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British versus American Weddings


Just because we speak the same language doesn't mean that we have the same customs. The way the British and the Americans do things is very different. The same goes with how we tie the knot. As it turns out, there are many profound and fascinating variations between weddings in Britain and people living across the pond.

Check out the list of things that set British weddings apart from the Americans.


Speeches and toasts at American weddings are usually nostalgic and sappy. But if you were going to attend a British wedding, you’d think they were roasting the bride and groom. If you’re giving a toast at a Brit wedding, don’t feel bad to leave the recipient utterly mortified.

A traditional Brit wedding usually has only three sets of speeches – from the best man, father of the groom and the groom.

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We’ve all seen fancy hats at the royal wedding. It’s part of the royal protocol for women of the royal family to wear hats on all official occasions. But this is no longer just a royal thing. These days almost all UK weddings feature show-stopping hats by women of all ages.

Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes in the United States are usually available in all kinds and variety, from pink champagne to chocolate vanilla. But for the British weddings, they serve fruitcake for traditional ceremonies.

Vows And First Dance

We’ve seen sentimental, heart-touching wedding vows in American soap operas but you ain’t getting any if you attend a British wedding. This is because most of the Brits hold their weddings in the Church of England and the church uses the same script for all the weddings.

When attending an American wedding, the first dance is usually seen at the start of the dinner when they are announced into the reception. But in British weddings, the meal comes first. The couples will usually have their first dance after cutting the cake.

Wedding Processional

If you attend a British wedding, you will see the bride lead the wedding processional with the bridesmaids following behind her. Sometimes there are young male attendants carrying the bride’s train. The Americans prefer to save the bride for the last, often accompanied by one parent or both.

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