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Jo Koy Wife, Angie King’s Top 13 Untold Life Truths About Her Life, Relationship, And Career


Jo Koy's Ex-wife, Angie King, Isn't Immune To His Stand-up Act

You don't become a successful comedian without making jokes about your friends and family. And if they can withstand being the brunt of some hilarious one-liners, that's even better. Fortunately, Jo Koy's ex-wife appears to be a good sport, as she is still the topic of some of his comments at his presentations, despite the fact that they are no longer married.

Jo's Netflix special, Jo Koy: In His Elements, premiered on June 12 and explores his Filipino culture while showcasing the skills of Filipinos as well as his own brand of comedy. It's unclear whether Jo will let his audience into his personal life, including his relationship with his ex-wife and their joint son, but considering his previous programs, it would be odd if he didn't.

Jo Koy pulls ex-wife Angie King onto live TV to discuss being friendly exes, co-parenting their son

Jo Koy's Ex-WifeーAngie King

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/jo-koy-wife-angie-king/ by Amandeep Coleman on 2021-11-14T16:30:29.161Z

Angie King is Jo's wife, and she is a singer. She currently just has a single available for purchase online.

Her first track, "about love and self awareness which has an empowering reminder to ourselves that sometimes the love that we give away can easily be taken for granted when we are blinded," was released in 2019 and she published it on Instagram.

She is Fil-American, like Jo, and despite the fact that their marriage ended in divorce, they appear to be excellent friends. Angie frequently shares Jo's Instagram posts promoting his various events and compliments him in the process.

Because they're so close, Jo isn't afraid to compliment her. After witnessing their son being born, Jo joked at a 2019 comedy act that he's eager to give Angie "whatever the f—k she wants."

Jo Koy's Ex-WifeーAngie King's Background

Angie King was born on December 12, 1979, in the Philippines, as Ian King, a man with the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Her nationality is Filipina, but her ethnicity is unknown.

Jo Koy's Ex-WifeーAngie King's Life Journey And Career

Shoutout LA features Angie King in a June 14, 2021 article
Shoutout LA features Angie King in a June 14, 2021 article

Tessie King is the daughter of David A King, an American, and Tessie King, a Filipino mother. Her father is of English ancestry, but her mother is a Filipino Ilocano.

In the state of California, King's mother and father raised her and her brother as Catholics. However, before moving to California, she lived in Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, Angie's mother had instilled her children's Filipino ethnicity from a young age. Angie was able to connect with her Filipino ancestors as a result of this, which she proudly displays.

In terms of her parents, David, her father, passed away in 2018. Before his tragic demise, he and his wife Tessie had been married for 40 years. At the end of World War II, her father served in the United States Navy.

The King's household was quite enormous. In addition to Angie, Tessie and her late husband Davide had a son, David King Jr. Both David and Angie have a close relationship. She routinely updates her social media profiles with photos of her baby sibling.

Her brother is a father who is also married. Janea, his long-term partner, is his wife. Natalie Rose King, the couple's daughter, was born in February 2019.

In addition to her biological brother, Angie has three half-siblings: two sisters, Cindi King Tuning and Danielle Bush, and one brother, Michael King. Because she rarely publishes photos of her half-siblings on her Instagram account, little is known about them. She is still in close proximity to them.

Angie King is currently based in Los Angeles, where she manages her businesses. Her father, an opera singer, influenced her to become a singer-songwriter.

Nura Luca is King's professional name, and she began singing in church choirs as a child. "Night Lights," her debut single, was released in March 2020.

Since at least 2011, King has been dating Gino Perez, a Los Angeles-based artist and designer. They teamed up to create Mexican UFO, a Los Angeles-based clothing firm.

Perez was raised by a multi-talented artist for a father. His father's drug addiction, on the other hand, made life difficult for his family. As a child, Perez witnessed his father being beaten up, robbing a bank, nearly being shot by cops, and serving time in prison.

He was training to be a professional skateboarder until he decided to focus solely on painting. Perez ultimately figured out a way to combine his painting and sewing skills, which he inherited from his mother.

That prompted him and King to design a Mexican UFO based on his signature drawing of a flying Sombrero that looks like a UFO. They work together on the design and run the firm.

Jo Koy’s Ex-wife, Angie King’s Personal Information

When a marriage fails, one of the most difficult things to do is put your personal issues aside for the sake of the children. Jo Koy, a stand-up comedian, and his ex-wife, Angie King, are demonstrating how it's done.

They are forging on as a new sort of American family by focusing on their son, Joseph Herbert, Jr. So, who is this remarkable woman who defies the odds? Here are a few facts about Angie King that you might not know.

She is a Filipino-American singer: In the year 1980, Angie King was born. She is a vocalist, among other things. She is also a businesswoman and a fashion designer, as well as an occult practitioner. It is this last one that is thought to be the cause of Koy's divorce. However, since Koy doesn't even mention his wife during his performance, this is all guesswork.

Her ex-boyfriend is a great friend of hers: Despite their divorce, King and Koy have remained close friends. They both adore their son and work hard to co-parent him. They appear to recognize the importance of both parents being there in their son's life and maintain an open-door policy when it comes to their personal time with him.

She helps Koy advance in his career: Jo Koy's upcoming Netflix comedy special, Comin' In Hot, was recently promoted by King on her Instagram account. She openly supports his stand-up profession, like a true friend should. If only all parents going through a divorce could take note of what they've done!

