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Does Car Insurance Cover U-Haul Rentals?

Discover the complete guide to Does Car Insurance Cover U-Haul Rentals coverage! Unravel the mystery of whether car insurance extends to U-Haul rentals and get expert insights for worry-free moving adventures.

William Willis
Jan 16, 20243470 Shares47531 Views
Are you gearing up for a move and contemplating, Does Car Insurance Cover U-Haul Rentals?Unraveling this insurance mystery is crucial before hitting the road. Picture this: You're all set to haul your belongings across town or even across the country, but uncertainty lingers about the coverage of your U-Haul rental under your existing car insurance.
In this comprehensive exploration, we navigate through the intricacies of car insurance policies and their extensions to U-Haul rentals. From deciphering the fine print to outlining essential considerations, we equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions. Discover the nuances of coverage types, potential limitations, and essential tips to ensure a seamless and protected moving experience.

Does Car Insurance Extend To U-Haul Rentals? 5 Key Points!

Man loading luggage into his uhaul rental truck
Man loading luggage into his uhaul rental truck
A U-Haul rental is a serviceprovided by the company U-Haul that allows you to rent vehicles and equipment for moving and transportation purposes. Here are the five key points:

1. Standard Car Insurance Likely Doesn't Cover U-Haul Rentals

  • Most personal auto policies exclude coverage for larger vehicles, like moving trucks, due to weight restrictions.
  • Smaller vans or pickups might be covered, but it's not guaranteed.

2. Check Your Policy Before Assuming Coverage

  • Review your specific policy's details on rental vehicle coverages and weight limits.
  • Contact your insurance company directly for clarification.

3. U-Haul Offers Optional Insurance

  • Purchasing U-Haul's Safemove or Safemove Plus can provide damage and liability coverage.
  • Rates are generally affordable and offer peace of mind during your move.

4. Credit Card Coverage May Not Apply

  • Many credit cards exclude rental trucks due to size or weight restrictions.
  • Check your card's terms and conditions before assuming coverage.

5. Weigh The Cost-benefit Of Additional Insurance

  • Consider the risk of damage and the cost of repairs before deciding.
  • U-Haul's insurance can be a cost-effective way to protect yourself financially.
Bonus Tip
Compare the rates offered by U-Haul and your insurance company to choose the best option.

Should I Purchase The Insurance Offered By The Rental Company?

Whether or not you should purchase the insurance offered by the rental company depends on a few factors, such as your existing car insurance coverage, your risk tolerance, and the cost of the rental and the insurance. Here are some things to consider:

1. Your Existing Car Insurance

If your car insurance policy already includes collision and comprehensive coverage for rental vehicles, then you may not need to purchase the rental company's insurance. However, it is important to check your policy carefully to make sure that it covers rental vehicles of the same size and type as the one you are renting.

2. Your Risk Tolerance

If you are a risk-averse person and you are worried about getting into an accident or damaging the rental vehicle, then you may want to purchase the rental company's insurance for peace of mind.

3. The Cost Of The Rental And The Insurance

The cost of the rental company's insurance is usually a percentage of the rental cost. So, if you are only renting the vehicle for a short period of time, the cost of the insurance may not be worth it. However, if you are renting the vehicle for a longer period of time, the cost of the insurance may be more reasonable.

Benefits Of Purchasing The Rental Company's Insurance

  • It can save you money if you get into an accident or damage the rental vehicle.
  • It can give you peace of mind knowing that you are covered.
  • It can save you time and hassle if you do have a problem with the rental vehicle.

Drawbacks Of Purchasing The Rental Company's Insurance

  • It can be expensive.
  • It may not be necessary if you already have car insurance that covers rental vehicles.
  • It may not cover all types of damage.

Alternatives To U-Haul Insurance

  • Double-check your car insurance -Ensure it covers rental trucks and the specific size you're renting.
  • Use credit card coverage -Some credit cards offer rental car insurance, but check if it extends to moving trucks.
  • Be extra cautious -Drive carefully and take good care of the truck to minimize risk.
Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to purchase the rental company's insurance is up to you. Weigh the factors I have mentioned and make the decision that is right for you.

