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4 Canceled TV Shows That Deserve a Continuation


In the last decade, the way we watch TV shows has changed. Online platforms are becoming increasingly popular. And as our lives are moving into cyberspace, you only need to google “write my research paper” and you can enjoy your favorite TV show from the same exact laptop. Deadline stress is a thing of the past.

There is also an emerging trend for remakes. That what was old and forgotten is being brought back to life by major studios. Projects that were closed down now have a chance of getting a second life. Here are four canceled TV shows that deserve a continuation.

Constantine (2014 – 2015)

It's hard not to empathize with the hardcore fans of John Constantine. The main character of the Hellblazer comic books published by Vertigo, a subsidiary of DC Comics, had many different adaptations. But not one of them was able to gain a foothold on the screens for a long time.

The charismatic exorcist detective John Constantine who is fighting with his past sins and trying to protect humanity from a supernatural threat, first had a film adaptation in 2005, starring Keanu Reeves. After failing at the box office, the production delayed the adaptation idea for almost 10 years.

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Then, when NBC created a series starring Matt Ryan in 2014, fans were thrilled. Critics also praised the mixture of creepy atmosphere, driving action, and cheeky humor. Unfortunately, the project was canceled after only one season due to budget problems.

Matt Ryan appeared as Constantine on other DC shows such as Arrow, The Flash, and has become the main character in DC's Legends of Tomorrow since season 4. The actor also gave his voice to the character in the short-lived animated series "Constantine: City of Demons".

But, in the end, viewers are forced to wait for the full return of their beloved character to the big screen, hoping that next time the project will be given a better opportunity to reveal its potential.


V (2009 - 2011)

The TV show “V” has closed twice in 30 years. “V” (2009 - 2011) is a sci-fi television series that sequels the 1983 miniseries and the 1984 TV show. It tells the story of an alternative universe where the earth was secretly flooded with reptilian alien species to exterminate humanity. While focusing on global elements of insidious politics and propaganda, the series also touches on the local issues of the family split drama.

After the downturn in the ratings in Season 1, Season 2 saw steady growth. But in 2011, the intriguing story was shut down by ABC anyway, coming off at the key climactic episode. The project was not saved by generally positive reviews from critics, or by many nominations in categories such as best visual effects, best drama, and best actress. Showrunners tried to resume the series on other platforms, but their attempts didn’t succeed.

The problems that the series touches on are still relevant, and the plot is intriguing to this day. This is why the show "V '" deserves another try.

Hannibal (2013 - 2015)

Hannibal Lecter has become a cult character in popular culture. Few remained indifferent to the character played by Anthony Hopkins in several films about the infamous serial killer. And Mads Mikkelsen in the Hannibal series managed to uphold the high standard set by his predecessor. In its short life, the TV show managed to receive more than twenty awards and many other nominations. This success perfectly reflects all the love of the audience, the creators of the series, and the critical acclaim.

The dark psychological thriller aired on NBC for three seasons. The plot told about the deep relationships of the characters based on the books of a great author - Thomas Harris. And although critics regularly brought the series to their top lists, this did not save the project from bad ratings. Bad numbers caused the cancelation of Hannibal after the third season.

In recent years, the creators of the series and the cast have repeatedly stated their desire to continue filming. So there is still hope for the continuation in the hearts of the fans.

Watching movie
Watching movie

Firefly (2002)

Firefly narrates the adventures of the spaceship called Serenity and its crew. The ship's captain, Malcolm Reynolds, is a former soldier who fought on the losing side in the recent war. Now, the galaxy is ruled by the Alliance, which is not interested in the prosperity of distant colonies. To survive, Mal and his small team take on any work, which is most often illegal. Other permanent crew members are a mysterious priest, a professional companion, and a brother and sister who are hiding from the Alliance government. They all constantly get involved in trouble, from which they get out through quarrels and disagreements.

The plot of each series is filled with ridiculous situations, witty humor, and high-stakes action. Its visual style is a space western. Its clever use of CGI made it stand out from the crowd of other shows of its time. Neither the star cast nor all of the elements listed above saved the series from low ratings. Years later, a colossal fan base is blaming FOX studio for a poor marketing effort and mismanaging the episodes. Although the spin-off film Serenity of the creator of the series, Joss Whedon, delighted some fans, the loyal community still hopes for a relaunch of the beloved Firefly in the future.

Final Words

These canceled TV shows deserve to get another chance. Unfortunately, many great TV shows are canceled before they become popular. And the viewers are left with nostalgia or even with an unsolved list of questions. But there is still hope for a continuation because new platforms are creating a trend for the resurrection of unfinished TV shows.

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