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Google Chrome Clears Cryptocurrency Mining Plug-ins for Secret Browsers


Google Chrome actually clears secret browser plug-ins for cryptocurrency mining. People were talking about this certain plug-in in social media where it could hijack the user’s device. If you are interested and invested in cryptocurrency, you might want to learn from this article.

"Archive Poster" is a popular Chrome browser plug-in among Tumblr users, but recently people have reported that it hijacks the user's CPU to secretly mine cryptocurrency. In order to prevent the user's computer from being used in this way, Chrome has removed this plug-in. This situation also shows to a certain extent that as the value of cryptocurrency rises, more and more bad actors are starting to find ways to carry out mining activities. This immoral behavior should be condemned.

A popular browser plug-in named "Archive Poster" allows Tumblr users to quickly collect other people's blog posts, edit and publish them. According to reports, this plugin hijacked the CPU of more than 105,000 users to secretly mine the cryptocurrency Monero (XMR).

Users criticized in the comments section of the plugin for the fact that it includes the notorious JS code of the Coinhive platform. Coinhive is a mining site used by Private Bay to hijack cryptocurrency mining CPUs from users.

The plug-in does not require the user's consent to run the code, as long as the browser is open, it can mine cryptocurrency.

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/google-chrome-clears-cryptocurrency-mining-plug-ins-for-secret-browsers/ by Alberto Thompson on 2021-02-17T07:11:55.716Z

Such a process is often referred to as cryptocurrency hijacking. The user cannot close it unless the plug-in is uninstalled or the website executing the process is closed.

After the plug-in was removed, "Archive Poster" provided another plug-in named "SAFE Archive Poster". The plug-in did not give screenshots showing how it works, and its reliability is still doubtful.

Computing power is crucial to cryptocurrency mining because miners’ computers must solve complex mathematical calculations to mine cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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