She is in a relationship with Gino Perez: King and her partner, Gino Perez, currently reside in Los Angeles, California. Perez is a painter from Los Angeles who had a display at the California Heritage Museum in 2019.

Jo Koy's Ex-WifeーAngie King's Followers On Social Media

Angie King in black lace mesh dress with fancy embroidery performs at Le Cirque Vintage in Echo Park, California
Angie King in black lace mesh dress with fancy embroidery performs at Le Cirque Vintage in Echo Park, California

She has roughly 13k Instagram followers and 6.2k Twitter followers, however she isn't on Facebook.

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Jo Koy And Angie King’s Divorce And New Relationship

Jo Koy is a reserved man when it comes to his personal life, despite making fun of his family and experiences in his comedy stuff. He rarely, if ever, references his personal relationships in his writing. But, while he is currently dating Tia Carrere, an actress, singer, and former model, we do know that he was formerly married to Angie King, a Filipino-American singer.

They were married for a few years and appeared to be very happy, but they were unable to make their relationship work, so they divorced. Unlike other divorced spouses, however, Anjie and Jo have a terrific relationship and remain close friends, to the point where she occasionally promotes his business on social media.

Jo Koy And Angie King’s Son Has Aided Them In Maintaining Their Friendship

Joseph Herbert Jr. in white and green baseball cap and eyeglasses puts left arm around Angie King’s shoulder
Joseph Herbert Jr. in white and green baseball cap and eyeglasses puts left arm around Angie King’s shoulder

Although Angie and Jo appear to have a solid relationship, it's probable that their son is the one who has kept them so close over the years. Joseph Herbert Jr. Their 17-year-old son appears in Jo's concerts on occasion and, like Angie, has long been a part of Jo's on-stage humor.

But they all seem to be in good spirits about everything, and Jo and Angie are ex-parenting role models for anyone struggling to co-parent with an ex.

Jo Koy and Joseph Herbert Jr. share a laugh together while watching on a smartphone inside a tour bus
Jo Koy and Joseph Herbert Jr. share a laugh together while watching on a smartphone inside a tour bus

Who Actually Is Jo Koy?

Jose Glenn Herbert, better known by his stage name Jo Koy, is a Filipino-American stand-up comedian. He went on to have a number of stand-up specials on Comedy Central and Netflix after his success as a frequent panelist on Chelsea Handler's round table debate onE late-night show "Chelsea Lately."

The 49-year-old, who was born on June 2, 1971, is of Filipino, European, and American ancestry, with an American father and a Filipina mother. Jo Koy's father was a member of the United States Air Force, and his mother was the office manager for a Filipino rock band. Jo's mother raised all of her children on her alone after their divorce when he was 13 years old.

Jo grew up with his adopted sister, Gemma Herbert Simmons, and his older siblings, Robert Herbert and Rowena Hazel Cook. He relocated with his family from Spanaway, Washington to Tacoma, Washington when he was a child, where he spent all of his school years, but then he moved to Las Vegas.

Jo Koy disclosed in one of his stand-up specials that his stage name is derived from his aunt, who used to call him Jo Ko (ko means "mine" in Tagalog) when he was a youngster, but he mistook her for saying "Koy" and stayed with it. He also attributes his talents and career to his mother, Josie Harrison.

She used to push him to join in every school talent event and have him perform for his friends and family. Her affection and support aided him in pursuing his aspirations and performing in Las Vegas before gaining the guts to relocate to Los Angeles, where he still resides.

Since His Divorce, Jo Koy Has Kept His Love Life A Closely Guarded Secret

Jo Koy has opted to keep his personal life out of the spotlight, which is unusual for a comic. Even in his stand-up routines, he avoids the subject. Why? You are free to inquire. Jo, on the other hand, told Sway's Universe that he doesn't appreciate his love life being publicized:

“I just don’t really talk about who I am dating or anything like that. I just hate it because, you know, they start to pry and they start to post and I hate that.”

Despite the seclusion, Jo hasn't been immune to dating rumors. Jo was said to be engaged to Amy Bray in 2018. Tia Carrere, an actress and singer, has recently been linked to Jo.

'Jo Koy: In His Elements,' Unlike His Past Netflix Programs, Will Be Unique

Jo Koy: In His Elements will take a different shape than his previous Netflix specials, which were largely focused on his on-stage performance. The special will not only have Jo on stage offering his comic commentary on his life and life in the Philippines, but it will also include performances, food, and other Filipino culture to show viewers where his family originates from.

"The biggest part of my stand-up is talking about my culture, featuring my mom and letting everybody know about Filipino lifestyle," he told the San Francisco Chronicle. "When I had the opportunity to have a third special, I was just like, 'Look, man, I’ve been talking about this culture for so long, and I live a good life because of it, so let’s go back and let’s show everybody where this comes from.'"

Jo Koy Might Not Return To The Road For A While

Jo Koy in black attire does stand-up comedy in Detroit, Michigan
Jo Koy in black attire does stand-up comedy in Detroit, Michigan

If you've been waiting for Jo Koy since his last Netflix special, you'll want to take your time with this one. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, Jo had to cancel a tour he had been looking forward to his entire life, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. And, given the uncertainty over how live comedy events will look in the near future, he may not be in front of a live audience for a long time.

In some ways, though, this only emphasizes the importance of Jo's impending Netflix special for him and his fans. Not only would it allow them to escape for a while through his comedy, but it will also reveal an aspect of Jo's life that he had previously only discussed and laughed about with them.

On June 12th, Netflix will release Jo Koy: In His Elements for streaming.

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