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Ex-wife of John Cena, Elizabeth Huberdeau - age, bio, net worth, career


Elizabeth Huberdeau, also known as Liz Cena, was born on 28 September 1979 in West Newbury, Massachusetts. Her zodiac sign is libra, and she holds American ethnicity. She is the ex-wife of famous WWE wrestler John Cena. Elizabeth and John have known each other since they were attending high school. Unfortunately, their three years of marriage came to an end. The reason for their divorce is still not known, but some rumors say it was mainly because of John's affair with women. Other factors were also responsible for their divorce. Elizabeth's professional life is not completely revealed to the media, but some sources claim that she is working in the real-estate business.

Elizabeth Huberdeau And John Cena Relationship

Elizabeth and John started their story in their high school days, but no one heard about their engagement until John announced it officially. He informally announced their engagement in the promotion of his film, "12 Rounds". In an interview, John said, "I'm gonna get married this year," which went viral all over the internet. Everyone got curious and learned more about their relationship life.

After their marriage, Elizabeth gave up her dreams of being a model and cheered John to achieve his dreams. John focused mainly on his wrestling as well as acting career.

Elizabeth Huberdeau and John Cena
Elizabeth Huberdeau and John Cena

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Elizabeth Huberdeau Marriage And Divorce

John and Elizabeth met each other when they were in high school. They were good childhood friends in their high school days, and eventually, they began their relationship. After some time, they decided to get married and start their life as husband and wife. In 2009, John declared his marriage with his love Elizabeth in the promotion of his film '12 rounds'. Elizabeth and John tied knots on 11 July 2009 in Massachusetts. John liked to call Elizabeth "Liz Cena," which in due course became her nickname. John and Liz spent some wonderful years of their marriage. Unfortunately, their married life didn't last for long. The duo split after three years of marriage. Rumors were spreading about their reason for divorce. In May 2012, John, her husband, filed for divorce, and in the month of July, it was finalized. According to Elizabeth, the filing of the divorce was not acknowledged by her, and she was not informed about any of this. Some speculations say that she had a suspicion that John was having affairs. Later, this issue became challenging for their prenup.

Rumors claim that the duo had some issues earlier, which developed from their dissimilar opinion for remodeling their own house. The couple had no children of their own as John was not prepared to have a child. Elizabeth and John took their separate ways. After their divorce, John started dating Nikki Bella, who is his WWE co-wrestler. Also, Elizabeth is rumored to be in a relationship with a man named Eli Ayoub. There is very little information known about her new boyfriend. Moreover, Elizabeth's boyfriend's professional life is not known to the media. Their affair came to notice to the public when some of their pictures went viral on the internet.

Breaking Relation

No one knows for sure what happened between John and Elizabeth that led their marriage life came to an end. Although, it is quite sure that John filed their divorce in May 2012. The reason for their separation is still undiscovered, although he stated that the couple was not on good terms with each other, and most of the time, the conflict didn't end, leading to a tense atmosphere between them in the house. Speaking about their house, many statements claimed that the couple was having issues regarding their different opinion in redecorating details of their home. In addition, sources mentioned that John didn't pay the contractors as he didn't follow the agreement.

But the rumors didn't end here; later, it was mentioned that John was having an affair. So, Elizabeth took advantage of this situation and challenged the prenup. At that time, it seemed like the legal action could make a big scandal, but all the legal procedures ended quickly, along with the settlement of the problem in a civil way. Although the agreement was not disclosed to the public, it was believed that Elizabeth had received a large amount of money after their divorce.

Life Of Elizabeth Huberdeau After Being The Celebrity

Elizabeth is a low-profile person now. She has social media accounts, although she doesn't prefer to share any posts from her private and professional life. As of now, she is residing in Florida and giving all her focus to building her career. She is a real estate agent, and she manages her own company. As mentioned by some sources, she is earning a good amount of money as a real estate agent and therefore living a luxurious life.

However, Elizabeth is also doing great in her private life. She appeared with her boyfriend, Eli Ayoub, on the internet, which went viral. Also, observing her pictures, it was found that she is having a good time with her boyfriend, Eli, whereas John Cena's relation with Nikki Bella, his ex-fiancée, has ended.

Elizabeth Huberdeau net Worth

Details about Elizabeth's professions are not known clearly to the public, but it is noted that she is doing well in her career. As she was the wife of one of the most popular and wealthiest wrestlers, people seem to take an interest in her net worth and her source of income. Also, as a real estate agent, it is expected that she earns a lot, and she also got a big amount of money after her divorce from John.

Elizabeth was a real estate agent from the beginning and depended on her income. However, reports suggest that after their divorce Elizabeth gained $55 million net worth as a settlement deal.

Elizabeth Huberdeau's current net worth is estimated to be $10 million. Although, she believes that she has achieved all this because of the settlement money from her ex-husband, John Cena.


What Is The Age Of Elizabeth Huberdeau?

Elizabeth Huberdeau is currently 41 years old.

What Is The Height Of Elizabeth Huberdeau?

Elizabeth Huberdeau is 5 feet and 5 inches tall.

What Is The Net Worth Of Elizabeth Huberdeau?

Elizabeth Huberdeau's net worth is estimated to be 10 Million USD.

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