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CBS3 Meteorologist Kate Bilo


Kate Bilo is known as the face of weather news on CBS3. Being an American meteorologist, Kate accumulated great opportunities to work with big television networks. This brilliant forecaster was a native of Philadelphia, United States. She was born on the 20th of June, 1986, and she will be turning 35 years old this 2021. Kate holds an American nationality, and she belongs to the white ethnicity.

In terms of Kate’s educational background, she was first schooled in Phoenixville. However, there is no specific information as to where she attended her basic education. She then attended Penn State University from 1999 to 2003. There she graduated with a degree in the Spanish Language and International Business.

Kate wasn’t really happy and satisfied with her degree since it wasn’t what she really wanted in the first place. So, she decided to pursue another degree that fits with her interest in weather. She attended Mississippi State University. This is where she had her Bachelor of Science in Geosciences and Meteorology degree. That makes her a double undergraduate degree holder. Kate once mentioned that after classes, she would make drawings of weather forecast charts, which she based on the weather reports both in TV and newspapers. This was the time she realized that she wanted to be a forecaster.

Kate bilo
Kate bilo

Although Kate is well-known because of her TV appearances, she still manages to keep her private life protected. She still hasn’t disclosed any information about her parents and if she has siblings or none. But regarding her own family, Kate is already married to Scott Eby, and they are blessed with three lovely children.

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This beautiful forecaster stands at the height of 5 feet and 4 inches. She’s currently at 54kg in weight. Her defining physical traits are her black bob cut hair and her pair of hazel-brown eyes.

Kate Bilo’s Social Media Accounts

Kate Bilo manages to have multiple social media accounts where she shares her personal endeavors and professional career. Kate can be found on Instagram with a username @katebiloweather. This account has 8,339 followers as of writing. She also has a Twitter account @katebilo. And a Facebook account under the name Kate Bilo already has 23,984 followers as of the moment.

Kate Bilo’s Career

After completing her degree in Geosciences and Meteorology, Kate immediately went on to pursue her first professional career as a weather forecaster. She was given an opportunity to have her first job in meteorology at AccuWeather. There she worked from 2005 to 2010. She was effectively doing her responsibilities that involved giving forecasts on TV and radio for big news networks such as Fox News, CBN, ABC News Now, CNBC, and many local stations. In 2010, Kate was able to level up as the main morning anchor for the Bloomberg Television Network.

In October of 2010, Kate Bilo later left AccuWeather and was employed as a meteorologist at CBS3 Eye Witness News Team. Because of this, other TV appearance opportunities came to her. She was invited to guest host CBS’s daytime Emmy Award-nominated talk show, The Talk. Kate is currently the chief meteorologist with CBS Philly and CBS3’s Eye Witness News Team. She’s hosting the weather news shows on weeknights at 5 pm, 6 pm, 10 pm, and 11 pm.

Kate Bilo’s Husband And Children

The fulfillment of Kate’s dream was not the only thing that she attained when she first had her professional job at AccuWeather. It was also the place where Kate and her future husband crossed paths. Scott Eby, at that time, was the senior software engineer of the team to which Kate belongs to. The two became close since they are working in the same environment. They started dating for several months until they fell in love with each other. The love birds later decided to make things official. Scott proposed on-air in 2005, and Kate happily said her ‘yes.’ They tied the knot on the 31st of August, 2007. However, they did not disclose where the wedding happened.

Kate bilo husband and children
Kate bilo husband and children

The two are not fond of taking pictures and posting them on social media frequently. But the couple is living the best days of their lives together with their three bundles of joy. Kate and Scott welcomed their first son, Leo Eby, in 2010. In 2012, they met another blessing whom they named Anders Eby. After two consecutive sons, the couple announced in November of 2016 that they would be finally having a baby girl. Their daughter was then born on the 31st of May, 2017, and they named her Solenne Marit Elisabeth.

The couple is currently happy and is on their way to their 14th wedding anniversary this 2021. They still share a strong bond after all these years, and they never had any marital issues, such as being open to divorce or extramarital affairs.

Kate Bilo’s Health Condition And Death Threats

Although Kate is enjoying her conjugal life together with her loving husband, Scott Eby, she had to face a big challenge concerning her health. In 2017, the forecaster was hospitalized for several months after the doctors confirmed that she had multiple blood clots in her lungs.

This condition of Kate is commonly referred to as a pulmonary embolism. Kate shared her recovery process on CBS news. You can watch it on CBS’s YouTube channel. Kate also posted information about her condition on her Facebook account. She used this platform to raise awareness about this certain illness. She also mentioned that her mother died of lung cancer in 2009. This adds to the reasons why Kate wants people to be aware of this matter. Kate fortunately recovered from her condition and can now be seen in action even during this pandemic on CBS news.

Kate bilo health scare
Kate bilo health scare

In 2018, Kate experienced a massive weight loss because of her postpartum health issues caused by raising her sons and giving much attention to her youngest child. Because of this experience and the pulmonary embolism that she previously had, Kate knew she had to take action. Kate used her other social media accounts to share information about the proper maintenance of a healthy weight.

Aside from health issues, Kate also faced a serious death threat for an undisclosed reason. From her Twitter messages, a 30-year old Lansdowne man named Justine Vernot gave threatening tweets to Kate Bilo. This was months before Kate gave birth to her second child. The man stated that he would kill her in front of her sons. Kate and her husband immediately took some precautionary measures against the man. He was tracked down and was sentenced to five years in federal prison.

More Facts About Kate Bilo

Kate’s success is no doubt caused by her intelligence. And she got this through being a bookworm. Kate once revealed that she would make a pledge that she must finish at least 100 books every year. When Kate was going on for her second degree, she joined AccuWeather to finance her studies at Mississippi State University. Kate’s hobbies include long walks and cycling. She also has a craze for traveling and drinking coffee.

Another fun fact about Kate was when she had to cover an actual tornado on the 9th of July, 2015. She had to interrupt the broadcast of the show to deliver her report about the scenario.

Kate Bilo’s Net Worth

Kate’s money generally comes from her professional job as a meteorologist from different news stations up to this date. Her current job as the chief meteorologist in CBS has handed her a salary that ranges from $70,250 to $78,471. Her actual salary is a little above these figures. However, the exact number of her salary is currently unavailable. Kate’s total net worth is estimated to be over $1 million.

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