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How Law Can Be Replaced With Hashtags


Understanding the law can be challenging, especially for an average person. To fully comprehend each variation of the law, you need to put a lot of time and effort into learning its materials. In some cases, people may feel overwhelmed with the amount of information they’re trying to learn, which may influence them to give up. One person who is out to change legal education is Neama Rahmani. Rahmani is a former federal prosecutor who serves as President of West Coast Trial Lawyers.


Rahmani was a student at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and graduated at the age of 19, enrolled in Harvard Law School and obtained his degree at 22 – making him one of the prestigious university’s youngest graduates.

After Rahmani completed law school, he worked at O'Melveny & Myers. While there, he became so interested in being a federal prosecutor that, after seven years, he moved over to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in San Diego, where he prosecuted hundreds of drug and human-trafficking cases along the United States-Mexico border.

Rahmani later moved to Los Angeles, where he worked for two years as Director of Enforcement of the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission. While there, he became interested in becoming a trial lawyer for plaintiffs, which ultimately led him to establish West Coast Trial Lawyers.

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To understand the law, follow Neama Rahmani’s Hashtags

Rahmani utilizes many platforms to direct his content towards an audience that’s interested in learning about the law in an easy and understandable way. Below are some of those platforms.

Social Media

Rahmani knows how useful social media can be for communicating with a large audience. He uses Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook to educate friends and followers on legal developments in international news. These social media platforms enable Rahmani to serve personal injury victims.

His method of communicating with his followers includes: hosting podcasts, posting short snippet videos on TikTok, uploading videos on YouTube, answering questions on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Live, and posting images on Instagram to interact with people under the comment section. Rahmani hopes that his approach to social media will help his followers learn about the law without feeling overwhelmed or confused by the information that’s presented.


Rahmani’s recent autobiography: Harvard to Hashtag: My Journey From Big Law to Business Owner chronicles how Rahmani became who he is today. It explains his family dynamic, law school experience, what law occupations he took on, and how he became President of West Coast Trial Lawyers.

Television Commentary

Rahmani, a legal commentator who analyzes trending cases, has made hundreds of TV appearances and been quoted in as many print and online outlets. His thorough explanations give the audience an understanding of each case and its possible outcome.

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