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Alexandre De Meyer - Danielle Colby's husband and so much more


Art makes all things feel alive. Life itself is an art. Love, too. One doesn't need to be an artist to be on a voyage in life's deepest depths. But a person who is an artist at heart has an advantage in both love and life. Or so people thought.

Alexander de Meyer has both love and life in his hands though fleeting it may have been. Some of you may ask who he is and what happened to his life. You'll only know that if you keep on reading.

Who Is Alexandre De Meyer?

Alexandre De Meyer is an artist at heart. He is both a graphic and design artist from France. He has been a part of many notable projects in the world of design. One project includes the famous Michelin Museum in France.

Michelin museum
Michelin museum

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With that kind of talent in arts and keen eyes for designs, it is no wonder that Alexandre could go beyond what everyone thought he could achieve.

Early Life Of The Modern Artist

Alexander De Meyer's mother gave birth to him on a certain day in 1985 in the spectacular city of Viron, France. Although he lives in Chicago, his nationality is French, and he belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. He grew up in France with his family but eventually moved alone to the United States to start his career.

Knowing his place of origin would make people literally assume why he is talented in arts. He was born from an artists' blood. France is known for its fantastic architectural landscape as well as painters rooting from the Renaissance period. It seems like being an artist runs in the blood of every French.

Since his early days, Alexandre was fond of arts. His love for arts is clearly showcased in how his body is covered with tattoos.

In The Field Of Arts

Alexander started his career as a graphic artist. Like others, one can never be at the top on the first try. Alexandre's work began at a small market until it went to the global market as his fans increased throughout the years.

It took him years to master his craft despite him having the talent. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Knowing that he has mastered the arts of graphic design and design in general, he took liberty in opening his own printing shop in Chicago, Illinois. He called his shop Neuf Vies, in English "Nine Lives."

And as the years passed by, he decided to expand the business and entered the fashion industry. He made t-shirts, postcards, posters, and many more artworks.

With the fast-paced generation today using the internet, Alexandre opted to advertise his work on his website. He shares videos of his designs as well as tips and techniques regarding the world of designing.

He also designed the logo of his ex-wife's retro clothing store named '4 Miles 2 Memphis'. Moreover, he worked in a screen-print workshop called Going Blind.

Alexandre is not only limited to designing shirts and posters, as he also made the blueprint of the renowned museum in the world – the L'Aventure Michelin in Clermont-Ferrand, France. That accomplishment alone led him to many more designing projects and clients.

Dating And Marriage

Alexandre De Meyer met the woman he chose to marry, Danielle Colby. They met in 2011 as co-workers. But as the famous office romance in the novels, the two started developing affection towards each other. They began dating subtly, not letting the media know as well as the rest of the world. Soon after that, the couple shocked the world as they announced that they are already married. No media outlet knew about the marriage until the couple announced their current status as a married couple. They tied the knot in 2013.

Alexandre de meyer and danielle colby
Alexandre de meyer and danielle colby

Danielle Colby is an actress best known for her appearance in the reality TV series "American Pickers." The series focuses on antique collectors Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they travel to find the next item. In that series, Danielle met her previous husband, Kevin Colby.

Known to all, Danielle is a mother of two children from her last marriage. But because Alexandre loves Danielle, he accepted her and did his best to be a good father to the two kids.

After their marriage, they decided to live in Chicago, as that is where Alexandre's shop is located. Danielle's two children, along with her niece, lived with them and filled the house with joyful laughter. The couple was determined to provide a stable family life that the kids needed after the recent divorce devastated the kids. But not everything they planned turned out the way they wanted them to be. In the long run, Alexandre and Danielle decided to go their separate ways without any official statement of divorce. As such, they do not share a child together.

We can assume that they are not divorced yet, just separated. As of now, Alexandre's current relationship is still a mystery to all, whether he is dating or not. On the other hand, Danielle has publicized her romantic relationship with yet another artist, Jeremy Scheuch.

How Wealthy Can An Artist Be?

Over the years, Alexandre has maintained a net worth amount of $2 million. Although he got married to a famous actress, most of his wealth came from his art career. Even before he met his ex-wife, he was already living an extravagant life that would tell us how immense his fortune is.

Who wouldn't be living a lavish lifestyle if you are a renowned designer of a famous museum? Undoubtedly, the income for such a project is enough already. What more if clients come rushing to you?

This only proves that there is nothing impossible for a hard-working and goal-oriented person.

Life Today

Although Alexandre is inactive on any social media sites, it is quite apparent that he is focusing his time and energy to expand his business as he is again a solitary man. He still lives in Chicago, Illinois.

Fun Facts

  • Alexandre De Meyer is a certified animal lover. During his married life with Colby, he has adopted several animals into his care. His ex-wife also often posts on social media pictures of him with animals.
  • Alexandre is also fond of hiking and scrapbooking. A man and an artist, indeed.
  • His favorite sports are Volleyball and Cricket.
  • He has also disclosed that Japan is his favorite country.
  • He goes to the gym every 8 PM, as this is his work-out time.
  • He finished his primary and secondary education in his hometown.
  • He has one sister, but he did not reveal much information about his family back in France.

As it may seem, Alexandre's life is mostly private. He wanted to live a life far from the media's nosiness, a husband of Colby or not. He has kept his life away from the media spotlight, one reason why there is no notable controversy where he can be a part of. Moreover, it is known that Alexandre is a man with a kind heart not only for animals but for other people as well. The way his record is clean tells a lot about the way he has lived his life until now.

Although Alexandre was unfortunate in his previous relationship, we can't deny the fact that he is an achiever of things that matter the most. Being goal-oriented has helped him set his eyes on something he wanted to accomplish, with someone or alone. It seems that nothing can hinder a Meyer, for that matter.

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