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Carly Hallam - The Funnier Half of Daniel Tosh


If you are an avid fan of comedy series, then you will be much interested to know who Carly Hallam is. She's not simply an American writer and actress. She is the woman behind the best comedy shows over the recent years. Carly Hallam or Carly Hallam Tosh is best-known for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Low, Tosh. O, and Two If by Sea. But before going straight to her amazing career, here is some limited information about Carly.

Carly Hallam was born in Florida on February 14, 1985. She is currently 35 years old and has a zodiac sign Pisces. Carly was not really used to disclosing information about herself and her family. So, there is very little background information about her siblings, parents, and siblings. But two things are for sure, she has a brother, and their ethnicity is Caucasian. This means that her family's origin is European. In 2003, Carly graduated from her local high school in Florida. Carly then graduated from Florida State University with a degree in BA English. Although she did not share any information on whether she attended any writing courses, she benefited much from her education in finding great jobs as a screenwriter.

Carly hallam friends
Carly hallam friends

In terms of Carly's physique, recent reports tell that the beautiful writer is at 60 kilograms (132 pounds) and 5 feet and 8 inches in height (173 centimeters). She has mesmerizing brown eyes and silky black-colored hair. There are also a few things that Carly shared about herself. As a writer, she loves traveling and reading because it fuels her brain with new, interesting ideas. She prefers printed books to e-books. Her favorite city is London, and her favorite cuisine is Italian. Carly also starred in movies, and her favorite people in this field are Joey King and Tom Hanks.

Carly Hallam is currently active on different social media sites. And her great humor is reflected in her posts. She has an Instagram and Twitter account. Her Instagram has over 0.8k followers. The account was said to be private; that's why there is only a little information about it. However, her Twitter account is the one she frequently uses, especially when promoting her shows. Her Twitter has over 11.4k followers and counting.

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Carly Hallam's Career

After graduating from college, Carly started her writing career when she joined the team of Tosh.0 show writers in 2009. This show first premiered in the U.S. on Comedy Central on June 4, 2009. Tosh.0 is an American TV series which was produced and hosted by the famous comedian, Daniel Tosh. The entire series focuses on documentaries of different online viral video clips, stereotypes, celebrities, societies, and popular cultures. This is where Carly first met Daniel. They ended up dating and later got married.

Carly hallam on tosh.o
Carly hallam on tosh.o

Carly was still the writer of the show at that time, and she even had appearances on nine episodes of the show. This show is one of the longest-running series on Comedy Central Television. However, after announcing that the show had been renewed for four more seasons back in January, the decision has now been reversed. Tosh.0 will end on season 12, which already began airing on September 15, 2020. Carly tried more of her luck in the showbusiness when she secured an acting role in the 2010 movie titled New Low. But instead of being more inclined to acting after this experience, it only encouraged her to work behind the cameras and focus on writing.

In 2013, she started working as a screenwriter in the most popular comedy show entitled "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." The show is still going on up to this very day. This stepped up her popularity amongst the other screenwriters and producers. Because of the major success of the shows that Carly has been working on, she received numerous job offers from other shows. But she highlighted that she's happy with her current shows. So, she sticks to the projects she is already used to working for—Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Tosh.0. Another reason is that these shows give her the most stable income.

Aside from writing for comedy shows, Carly also tried writing comic articles for online sources such as McSweeney's. On December 6, 2017, her article "10 Ways to Wear that Little Black Dress In Your Closet" was posted in the said online source. It garnered a lot of views even though it was not meant to be taken seriously. It was a list of jokes about weird situations for wearing a classy black dress. Well, maybe this is the main reason why it attracted a lot of viewers. Who doesn't want funny stuff? Right?

Carly's Low-key Relationship

Daniel tosh and carly hallam
Daniel tosh and carly hallam

Carly is not really that open when talking about her personal life. She chooses to keep everything low-key and private. She hasn't revealed any information about her past relationships other than her now-husband, Daniel Tosh. The love birds did not share the exact date of when they first met and started dating. But it seems obvious that they first met on the set of Tosh.0 since Carly was the screenwriter while Daniel was the producer and the host of the show.

Daniel is ten years older than Carly, but the two don't really give a fuzz. Their relationship at the very beginning was already secretive, to keep their private life protected. Carly is rarely spotted with Daniel in public. And like other celebrity couples who got married in secret, the couple tied the knot in a private ceremony on one of the beaches in Malibu, California, on April 15, 2016. The couple is maybe not yet ready to raise a child or is not planning to because up to this day, they still don't have any children. Daniel is known to have had a relationship with Megan Abrigo, an American model and actress, who later appeared in one of the early episodes of his show in 2009. Rumors about their upcoming wedding were everywhere until the couple broke up in 2010.

Her Husband, Daniel Tosh

Daniel Tosh was born in Boppard, Rhineland-Palatinate, on May 29, 1975. Daniel's family moved to Florida, USA, when he was five years old. He had his first job as a telemarketer at Central Florida Research Park. But he had to find another source of income because he was bad at job interviews. He later appeared on the Canadian comedy festival "Just for Laughs" in 1988. This was his first exposure as a comedian until his true fame finally came.

His performance on "The Late Show" hosted by David Letterman was so successful that it opened a lot of guesting opportunities. He was featured in popular shows such as "Jimmy Kimmel Live!", "Premium Blend" on Comedy Central, and "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." He later hosted his own show "Tosh.0" and "Daniel Tosh: Happy Thoughts" on Comedy Central. He also became the producer of "Brickleberry" and "Tosh.0" where he hired and met her lovely wife, Carly Hallam. In 2019, he started his tour around the world with his very own stand-up show.

Carly And Daniel Net Worth

According to trusted sources, Carly's current net worth is estimated to be around $800,000. This is an accumulated amount for her work as a screenwriter in the hit comedy series "Tosh.0" and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," and also being a supporting actress playing minor roles in the episodes of Tosh.0. While her husband, Daniel Tosh, has an estimated net worth to be more than $16 million. His wealth is the fruit of all his sold-out shows before the actual performance during his US tours, as reported by Forbes.

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