What Other Costs May Be Associated With Moving, Using A U-Haul?

Beyond the basic rental fee, there are several other costs you should consider when moving with a U-Haul:
1. Mileage -Your rental cost will involve per-mile fees, with rates varying based on the truck size, day of the week, and distance traveled. Budget some extra, depending on how far you're moving.
2. Fuel -Don't forget to factor in gas expenses, which can fluctuate significantly depending on the size of the truck and the distance covered.
3. Moving Supplies -Packing materials like boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts can add up quickly. Consider buying used boxes or borrowing from friends/family to save money.
4. Handcuffs -U-Haul charges additional fees for dolly rentals, furniture pads, tie-downs, and other moving equipment. Plan your needs and rent/buy only what's necessary.
5. Travel & Lodging -If your move is long-distance, you'll need to factor in the cost of gas, food, and overnight stays for yourself and potentially others helping with the move.
6. Utilities & Services -Setting up new utilities like electricity, water, and internet in your new place can incur connection fees and deposits. Factor these into your moving budget.
7. Cleaning & Repairs -Depending on your lease agreements, you might need to pay for professional cleaning or minor repairs at your old and new places.
8. Unexpected Expenses -Always leave some wiggle room in your budget for unforeseen costs like tolls, parking tickets, or last-minute supplies.

Additional U-Haul Services

  • Safemove Insurance -Provides damage and liability coverage for the truck and its contents.
  • Moving Help -U-Haul offers professional movers to assist with loading and unloading.
  • U-Box Container -Portable storage containers delivered to your doorstep can be useful for temporary storage or long-distance moves.

What Does A Rental Coverage Agreement Include?

U Haul rental truck on the road
U Haul rental truck on the road
A rental coverage agreement, also known as a rental car insuranceagreement or waiver, outlines the financial responsibilities of both the renter and the rental company in case of damage or loss to the rental vehicle. It essentially clarifies who pays for what in various scenarios.
Here are some key elements typically included in a rental coverage agreement

1. Covered Perils

  • Collision damage -This covers damage to the rental vehicle caused by an accident, regardless of who's at fault.
  • Comprehensive damage -This covers damage caused by events like theft, vandalism, fire, hail, or flooding.
  • Loss of use -This covers the rental company's loss of income if the vehicle is damaged and unavailable for rent.
  • Third-party liability -This covers your legal liability for injuries or property damage caused to others while driving the rental vehicle.

2. Exclusions

  • Certain types of damage -Some agreements may exclude coverage for specific types of damage, such as intentional damage, damage caused by driving under the influence, or damage to the underside of the vehicle.
  • Certain uses -The agreement may exclude coverage for certain uses of the vehicle, such as off-road driving, racing, or towing.
  • Driver restrictions -Some agreements may have age restrictions or exclude coverage for certain drivers with poor driving records.

3. Deductibles And Limits

  • Deductible -This is the amount you are responsible for paying out of pocket before the insurance kicks in. Deductibles can vary depending on the type of coverage and the rental company.
  • Limits -There may be limits on the amount of coverage provided for each type of peril.

4. Additional Coverage Options

  • Personal accident and effects insurance -This covers medical expenses for you and your passengers in case of an accident, and it may also cover the cost of lost or damaged personal belongings.
  • Roadside assistance -This provides coverage for towing, tire changes, and other roadside emergencies.

5. Responsibilities Of The Renter

  • The renter is responsible for driving the vehicle safely and in accordance with the rental agreement.
  • The renter is responsible for reporting any damage to the vehicle to the rental company immediately.
  • The renter is responsible for returning the vehicle with a full tank of gas and in clean condition.

6. Responsibilities Of The Rental Company

  • The rental company is responsible for providing a safe and well-maintained vehicle.
  • The rental company is responsible for processing insurance claims in a timely manner.

