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Creative Pubs in Bucharest


Bucharest is a city of contrasts, and so are the historical center's pubs and clubs. In just two years, this region has flourished and today you can find commercial, Cuban, socialist, interwar, German, Italian, Turkish themed bars, restaurants and clubs, all on the same street, often surrounded by historical ruins. Nearly every pub in the center is like a small museum, as most of the buildings in this section of the city date back to the late 19th century.

Look at beautiful historical landmarks such as the Stavropoleos Church (1724), "Carul cu bere"-the restaurant that brews the same house beer as it did in 1879, the National Bank or the Old Princely Court. Take a walk down Bucharest's old roads. Enjoy the performers on the street and the soft pretzels. Let Bucharest amaze you with its variety when you're ready for a pleasant beverage or meal.


At "Atelierul Mecanic" (Mechanical Shop), a small and cosy pub packed with artists and architecture students who love the industrial printing of the town, the best Mojito, with plenty of fresh mint, is served. Once upon a time, all the materials used to design the place were in the hands of the honest workers in the factories of socialist Romania. Try to get an ashtray, but be careful because it's a roller bearing, actually, and it's really hard. Even the name of the pub is pronounced with spanners in French.

Another special location in the center of the city is 'Papiota' (The Curl Paper). Papiota is like the Mechanical Shop's feminine edition, with tables made of old sewing machines and ironing tables. Called after fabrics and sewing styles, they serve cocktails: "Scotch&Stofa", "Catifea", "Pepit", "Ecosez." With a local DJ and great soul, funk, electro, disco music, you can party in style during the weekend.

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The St. Patrick Irish Pub offers fish and chips, fantastic house beer and real live music from the Irish pub. Also, it's one of the few places you can find ginger beer in the area.

You have to visit the "Cocktail Laboratory" if you are able to play with your drinks. All the cocktails cost 21 lei (16 for the virgin ones) and all you have to do is tell the bartender the flavor for which you are in the mood. This is a laboratory, so don't expect a menu to be given. Your beverage will be served in a cute glass of Erlenmeyer chemistry.

The "hot quince with apple and cinnamon" is a common warm drink in Bucharest's middle, besides the mulled wine. At "Bucataria Indiana" (Indian kitchen), you will enjoy a great one and, if you are hungry, make sure to try the lentil and spinach soup (with plenty of curry).

At 'Curtea Berarilor', a great beer house right in the middle of an old court of professional glass blowers, beer lovers can certainly try the one liter draft beer.

Chillout and rainbow music pillows? The location for you is "Colorteca".

Enthusiastic Egyptians? The old core of Bucharest has just the right spot for you: "Scarabeo Bar"-a lively and happy place with nights of karaoke and welcoming workers.


Bucharest's historical center will satisfy any musical taste, whether you're into the new dubstep classics, pop songs or noisy punk and rock&roll.

"Chat Noir" is one of the most interesting clubs in the historic center of Bucharest and, with a very retro-cool feeling, stands out from the crowd." If you love jazz, dancehall, big band, rockabilly, funk, soul, blues, ska, dub, reggae, this is where you'll love to party. Given the area and the great environment, the prices are fair ( 10 lei for vodka and gin tonic, 5-10 lei for beers, 9 lei for non-alcoholic cocktails).

The "Revenge Bar" is loved by teenagers and college students because it is a cheap and fun place that from Monday to Sunday gets filled with partying people. Revenge is the place for you if you want to party until sunrise.

Iron City is a great smoky basement that will be very happy to have you if you're the head banger kind. Iron City gets really packed over the weekend, with brick walls and cement floors, a few bar chairs and some leather couches. DJs have a peculiar way to combine Sepultura and Metallica with I'm a Barbie Girl the same night, but who could stop rising men in leather pants dancing to 90s hits?

In terms of entertainment, there is nothing you can't find in Bucharest's old town, and one of the biggest challenges is partying in as many pubs as possible for one night.

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