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Desiree Washington Wikipedia - American Beauty Pageant Winner's Rape Controversy


Desiree Washington Wikipedia information about her famous scandal is provided below as she was raped by a famous boxer, Mike Tyson.

Boxer Mike Tyson allegedly s*xually assaulted Desiree Washington, then 18 years old and competing in the Miss Black America beauty pageant, on July 19.

The next day, she went to the emergency room at Methodist Hospital and said she had been raped. in a hotel room in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Desiree Washington wearing a pink-green, and purple dress
Desiree Washington wearing a pink-green, and purple dress

Mike Tyson received a 6-year sentence after being found guilty of this offense.

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Mike Tyson claims he lives with his dark past of being on cocaine, booze, and bringing women to bed, despite having rebuilt himself in recent years as a family guy and vegan with enough comedic abilities to act in movies.

In his book, the intercourse is described in almost clinical terms, and the various women in Tyson's life flow in and out of the pages as they did in his life. Desiree Washington, Miss Black Rhode Island, is one notable exception.

Desiree Washington Wikipedia

Desiree Washington was born on March 15, 1973. She was born in the United States, in Coventry, Rhode Island. She was an American citizen.

She has a younger sister, Dorrae, and an older brother, Don Jr. Her educational history includes a graduation from Coventry High School.

She went to Providence College after high school. Miss Black Rhode Island was her given name.

In 1991, she competed in the Miss Black America pageant.

Desiree grew up in Rhode Island with her three brothers and sisters. She graduated with honors from Coventry High School.

She was a friendly and outgoing individual who had a passion for modeling since she was a child. She then attended Providence College, where she majored in psychology. She had the option of becoming an attorney or a politician in the future.

The tragedy had a big effect on Washinton's life because it led to her parents getting a divorce.

Her siblings also struggled in school because the incident was used to condemn the family members.

Because of the tragedy, Desiree Washington has stayed out of the spotlight and kept most of her personal life quiet.

Miss Black Rhode Island was Desiree Washington. Mike Tyson assaulted her in an Indianapolis hotel room.

She initially informed authorities, then testified in court that Tyson laughed as she sobbed. Washington has been chastised for assuming it was safe to enter Tyson's room and then reporting the incident to police.

Desiree Washington standing with another lady
Desiree Washington standing with another lady

Rape Trial Case

The rape trial of Desiree Washington took place in Marion County Superior Court from January 26 to February 10, 1992.

Virginia Foster, Tyson's chauffeur, was a witness who backed up Washington's claim. She confirmed that she was in shock after the attack.

Thomas Richardson, the doctor who looked at Washington in the emergency room more than 24 hours after the attack and decided that the way her genitalia looked was consistent with rape, gave more testimony.

Under direct examination by lead defense lawyer Vincent J. Fuller, Tyson stated that everything had happened with Washington's full consent and that she wanted to have sex with him.

During Mike Tyson's rape trial, many portrayed Desiree Washington as a traditional female liar who craved Tyson's money - in other words, a gold digger.

Mike Tyson called Desiree Washington at her hotel room in July 1991 to arrange a meeting.

Tyson dispatched his limousine to her hotel at 2:00 a.m.

He informed Washington that he had forgotten something at his hotel and requested her to accompany him to his room while he went to fetch it.

The part-time limousine driver, a public school guidance counselor who specialized in crisis intervention and who drove Tyson and Washington to Mike Tyson's hotel, spotted Washington hurrying out of the hotel about an hour after Tyson and Washington departed the vehicle.

Virginia Foster, the driver, stated:

She looked all frantic like she might have been in a state of shock. She looked dazed, disoriented.

When Washington returned to her hotel room, she told her roommate that Tyson had raped her.

The lawyer for Tyson said that Washington was a smart woman who saw suing Tyson as a way to make money.

As a result, Tyson's followers dubbed Washington a vengeful and jealous lady.

Washington's fans, on the other hand, believed she was a young, inexperienced, and innocent girl.

Finally, the jury concluded that Desiree Washington was a credible woman who was telling the truth.

Washington was well aware that many people would suspect her of lying.

She expressed her fears that no one would believe her or that they would think that she was just after money.

Desiree Washington with boxer Mike Tyson
Desiree Washington with boxer Mike Tyson

Conviction And Sentencing

After a jury deliberated, Tyson was found guilty of rape on February 10, 1992.

Mike Tyson was sentenced to six years in jail on March 26, 1992.

Despite the fact that he was 25 years old at the time of the murder, he was assigned to the Indiana Youth Center (now the Plainfield Correctional Facility) in April 1992 and freed in March 1995 after spending less than three years.

Federal law says that Mike Tyson has to register as a Tier II sex offender because he was found guilty of having sex with Desiree Washington.

7 Desiree Washington Facts You Probably Didn't Know

  • Desiree is a strong and composed woman. She not only battled for her own justice, but also for the girls who had become silent victims of rape.
  • Washington claims she was given $1 million in exchange for dropping a rape allegation against Mike Tyson.
  • After the sexual incident, Desiree's parents split up, and her brother has a lot of problems at school and in society.
  • She further stated that Mike was laughing loudly while she sobbed in agony.
  • After learning about Mike's violent past, she remarked in an interview with Barbara Walters that she felt the public blamed her for putting herself in danger.
  • According to some versions, the jury gasped when Desiree entered the courtroom. She weighed roughly 106 pounds at 18 years old, compared to Tyson's 240-250 pounds.

Desiree Washington Net Worth

Desiree Washington's net worth is predicted to be $650,000-$1 million.

Desiree Washington Instagram

There is no official Instagram account for Desiree Washington.

Desiree Washington Now

The former model, Desiree Washington, appears to be leading a low-key life and has never come back into the spotlight.

Desiree's life is unknown today, but in the early 1990s, she was heavily criticized by the public and the media.

She was last seen during her interview with Barbara Walters. There is no updated information about Desiree Washington.

Mike Tyson - Charged With Rape # Who is who?

People Also Ask

How Old Is Desiree Washington Now?

She is now 49 years old as of 2022.

How Much Money Did Desiree Washington Win From Mike Tyson?

Following the trial, word got out that Tyson would have to pay Desiree Washinton more than $200,000 to achieve a settlement.

When Was Desiree Washington Born?

She was born in 1973.


Desiree Washington's Wikipedia information shows that she rose to prominence after she was raped by well-known boxer Mike Tyson, or Michael Gerard Tyson.

She finally defeated Mike Tyson and earned justice, not just for herself but for other women too.

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