Can I Rent A U-haul If I Don’t Have Car Insurance?

Yes, you can rent a U-Haul even if you don't have car insurance.However, your lack of car insurance will influence various aspects of your rental experience.
1. Limited Protection -Without your own car insurance covering the U-Haul, you'll lack collision and comprehensive coverage for damage you cause to the truck itself.
2. U-Haul Insurance -You'll likely be prompted to purchase U-Haul's optional Safemove or Safemove Plus insurance, which provides varying levels of liability and damage protection for the truck and its contents. These can be more expensive than typical car insurance coverage.
3. Deposit -Depending on your age, driving record, and lack of car insurance, U-Haul might require a larger security deposit as a risk mitigation measure.
4. Potential Liability -If you get into an accident without any insurance, you'll be personally responsible for damages to the U-Haul truck, and other vehicles, and potential injuries to others.

Here Are Some Recommendations

  • Double-check your existing insurance -Even if you don't own a car, some non-owner car insurance policies might extend coverage to rental vehicles. Confirm with your insurer before assuming no coverage.
  • Compare U-Haul insurance vs. your car insurance -If your car insurance covers U-Hauls, it might be cheaper than U-Haul's insurance. Weigh the costs and coverage levels before deciding.
  • Consider the risk vs. cost -Evaluate your driving skills, the length of your move, and the value of your belongings. Decide if the potential cost of damages outweighs the insurance cost.
  • Drive cautiously -Minimize risk by being extra vigilant on the road.

How To Tell If U-hauls Are Included In Your Policy

Many u haul rental truck standing
Many u haul rental truck standing
Figuring out if your car insurance covers U-Haul rentals involves some detective work. Here's how to tell:

Step 1 - Check Your Policy Documents

  • Rental car coverage -Look for sections about rental vehicle coverage, specifically exclusions. Does it mention weight limits or vehicle types (cargo vans, trucks)?
  • Definitions -Check how your policy defines "covered vehicle." Does it explicitly exclude vehicles exceeding a certain weight or size?
  • Contact information -Locate your insurance company's contact details for further clarification.

Step 2 - Contact Your Insurance Company

  • Call your agent or customer service -Ask directly if your policy covers U-Haul rentals, specifying the truck size you're considering.
  • Provide details -Mention the specific U-Haul model you're interested in, including its weight and cargo capacity.
  • Get it in writing -Request confirmation of any coverage details via email or a written statement from your insurer for future reference.

FAQ's About Does Car Insurance Cover U-Haul Rentals?

What Happens If You Cancel A Uhaul Reservation?

For truck, trailer, and towing equipment rentals, you can cancel your reservation up to 24 hours before the scheduled pickup time without incurring any fees. If you cancel less than 24 hours before the pickup time, you will be charged a $50 cancellation fee.

Does Amex Platinum Cover Rental Trucks?

The Amex Platinum rental truck insurance covers cardholders for up to $75,000 in collision damage and theft for vehicles rented with the Amex Platinum card or American Express rewards points. Box trucks, trucks that weigh 10k+ lbs., or modified vehicles (except for handicapped accessibility) are not covered.

Does Uhaul Have Military Discount?

Does U-Haul offer a military discount? We're proud to offer U-Haul products and services at the lowest costs to all our customers. Although we don't have an official military discount, we do offer multiple ways you can save money on your personally procured move (PPM) or DITY move.


Understanding the extent of your car insurance coverage for U-Haul rentals is pivotal in ensuring a smooth and secure moving experience. While some car insurance policies may offer limited coverage for rental vehicles, it's crucial to review your policy details, speak directly with your insurance provider, and explore supplementary insurance options offered by U-Haul or other rental agencies.
Remember, clarity on insurance coverage not only provides financial protection but also peace of mind while navigating the roads with your U-Haul rental. By being well-informed about the intricacies of your car insurance policy and its extension to rental vehicles like U-Hauls, you can confidently embark on your moving journey, knowing that you've taken the necessary steps to ensure adequate protection throughout the process.
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