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Guide To Decor Your Home With Canvas Prints


So are you excited about moving to your new home? It's understandable since building your own house from scratch is a dream of everyone. However, many people say that it takes them months to feel actually at home, in a new place. But don't worry since there are some ways with which you can turn an unfamiliar apartment into a comfortable and familiar abode and the most effective of them is adoring the empty walls with interesting canvas prints.

The best part is, that you don't need to purchase the limited edition wall art since even the affordable canvas portraits can evoke the same warmth and emotions if purchased and decorated correctly. Thus, to help you out finding the best wall art for your new home (the one that will resonate with your personality), here's our comprehensive guide. Read it out so you can turn a strange living space into your ultimate dream house.

Stick to your style

Have you ever wondered why we don't feel comfortable or at home while staying at someone else's house? Even if your host is so hospitable, you just can't connect with that home's energy which keeps you anxious all the time. Well, it's because of their totally different furniture and decor style.

It might sound strange but that comfortable feeling of home is greatly associated with your decor style; how you create your living space, which kind of wall art and furniture you choose, where you place them and which colour combinations you prefer. After all, a home is a place where you can feel emotional and physical comfort, safety, recreation, belonging, ease, and identification.

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Since you don't connect emotionally to the decor of someone else's place, you don't feel at home. Similarly, your emotional state and personality are also highly dependent on the way you decorate your apartment. For example, if you use bright colours and vibrant textures, the place will radiate more positive energy and reduce stress. Likewise, the type of wall art you choose affects your mood. Therefore, the very first rule is not to copy the decor style or canvas choices of someone else - regardless of how pleasant it looks.

Although you can go with any theme (BoHo, Modern, Chic, Vintage, Tribal, Minimalist, Whimsical, etc.), just don't forget that you need to stay original which can't be possible without determining your style preference.

Decide what you want

Now since you have decided on the theme of your home, you can buy canvas prints according to that theme. For example, if you've decorated the house with a minimalist or modern theme, you should buy canvas portrait with minimal, not-so-striking colours. Generally, black and white wall arts go well with such themes. On the other hand, if you've employed a BoHo chic theme, you better go with colourful wall arts; the one that is full of textures and patterns. And if your house radiates coastal vibes, choose the wall arts having pastel colours and jewel tones.

Besides the theme, you also need to sort out your preferences. For example, think about whether you want a house to fuel up yourself for the next day or the one to relax. Go with the warm colours with minimal textures and patterns if you want a house radiating warm and comfortable energy. On the other hand, go with canvases having bright, cold colours and sleek textures if you want to enhance your productivity and energy.

Determine the size


After selecting what you want on your canvas print, the next step is to choose the perfect size. The general rule of thumb here is to select the canvas according to the width of the wall. Remember that there should be a 6-12" space on either side of the portrait so it will look pivoted.

However, the size of the canvas also depends upon where you are going to hang it. For example, when selecting the canvas size for your bedroom or living room, go with the same size as that of your bed or sofa. If the canvas is bigger than the central piece of furniture, the room will look messy and clustered. Also, the canvas will look out of proportion and weird.

On the other hand, if you have a very large wall, like a hallway, corridor, or stair wall, you better go with small wedding canvas prints and arrange them in the form of series or college. Just don't forget to place every piece two inches apart from the other.

Determine the point of placement


Some people think that the overwhelming selection journey ends with purchasing canvas prints of perfect texture and size but it's not true. Another challenge is awaiting you here; where to hang these prints. You can't just put them anywhere on the wall otherwise everything will go wrong. Generally, your canvas should present right on the eye level. In this way, the wall art won't be at a point too high or too low.

Also, make sure the canvas portrait is at least 60-65" above the ground. On the other hand, if you are hanging it in your living room, the canvas should be 6-8 inches above the central furniture (table or sofa).

Hang the canvas prints

After deciding the point of placement, get the hardware; drill, nuts, screws, etc. to poke holes. However, if you don't want to poke holes into the cleanest walls of your new home, get an adhesive mounting tab and place your framed canvas onto it. On the other hand, if your custom canvas prints are not framed, painter's tape will be enough to hold the portrait in place.

If you are up to hanging multiple panelled canvas prints onto the wall, some pre-preparations are necessary. For instance, you should lay all the panels on the ground or table and arrange them just as you want them to be arranged on the wall. After this, measure the size of each panel by tracing a painter's tape around its edges. Stick this tape on the wall, at the point where you are going to hang/stick the portrait. Repeat the same thing with all the panels. Once done, observe whether they are looking right or if you should change something (space, position, arrangement). Once satisfied, hang the canvas and remove the tape behind it.

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