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All about Lionel Richie's ex-wife, Diane Alexander personal life, career

Diane Alexander was a dancer and fashion designer from America. She is most popular for being the ex-wife of Lionel Richie. She was born on 16 June 1967 and is currently 54 years old. Her zodiac sign is Gemini. She has starred in some American movies, Forget Paris and Lake Girls. She also starred in her husband's music video Dancing on the Ceiling. She is scrutinized a lot of times in the media for being famous because of her husband. She was not much of a known face before marrying Lionel.

Diane is blessed with good looks and a gorgeous body. She has managed to look amazing despite her age. She has really maintained herself really well and ages like fine wine. Diane Alexander has a decent height which is assumed to be around 5 feet 9 inches, and she must weigh approximately 69kgs (152lb). She has a tall and slim frame to compliment her beautiful face.

Diane Alexander personal Life

Diane was born and brought up in the United States of America and belongs to a Caucasian ethnic background. A lot is not known about the educational background of Diane, but she seems well-educated. There are various presumptions in the media, but no confirmed reports about the same.

From her marriage with Lionel, she has two children, a daughter Sofia and a son Miles Brockman. Miles is a fashion model, and their daughter is a designer and model. Sofia was in the news due to her relationship with Scott Disick, who is the ex-husband of Kourtney Kardashian.

There is also not much information about Diane's family and her life before her marriage to Lionel, as she gained popularity only after marrying. Also, because she does not share much information about herself, she is very protective of her personal life.

Diane Alexander Career

Before her marriage to Lionel Richie, Diane was a clothing designer, actor and model. She has appeared in movies like Forget Paris and Lake Girls. Diane continues to work as a designer. In her initial years, she also worked as a waitress. After her marriage to Lionel, she also appeared in one of his music videos, namely Dancing on the Ceiling, in 1986, which further brought her into the limelight.

Diane Alexander husbnand

Diane met Lionel in 1984 when he was performing at the Los Angeles Olympic games ceremony. They started dating after meeting each other for a short time. At that time, Lionel was already married to Brenda Harvey. Brenda and Lionel have known each other since their college days. They also went together on tour with their musical group and got married after that in 1975. Lionel and Brenda together raised Nicole Richie since she was three years old and officially adopted her when she was nine years old. Nicole is now an American television personality, fashion designer, and actress. She came to the limelight after appearing in the reality TV series The Simple Life. She is, and Paris Hilton is childhood friends and appeared together in the show.

Diane and Lionel's relationship soon made news for all the wrong reasons when Brenda caught the two of them in Diane's apartment when she suddenly showed up there. She hit Lionel and created chaos there, eventually resulting in her arrest. The infamous incident caught a lot of media attention. Diane and Lionel married in 1995 after divorcing Brenda in 1993. Diane and Lionel have two children together, son Miles in 1996 and daughter Sofia in 1998. Both Miles and Sofia have earned a good name for themselves, especially Sofia, who is an American social media personality, model, and fashion designer. She has featured in campaigns for major brands like Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. Diane has praised her daughter for being wise and mature.

Unfortunately, their marital life of 7 years came to an end in 2003 when they filed for divorce due to irreconcilable differences between them. Their divorce was an expensive one and again was in the limelight. Lionel gave 20 million USD as alimony to Diane.

According to some reports, Diane demanded 300000 USD per month from Lionel for her monthly allowances, an annual budget for plastic surgery, and even her massages and manicure. Although the credibility of such reports is doubted, it definitely made her a millionaire.

Diane Alexander current Relationship Status

It has been a long time since the couple parted their ways. The socialite is now dating another man Dave Kenny and also announced her engagement with her boyfriend in 2015. There are no reports of their separation, so they are still believed to be together. There is no news about them getting married. She has kept her personal life very private. But she is cordial with her ex-husband, and the duo can be seen with their children in numerous pictures. There are numerous pictures of her with her children on Instagram. Apart from this, she has stayed away from the media and limelight and is now living a rather simpler life.

Diane Alexander net Worth

She got lucky to have married Lionel Richie, who is one of the most famous singers, songwriters, musicians, and American Television personalities. He has accumulated significant wealth from his successful career, and his net worth is estimated to be around 230 million USD. When she was married to Lionel, she lived a luxurious life, and even her divorce made her a millionaire. The 20 million USD she received because of her divorce significantly contributed to her wealth. She also earns around 650000 USD annually from her career as a designer. Although her exact net worth is known, it must be in millions of dollars. There is no doubt she is still living a lavish lifestyle.

Where Is Diane Presently

As Diane has stayed away from the media ever since her divorce from Lionel Richie, there are not many sources that talk about her life. She again came to the news because of her daughter Sofia Richie who was dating Scott Disick. Scott Disick being the ex-husband of Kourtney Kardashian has appeared in Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and this quickly made the news. Sofia even appeared in KUWTK in one of the episodes. Diane praised Scott Disick when asked about the relationship with her daughter. Other than this, she has pretty much stayed out of media attention.


Is Diane Alexander White?

Yes, Diane Alexander has an ethnicity of white Caucasian.

What Is The Net Worth Of Diane Alexander?

As per the latest record, Diane Alexander has a net worth of 650000 USD.

What Is The Age Of Diane Alexander?

At present, Diane Alexander is 53 years old.

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