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A Beginner’s Guide To Vaping


One might say vaping is the new trend, and nowadays, one can spot a vaper anywhere – inhaling from their shiny devices and blowing dense, aromatic clouds. And you find yourself thinking of joining in – you know, get the right vape pen, choose a nice flavor, and just do it.

So, you go to the nearest store and find a heap of devices, vape juices, flavors, and a bunch of acronyms you don’t understand. It’s tough to decide with so many unknown variables, but this is where we come in!

We’ve put together a short guide to the basics of vaping to help you find your way around the online vape shop and pick the right product for you.

What Is an E-cigarette?

Before taking a trip around the online vape store, you should learn what an e-cigarette is. An e-cig is an electronic device that heats the e-liquid to turn it into a vapor cloud that carries the flavor and the optional nicotine.

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E-cigs come in various shapes and sizes. They contain:

  • A battery 
  • An atomizer
  • An e-liquid tank
  • A mouthpiece.

The battery turns on automatically when you inhale. If that doesn’t work, press the button on the side.

The atomizer is where the vape juice heats and becomes a vapor that the smoker inhales through the mouthpiece.

The assortment of e-cigarettes on the market is vast, making the purchasing process a bit overwhelming for vapers who still haven’t found the right one. So, consider whether you have time to refill tanks and deal with clogged coils or prefer your vaping sessions to be less messy and demanding.

We’ll now further explore the vaping world and the different devices you may encounter:

Vape Mods

A vape mod is the bottom part of a vape kit where the battery sits, and you need to buy the tank for the e-liquid separately – making customization a breeze. You can purchase different tanks and change the flavor whenever you fancy a new taste.

Vape mods are bulkier and allow for prolonged vaping, producing a large output of fumes. They are the preferred choice of vapers looking to get bigger, denser clouds bursting with flavor.

Vape Pods

A vape pod has a so-called pod instead of a vape tank. The pod contains the coil and e-liquid, which come as a single unit.

The pod attaches to the battery part, and you can pick between a closed or open pod. The former requires you to replace the whole pod after you’ve used it up. The latter allows you to change the e-liquid and refill the pod.

Vape pods are a piece of cake to use because all you have to do is attach the pod and start vaping. They imitate cigarette smoking and are not built for cloud production. Smokers primarily use them for nicotine delivery and stealth vaping – using your vape device discreetly without drawing attention to yourself.

Vape Starter Kits

If you’re new to vaping, we recommend you try the starter kits first. They are easy to use as they contain everything you need to start vaping without buying all the components separately. It’s a perfect chance to try out vaping and see if it’s something you’d practice actively.


As the name suggests, disposables come ready with all the necessary components. Once you’ve finished vaping, you dispose of them appropriately.

Disposables are an excellent choice for people who wish to find out what vaping feels like and not bother with the details.


Cigalikes closely resemble cigarettes and give the feel of smoking. They are a no-brainer to assemble and use, making them perfect for new vapers.

AIO Vape

The all-In-One vape has a tank that is a permanent component of the device. It is easy to refill and almost wholly leak-proof. These types of vapes are miniature and ideal for new vapers.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are light and compact, and you can quickly store them away, which explains their popularity among younger vapers. They also come as open and closed systems.

What Is E-Liquid?

E-liquid is the fluid used in e-cigarettes that you heat to create flavored vapor. Some also call it e-juice or vape juice.

E-liquids contain propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and other chemicals that induce the flavor.

You’ll see a range of flavors, from tobacco and menthol to fruit, candy, and desserts. There is something for everyone’s taste buds, so don’t be afraid to experiment until you discover the one that gives you the best experience.

Vaping does not always involve nicotine use. Young vapers and occasional users can do without nicotine in their e-liquid. Still, it is an essential substance for smokers switching to vaping.

You can find nicotine levels ranging from 0mg to amounts intended for heavy smokers looking to keep their cravings in check.

Flavor Ingredients

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin (PG and VG) are responsible for flavor intensity and cloud size. You will notice a PG-VG ratio on the e-liquid package, and for beginners, it is best to go for the 50:50 option. It will provide a decent throat hit, flavor intensity, and a giant, dense vapor cloud.

Vaping Styles

Beginners can choose between two vaping styles depending on how they want to inhale the vapor. Let’s explore them below:

MTL (mouth-to-lung) style is the same as smoking cigarettes. The vapor cloud first goes to the mouth, and you inhale it into the lungs. Smokers use this style to avoid the harsh smoke going directly into their lungs and to control how much they inhale.

DTL (direct-to-lungs) style a vapers’ favorite. The vapor goes directly into the lungs because it is smoother and allows you to use your full lung capacity.


Vaping allows you to let loose and have fun – alone or with friends. The options are endless – if you want denser clouds or a compact, cherry-pie-flavored vape with lighter clouds, you got it!

Once you understand the basics of vaping, you’ll see that it isn’t complicated at all, but it is varied. And that variety is for you to enjoy!

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Rian Mcconnell

Rian Mcconnell - Rian is a Villanova University graduate who was born in DuBois, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia with a medical degree. His residency was at Thomas Jefferson and its associated Wills Eye Hospital, and he finished his education with fellowships in cataract and corneal surgery at the University of Connecticut. He has a vast experience in ophthalmic surgery, with a focus on cataract surgery, corneal transplantation, and laser refractive procedures. He serves on the board of Vision Health International, an agency that provides eye care and surgery to indigent patients in Central and South America, in addition to his surgical practice.

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