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Antonella Roccuzzo - Lionel Messi's Wife, Wiki, Facts And Net Worth In 2022

Name:Antonella Roccuzzo
Spouse:Lionel Messi, m. 2017
Children:Thiago Messi Roccuzzo, Mateo Messi Roccuzzo, Ciro Messi Roccuzzo
Parents:Jose Roccuzzo, Patricia Roccuzzo
Siblings:Carla Roccuzzo, Paula Roccuzzo
Instagram followers:13 million
Date of birth:26/02/1988
Height:1.57 m / 5 ft 1.81
Weight:55 Kg / 121 lbs
Net worth:$20 Million

If you're a soccer lover, Lionel Messi is a name you've already heard of. The 33-year-old Argentinian striker has a remarkable resume that includes ten La Liga titles, six Copa del Rey titles, and 750 senior career goals, which is a club record. Did you know, though, that this sporting superstar is married to his childhood sweetheart? Antonella Roccuzzo, Lionel Messi's wife, is the subject of this article.

What Is Antonella Roccuzzo's History, And How Did She Come To Meet Lionel Messi?

Antonella Roccuzzo, like Lionel Messi, was born in Rosario, Argentina's third largest city.

Her cousin, Lucas Scaglia, was a childhood acquaintance of the Barcelona star, and she has known him since she was five years old.

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If Messi has a reputation for being reserved, this was not the case in his search for Antonella, as he visited her home on a daily basis when he was a child only to see her.

It's unclear how long the couple has been dating behind closed doors, but they made their engagement public in 2008.

The couple's relationship was said to have been reinforced in 2007, when Messi flew back to Rosario to console Antonella after the death of a friend.

Antonella Roccuzzo And Messi Were Childhood Sweethearts

Antonella Roccuzzo date of birth is on February 26th, 1988, and she was born in Rosario, Argentina, the same year as Lionel Messi was born. Messi met Roccuzzo when he was five years old because of his friendship with Roccuzzo's nephew, fellow soccer player Lucas Scaglia. Messi claims he has vivid memories of his early childhood and has always been interested in soccer.

In a 2013 interview with Worldsoccer.com, he said, "My first memories are from when I was really young, maybe three or four years old, playing in my neighborhood at home." “From a very early age, I can see myself with the ball at my feet.” When Messi moved to Spain with his family to pursue his soccer career, they were forced to part ways.

“Imagine going to a different continent with your family when you're 13 years old, with everyone's destiny resting on your shoulders. In a 2017 interview with Sports Illustrated, Messi said of the transfer, "It was a difficult moment." “On the one hand, coming to Barcelona to play was a dream come true. Leaving everything behind in Rosario, on the other hand, was difficult: my friends, my family, my youth, and landing in a country where I had none. “I literally began from the ground up.”

Roccuzzo subsequently reconnected with the soccer player, and the two started dating in 2008. On June 30, 2017, they wed in a lavish ceremony in the couple's hometown, nearly a decade since they first met. Messi's Barcelona teammate Gerard Pique and his pop-star partner, Shakira, were among the 250 guests at the ceremony, which took place at a luxurious hotel.

Lionel Messi And Antonella Roccuzzo Have Three Sons Together

Antonella and Lionel Messi's sons, Thiago (born in 2012), Mateo (born in 2015), and Ciro (born in 2016) are Roccuzzo's three sons from his marriage to Lionel Messi (born in 2017). For the FIFA World Cup winner, being a father was a life-changing experience. “You grow and learn as a result of your experiences. In 2019, he told Fcbarcelona.com, "You gain maturity in all facets of life, both on and off the field." “However, raising three children changed my outlook on life, my way of thought, and it has made me mature as a human being.”

Messi still claims that, amid his hectic schedule, he enjoys spending time with his family at home. “Even if there are little moments of respite at home with three kids, we want to savor every moment with them, whether we're watching TV, playing, or doing something else. "We like to sit at home and savor these occasions.”

The Relationship Between Roccuzzo And Messi Is One-Of-A-Kind

Messi started to bear a torch for Antonela Roccuzzo until leaving Argentina at the age of thirteen. According to sources, in 2007, after one of her best friends was fatally killed in a crash, the soccer star raced home to console his childhood sweetheart. They rekindled their relationship at that point and have been together ever since.

When Roccuzzo was studying at the National University of Rosario and Messi was playing soccer in Spain, the pair spent some time apart at first. Roccuzzo, on the other hand, had moved to Barcelona in 2012 to be with her boyfriend and was expecting their first child.

Messi told Fcbarcelona.com that his partner, Antonela, has a lot of fantastic qualities. “I love how she does day-to-day tasks; she is still cheerful and has a positive attitude about challenges. She is very bright and well-rounded in all areas of life.”

On Instagram, Antonella Has A Following Of Over 13 Million People

Of note, Antonella Roccuzzo is something more than Lionel Messi's wife. The 33-year-old Argentinian beauty went to school to become a dentist, but she is now a model and devoted mother of three. She's still very famous on social media, Antonella Roccuzzo Instagram has over 13 million followers. Her Instagram videos have over a million views!

Roccuzzo regularly updates her Instagram feed with photos of her husband and sons, which her followers obviously enjoy. In reality, the Messi-Roccuzzo family seems to be a normal, ordinary family, with birthday parties, holidays, and dog play. This cute couple and their beautiful love story are one of our favorites!

Argentina Hosts The 'wedding Of The Century' For Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi, an Argentine footballer, married his childhood sweetheart in his hometown in what has been dubbed "the wedding of the century." Messi, 30, and Antonela Roccuzzo, 29, were married in a civil ceremony at a luxurious hotel in Rosario.

Hundreds of police officers were on hand to protect the 260 visitors, who included football players and celebrities. Argentina and Barcelona forward Lionel Messi first knew Roccuzzo when he was just 13 years old and moved to Spain.

Messi's Barcelona teammates Luis Suárez, Neymar, and Gerard Piqué, as well as his partner, Colombian pop star Shakira, were among the guests at the wedding on Friday. Private jets brought a host of visitors to Rosario.

Lionel Messi's marriage has been dubbed "the wedding of the year" and "the wedding of the century" by Argentina's Clarn newspaper.

Earlier in the day, crowds gathered at the nearby airport in the hopes of spotting any of the celebrity guests. Within the hotel, a private security company was working to keep possible gatecrashers out.

Organizers said that about 150 journalists were granted accreditation to join a special press area but were not given complete access to the venue.

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