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CBD Stocks: Everything You Need to Know


CBD is the short form of cannabidiol, it is a very strong ingredient present in cannabis, marijuana. It is an important part of medical Marijuana but it is also derived from hemp plants and very closely related to marijuana plants.

Despite its marijuana contents, CBD on its own cannot intoxicate. The World Health Organisation (WHO) confirmed that CBD has no abusive effect so far and hasn't caused any health deficiencies in the public till the present.

CBD is present in medicines that treat insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety, and so on without giving the effect of marijuana. The Farm Bill of 2018 has legalized planting and growing of CBD and marijuana hence it is legal and grown in all the states of America.

Is CBD worth investing in?
Is CBD worth investing in?

Is CBD Worth Investing In?

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/cbd-stocks/ by Karan Emery on 2020-11-12T03:07:37.940Z

CBD has become a very popular commodity in recent times, due to the amendment of regulations that have made it accessible to everyone in the state. Investors have become more motivated to invest in CBD as a business opportunity with high returns.

Here Are Some Reasons Why Investing In CBD Is Worth It

Investing in CBD oil which is majorly derived from hemp plants will make you rich because the Farm Bill of 2019 has made growing hemp plants for commercial purposes legal according to the law.

Hence, the market for CBD has begun to grow steadily with no plans of slowing down but becoming bigger due to it being legalized, affording more people to have access to CBD whether growing it, selling it or using it. And with its many health benefits, it is a large market that would continue to grow larger as demands go higher, market value increases, and consequently profits increase too.

CBD Products Are Everywhere And Used By Everyone

Since CBD is confirmed legal in the states, a lot of CBD products are being produced and used daily by the average person. CBD can be found in products like creams, oils, cosmetics, even in food items like gummies and dogs treats and everyone loves them.

Reports have shown that a large number of people use CBD products because they prefer them to other products, also pointing out that CBD products are not limited to a particular age group, it is used by all age groups.

Increase In Consumer Sales

Experienced investors know that one of the most important to watch out for when investing in a business is the consumption patterns. How they are behaving towards the use of the products you're considering for investment is very important. If they are enjoying the use of products, there would continue to be a steady uprise in demand, and such has been the case of CBD products in the consumer's market.

Investing in the business of producing more to customer's satisfaction and demands is a profitable business with endless open possibilities of improvement and continuance of sales.

And as the numbers continue to grow, so will the stock prices. This will make investors a great deal of money in case they decide to sell stock in the future.

Will CBD stocks go up?
Will CBD stocks go up?

Will CBD Stocks Go Up?

The cannabis, hemp, and CBD market have experienced a downward turn during the pandemic due to obvious reasons however it didn't end up as bad, as the stock has noticeably started to go up again.

There is an increase in the demand for CBD based products in dispensaries, pharmacies, cosmetics, and other retail stores, many people bought products in large quantities to stock up due to the lockdown, limiting the number of times they would have to go out to get needed products.

The pandemic has without doubts heightened anxiety and stress, a lot of people are concerned and restless, and more often than not they'd want to get treatment to reduce their anxieties, CBD products help to relieve anxiety and sleep disorders. Stores get more online orders to be delivered despite the pandemic to consumers.

Despite the current situation, the CBD market is not slowing down as would be expected, giving rise to stocks and attracting investors. With proper background information and experience, investors can still get the best of the market from investing.

What CBD Companies Are Publicly Traded?

The easiest means of investing in CBD stocks is to own shares in a CBD products company. By purchasing shares in established publicly traded companies, you get a chance of accumulating profits without any stress of day to day operations involvement.

Examples of publicity traded companies that produce CBD products are; Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc, Charlotte's Web, Valen GroWorks, Aphria, Village Farms International, GrowGeneration. Other large American business firms have also built an investment market for CBD products, although they may not give you a desired open contact with CBD products as the mentioned companies are still a great means of supporting brands in the CBD industry. Such firms include; Teva Pharmaceuticals, Anheuser-Busch, and so on.

What Is The Best Hemp Stock To Buy?

In the cannabis plant family, marijuana and hemp are majorly the most popular plants.

While hemp-based products are making huge waves in the stock market, with increasing consumer sales of hemp-based cosmetic products, diet supplements, and others, it is, however, wise for an investor to still weigh their options carefully before making a decision.

To purchase stocks in the hemp industry that would give tangible returns, investors can consider buying stocks from;

Charlotte's Web - The leading company in CBD wellness products is Charlotte's Web. They have a wide range of CBD products in capsules, gels, creams, and so on. Charlotte's Web also enjoys a very huge leading gap from its competitors. With a large cannabis farm, huge research and manufacturing facilities with thousands of retail stores, they are one of the best companies to buy hemp stocks from.

CV Science - CV Science may not be as large as Charlotte's Web but they are not small either and also a good company to buy hemp stocks.

CV Science produces the top-selling CBD oil, available and selling fast in thousands of retail stores. The company has continued to top market charts year in year out with an increase in its revenues. Their product demand is expected to skyrocket following the release of a new product, a smoking cessation medication that helps to stop tobacco cravings with its hemp-based contents.

Who Is The Largest CBD Company?

The largest CBD company is Mile High Labs International LTD, they are the world's largest producer of hemp-based cannabidiol with their headquarters in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Equipped with a large-high-quality facility and a wide network of contracted cannabis farmers, they can be constant suppliers of CBD in large quantities to different established consumer brands.

What Are The Top 5 CBD Companies?

The number one CBD company is Charlotte's Web. The company has taken the advantage of improved marketing strategies, making its products value-based and rooted in the core needs of their customers. They have solidified who they are in the CBD market, identified with consumer's needs, which has turned their customers into lifetime consumers thereby rising effectively as the number one CBD based company.

CV Science has built a sustainable brand on the form their products take, the capsules and soft gels are made in adherence to quality and reduced dose, which appeals to people who are more conservative medicine users. Their products have managed to blend into everyday food products, found in the nearest retail stores and not having to go through the stress of an online search.

Green Roads World is third in the ranking. With a similar market integration strategy like that of Charlotte's Web, the company has been able to build an unforgettable customer experience by targeting the core needs of their consumers. With high dosed products that resonate with the uniqueness of customer's conditions, they can be said to be an innovative company.

Medterra is called a market disruptor in the CBD market due to its fast speed in growth over a little period since a market invasion. It is a completely CBD based company with a focus on customers' appeal that can be found on retail store shelves with products from established companies since it's appearance.

The fifth top CBD company is Balanced Health Botanicals. The company has a wide variety of products with budget-friendly prices that it more appealing to people who are not looking to spend much to get quality. They are the choice of people with chronic conditions and frequent users. They have been able to gain more attention not only with the popular markets but they also tailor their marketing to individual communities, independent pharmacies, and built a very solid presence online.

Is the CBD industry growing?*
Is the CBD industry growing?*

Is The CBD Industry Growing?

Although CBD is still new to the mainstream market, due to its recent legalization. However, CBD is fast becoming a household name in the medicine market because of its diverse health benefits and treatment of mild and chronic health conditions, easy accessibility, and enticing product formats.

The CBD industry globally is segmented into subcategories based on the product types, the use, source, and the region. For the source, it is separated into two main parts; hemp and marijuana. The incidence of a pandemic may have subjected the industry to reduced growth in the short term but it is not going to stay down forever.

The growth of the CBD industry has been predicted by BDS analytics to reach 20 billion dollars in sales by 2024 in the US market, that is a good pointer of growth. With significant opportunities opened to investors and businesses, there's going to be steady growth for the industry.

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