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Five Uncommon Weight Loss Tips


Finding new and better ways to lose weight is becoming the standard in today's culture. From the ridiculous to the amazing, fresh suggestions for slimming down the waistline come out every single day.

What if weight loss could be done by making some basic everyday habit adjustments? Is there something you should do? Ok, before you say no, consider the following five uncommon weight loss ideas.

Uncommon Weight Loss Idea Number One

We come into contact with the stairs every day, and we normally avoid them. The question we ask ourselves is where the elevator or the escalator is. Starting right now, commit yourself to using the stairs every chance you get. This includes at the mall, at work, and even when you visit your grandma on the top floor of a 27-story building. Do not use this peculiar idea of weight loss to neglect Grandma's visit.

The point is, do not take action to run up and down, but do not stop them either. If you know you're going to have to go up, take the stairs. This one small change will make a major difference if you stick to it like a piece of glue. Losing weight doesn't have to be about crunches every time.

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Uncommon Weight Loss Idea Number Two

Learn how to rollerblade. This is a seriously addicting way to lose weight, and it's a wonderful job to do it. It's fun in the first place. Second, it consumes loads of calories and super charges the weight loss in all the right ways. Nothing beats rollerblading when it comes to losing weight in the ass, thighs, and belly. Nobody said it couldn't be fun to lose weight!

Commit to rollerblading at least three times per week for a half hour. This will be the most fun time you ever had while losing weight.

Uncommon Weight Loss Idea Number Three

Start a reward program for the workout. A lot of people feel let down when they break their diets and end up falling off the wagon. If you realize that we can reverse bad food choices literally on the spot with exercise, then slipping on our diet would lose its strength.

Commit today to a special workout session that you would have to go through if you slip on your diet. In other words, if you're enjoying the extra chocolate bar, you've got to do this fitness program. The workout is going to burn off the calories, and you don't have to feel guilty. This is a perfect way to keep your weight loss going even though you cheat.

Uncommon Weight Loss Idea Number Four

You work in the yard. The best types of weight loss strategies are those that encourage you to double dip. Not only are you losing weight, but you're still having a nice looking yard. Grass mowing, weeding the lawn, raking leaves, and lugging off sticks or wood are all wonderful weight loss alternatives. When your yard is in pristine condition, give a small fee to your neighbors. Then you can earn some money while losing weight, too.

Uncommon Weight Loss Idea Number Five

Use a smaller plate. Well, that's right. Only adjusting the size of your plate will make a big difference. It is understood in the weight loss culture that the size of the plate is directly proportional to the size of the serving. If you have a smaller plate, you'll get a smaller portion size. However, you will need to use your will power to prevent you from going back for a few seconds.

This easy trick can be a big head start to lose the weight you want to lose. Stick to it and commit to skipping out for a few seconds. You're going to be pleased as these portions add up over time.

None of these small weight loss tips will make you thin overnight, nor will any of them be a full diet for you. They can, however, make you begin to take note of the possibilities that surround you. They can all make changes, no matter how big they are. These will give you a head start in turning your weight loss aspirations into weight loss practice.

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