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The 3 Digital marketing mistakes that can tank your business


Marketing is a very challenging discipline. That is why the top business school graduates are in such high demand. Even the smallest marketing mistake can end in disaster. But the savvy marketer can launch a business into the stratosphere. All of the most successful marketing axioms were born of marketing geniuses. There was a time when the wisest retail advice was location, location, location. While it is not technically true, the best advice for making and retaining customers is that the customer is always right. When you fail to treat them that way, you will always be wrong and your business will suffer.

The first strategy does not apply to the digital world while the second one does. Digital marketing is the same, but different. Some of your marketing savvy will transfer well into the digital space. Some will be disastrous. Treating the two spaces as if they were exactly the same is one of the biggest and costliest digital marketing mistakes you can make. That is why it is important to secure the best digital marketing services you can find. Failure to do so is another major marketing mistake people make when going digital. Here are three more that could tank your business if you ignore the first two:

Tossing Out The Baby With The Bathwater

Just because you have to think differently when entering the world of digital marketing, it doesn’t mean that all of your past knowledge should be tossed out like dirty bathwater. Digital marketing is designed to replace a lot of the analog baggage. But there are places where analog is still better. The customer still has to feel like they got a win. That will be marketing 101 as long as there are markets.

There is also the matter of getting the word out and leaving an impression that lasts. In the past, one of the best and most cost-effective ways to accomplish this was with business cards. Guess what; it still is. The last thing you want to do is try to bump phones and transfer data. First, no one trusts these kinds of NFC tricks. We are too familiar with the awful things scammers can do with that sort of technology.

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Second, the last thing you want to do is have your tech demo fail and your potential customer get frustrated with the process of trying to get your contact information. To this day, there is still nothing faster than a business card. Try a business card with a QR code that adds the information to their contacts automatically. It is a beautiful thing when analog and digital come together.

Ignoring Social Media

Ignore social media at your peril. You don’t have to personally like it. You don’t even have to be good at engaging in it. But you do need someone on staff who understands it, loves it, and is great at working with it. Pinterest marketing strategies can put you ahead of the competition. If you are wondering what Pinterest is, you need to bring in a social media consultant. If you think the social media landscape consists of only Twitter and Facebook, you need to get out more. There are new social networks forming everyday. Not all of them will be successful. But you need to be there as close to day one as possible because you can’t afford to be late to the game when one of those services takes off.

A Non-inclusive Marketing Campaign

Even if you have a clothing store for men, you need to be sure it has messaging that will not marginalize or turn away women. Men have women in their lives. And those women purchase clothing gifts for the men in their lives. There is no longer any excuse to run a marketing campaign that is non-inclusive. Every kind of person in the world has money and shops online. And you want the business of every online shopper you can get. You should eliminate all non-inclusive marketing. But expect to be punished even more when that marketing is online.

Consider all digital marketing mistakes to be big mistakes, especially when they involve ignoring good ideas from the past, ignoring social media, and ignoring or alienating 50% of the population with non-inclusive marketing measures.

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