degree at the University of California – Berkeley. She graduated with a bachelor's degree, although it is unknown what field she graduated from. But based on her career, we could note that she earned a degree in Education.

Career And Achievements

Kelley Phleger loves children and loves imparting her knowledge to them. And so she ended up choosing a career in teaching and now works as a preschool teacher at Montessori School. Kelley is an epitome of a self-made woman. She achieved things on her own. Her dedication in pursuing teaching at Montessori pushed her to undergo training about their teaching method. And because of her being adept at learning, she excelled in that field fast.

Kelley isn't your typical old-fashioned school teacher. She is a certified socialite. As a matter of fact, Kelley belongs to the A-listers of the socialite sector, and she's been to several Hollywood parties and award functions. Her exquisite beauty and intelligence not only brought her the profession she wanted but also made her stand out in the crowd. Her unique styling sense also fascinated many style critics, which caused her to be the topic, but Kelley continues to grace the floor and camera with her dazzling smile. It almost seems like Kelley is born to be a crowd-pleaser and a star.

Besides being a devoted teacher and a glittering socialite, Kelley is also known for her philanthropic work involvement. She attends many charity events and volunteers to different non-profit organizations that help the homeless, less privileged, and the children. Aside from teaching, Kelley also committed herself to this cause.

Dating And Marriage

Don johnson and kelley phleger
Don johnson and kelley phleger

Kelley Phleger did not see herself being married to a man who is two decades older than her. But she eventually did when she married Don Johnson.

The two met each other at a friend's party. When Don saw Kelley, he saw and knew at first sight that she is a remarkable woman. And he vowed to know her more. After they were introduced to each other, the two spent the rest of the party together getting to know each other. After some time, they started dating.

We should note that Don has been through many heartbreaks before. He had been married four times. He even married one woman twice. Sad to say, all of these marriages failed. One of those marriages only lasted for one day. So that made Don cautious in entering into another relationship. But when love enters the door, could you even resist?

By the time they were deep into the relationship, Don had asked for Kelley's hands in marriage, but Kelley turned him down because she did not want to be involved in the film industry. She wanted a quiet and ordinary life away from paparazzi and the camera. Don agreed not to sign movie contracts anymore. And so, Kelley became Don's fifth, and hopefully, last wife.

Of course, being a famous actor and musician, it is hard to resist offers, so Don still accepted movie contracts, but with his wife's consent.

On April 29, 1999, the couple tied the knot at the Pacific Heights Mansion. It came as a surprise marriage as none of the guests knew that what they had attended was a marriage ceremony. The 80 guests thought they were there for a black-tie dinner to celebrate Don's friend's success. Little do they know that it was Don's marriage in disguise.

When their marriage reached the media, many people thought it wouldn't last like the previous ones. But Kelley is a magnificent woman who doesn't settle for a short-term relationship. From 1999 until now, the couple is still together with their three children.

In an interview, Don talked about his marriage and said that people don't develop mature relationships until they are 30 years old and that for some, it takes longer than 30, which is the case for Don. Although they have a 20-year gap and Kelley is already the fifth wife while Don is Kelley's first, their love conquers their differences as their marriage life continues to thrive.

The Johnson Family

Don johnson kelly phleger children
Don johnson kelly phleger children

As mentioned earlier, Kelley loves children. And so she was blessed with children. Together with her husband, they share three children. They had their first child the same year they were married. After two years, another came. And in 2006, their third child graced the world.

Not only is the couple blessed with three children, but Don's children from his previous marriages are also a part of their big family. Kelley welcomes them and treats them as her own. Her step-children are famous in the film industry. Dakota and Jesse Wayne Johnson followed their father's footsteps into the limelight. Dakota Johnson is known for her role as the lead in the movie Fifty Shades of Grey.

The Johnson family resides in their luxurious home worth $15 million, which they bought back in 2014. Their mansion is located in Santa Barbara, California.

Kelley Phleger's Net Worth

Active in the social sector and her other endeavors and profession, Kelley is expected to have accumulated a net worth of over $2 million. Although being a teacher wouldn't elevate her net worth amount, her husband's success contributed to her net worth value. It is expected that by the end of 2021, her wealth would continue to increase as she continues with her endeavors.

Kelley Phleger Today

Although Kelley is now living a lavish lifestyle and is a millionaire, she did not stop working on her career. As of now, Kelley is still working as a school teacher. For her, being a millionaire isn't a reason to throw away your profession. No amount of money could make her stop what she wanted to do.

Aside from teaching, she continues to do philanthropic works and gracing the media with her beauty. Nothing much has changed with the way Kelley lived. If I'm to mention one, it would be that she can now help more that she has more. Kelley Phleger is indeed beautiful in and out.

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