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Bitcoin Introduces Freedom For All


Restrictive laws, high taxes and totalitarian inclinations have developed to the degree of oppression of people' freedom similar to that of the Church in the European Middle Ages, and they are as ripe for disruption as they were in the Middle Ages. Due to the high expenses of maintaining the Church imposed by taxes, personal control, and rituals, other, more productive political and economic structures evolved to replace it and condemn it to insignificance. For Europeans. As technology, printing, and capitalism proliferated, so did modern nationalism and contemporary notions of citizenship, ushering in an era of industrial civilization.

As technology continues to chip away at industrial society and the contemporary nation state's authority and purpose, they have become oppressive, sclerotic, and onerous five hundred years later. "Microprocessors will undermine and destroy the nation-state" is the provocative premise of the book. Because of advances in information technology, the state will be unable to extort more money from its inhabitants in the form of taxes. Because of the digital revolution, the contemporary state's ability to impose its will on its inhabitants will be rendered obsolete, as will the nation-importance state's as a unit of organization. Here's how Bitcoin introduces freedom for all.

All Human Knowledge Exists

The revolution in telecommunications has already allowed us to watch this trend in action. As a result of printing press, it was possible for the poorest people in the world to get access to information that had previously been restricted and controlled by the church. There is no such danger in the cyberworld, since almost all of human knowledge is freely accessible to everybody, unhindered by government restriction or control.

Increasingly, People May Live And Work Without Government Regulations

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/bitcoin-introduces-freedom/ by Kenzo Norman on 2022-03-11T07:53:18.017Z

With the advent of low-cost internet telecommunications, the significance of a physical workplace's location has waned. In an increasingly information-based and non-material world, manufacturers of various things may now choose to be based anywhere they choose, while the results of their labor can be sent across the world in an instant. For the first time in history, people may live and work anywhere they choose and provide their output through telecommunications.

Land and physical means of production are becoming less valuable as the value of nontangible things rises, lowering the rewards for violently taking such physical assets. In a world where people's production is intricately connected to their permission, the fear of violent appropriation of productive wealth becomes more hollow. People were more likely to be productive and survive when they were attached to property that they did not own, and this benefited the landlord. Similarly, as the bloody twentieth century demonstrated, industrial society's dependence on physical productive capital and its tangible output made state expropriation very uncomplicated.

Two hands are clasped together in a tie
Two hands are clasped together in a tie

Bitcoin And Cryptography In General

Is the use of defensive technology that reduces the cost of protecting property and information. As a result, those who choose a peaceful existence free of hostility benefit the most from this system. The government's ability to requisition money into its central banks has made people completely dependant on it for their existence and well-being, and Bitcoin goes a long way toward redressing that power imbalance.

Gold, the ancient form of sound money, lacked these benefits. Because of its tangible nature, gold was a prime target for governmental stifling. Centralization of payments involving gold in banks and central banks made it simple for the government to confiscate it. Verifying transactions on the other hand is a piece of cake with Bitcoin since anybody with an Internet connection can see the transactions ledger for free.

Although third-party intermediates may be necessary for Bitcoin's growth, this is fundamentally different from gold settlement in a number of key ways. There will be a public ledger for third-party transactions, which will allow for more transparency and auditing.


The contemporary person may now choose to opt out of authoritarian, managerial, Keynesian, and socialist nations, thanks to the invention of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. To combat the present plague of governments thriving by exploiting the industrious people who happen to reside on their turf, a simple technology repair is all that is required.

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