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Derrick Grace Net Worth - Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Explore Derrick Grace Net Worth, journey, philosophy, and diverse expertise in entrepreneurship and motivational content through various media channels. His work resonates widely, offering unique perspectives on personal development and empowerment.

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Jan 13, 2024553 Shares22104 Views
Derrick Grace stands as a multifaceted figure, an entrepreneur, author, and social media influencer whose impact extends far beyond conventional boundaries. With a unique approach to education and a passion for empowerment, Grace has become a prominent voice in the realms of entrepreneurship, self-improvement, and parenting. So, people want to know about him like Derrick Grace net worth, his wife, and more.
His journey has been characterized by an unwavering commitment to sharing knowledge and motivating individuals to break barriers, redefine limits, and strive for personal growth. Through his diverse ventures and thought-provoking content, Derrick Grace has captured the attention and admiration of a wide audience seeking inspiration and guidance in navigating the complexities of modern life.


Derrick Grace II is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, and full-time father from the United States. He is also the founder and CEO of, an online store that provides self-love, self-education, self-awareness, and self-preservation courses and merchandise. Derrick has spent much of his career developing tools to teach individuals life skills.
He operates a gun store, dressed like a rapper, and has tattoos covering his entire body, including his face. Grace, like many of us, began with humble origins and blue-collar examples. Because of his law enforcement heritage through his father, Derrick Grace Senior, and grandfather, he aspired to be a Sheriff's Deputy in his particular city from an early age.
Soon after obtaining a position in his fantasy career, he would lose his job owing to what he claimed was favoritism and unethical ethics.
After being struck down by the long arm of nepotism in 2012, his days of working under authority came to an end, and his desire for independence grew even stronger. What appeared to be a failure at the time would prove to be the best thing that had ever happened to Grace.
Derrick Grace II 2 began his education crusade with a massive online following. Grace started this journey with a $1500 loan before going viral, garnering over 120 million views and a tremendous social media following of over 600,000 followers on Instagram alone.
Grace began making educational moves as a business by using his social media presence as a starting place to start and solidify his educational systems.
Grace achieved his first great success in education after producing a series of helpful publications. Grace's works were self-published, and he immediately became a best-selling author, selling over 50,000 copies.
Grace went on to design a board game called "At Home Banking" after the popularity of his books. The game provides an enjoyable and instructive experience with financial issues ranging from financial literacy to small business ownership.
Through its gameplay, At Home Banking provides users with real-life business and financial scenarios. Grace launched the Independent Unlearn and Relearn Academy with the Unlearn and Relearn Movement in 2019, with a main focus on educating people about financial independence, self-will, ownership, and family business.
Grace's social media presence helped the movement get traction immediately, and it continues to develop on a daily basis.
Grace prioritizes self-love, self-awareness, self-education, and self-preservation in his personal life as well as in his educational programs.
Derrick Grace's passion for assisting people in achieving financial independence and developing vital life skills has affected thousands upon thousands of people, transforming lives on a daily basis.
Grace aspires to expand his movement and has ambitious aspirations for his work, such as having his teachings published in academic curricula. Grace is establishing himself as a world-leading life-skill instructor as his education methods and movement continue to evolve.

Derrick Grace II Wife

Chelsy Grace is the wife of Derrick Grace ii. They have four children: three daughters and a son. Derrick and his wife Chelsy discuss relationship concerns on occasion. Derrick, on the other hand, loves his wife so much that he includes her in his business trips and she assists him in every way.

Personal Life And Family Life

Derrick Grace's personal life has a wealth of fascinating details that have been added to his net worth. These have the power to wow you as well! Check out a few that we have listed below:

Derrick Grace House

Derrick Grace's net worth also includes the cost of his opulent residence. He resides in the Nature's Resource neighborhood in Tampa, Florida, at his privately owned house. He still lives in his hometown, which is fantastic because he has a deep bond with it. For $525,000, he bought this 3804 square foot home in January 2016.

Derrick Grace II Parenthood

Together, Derrick and Chelsy are the parents of four children. Their approach to parenting is so distinctive that a few of these films have gained popularity lately. Derrick Grace II makes a constant effort to instill in his children his own visions. He imparts to them the values of independence, sufficiency, and reason.

Derrick Grace's Face Tattoos

Derrick Grace II, a man with several tattoos, has given multiple explanations for his 29 facial tattoos in various interviews. Sure, Yes, you read correctly—he has 29 different tattoos on his face. He claims that he got his face tattooed in order to achieve his business objectives.

The Professional Journey Of Derrick Grace II

Before 2012, he was employed as a 911 operator in the early going. This was before he discovered his T-shirt company. Subsequently, he achieved the greatest success by offering a highly regarded apparel app on the Google Play store.
In addition to a host of other subjects, he had authored other works on co-parenting, self-learning, firearms education, and child education. After selling 50,000 copies of his books, Derrick also rose to prominence as one of America's best-selling writers.
He is the inventor of the board game "At Home Banking," which imparts to ambitious individuals the fundamentals of financial literacy. He made the most of his net worth with this game, which sold 80,000 copies.
Some of his best-selling works are God Among Men: 365 Routes to Supreme Being Volume 3 and Thank God We Don't Look Like What We Been Through. His Independent Unlearn and Relearn Academy clarifies the issues around teaching self-determination, financial independence, and privately held companies.
Additionally, Derrick Grace II is very active on social media. You may follow him on Twitter to get the most recent behind-the-scenes looks at his life.

Derrick Grace Net Worth Forbes

What is Derrick Grace II's net worth? Derrick Grace's entire assets are estimated to be $50 million. Grace ii began his career as a law enforcement officer and has worked his way up to securing himself as a confident. His revenue is generated through book sales and individual product sales.
Derrick Grace ii earns more than $1.5 million each month, according to Forbes India's total assets monthly compensation. His prosperous profession has provided him with a comfortable lifestyle and some of the most expensive vehicles. He has 53 pounds of gold and 130 weapons.
On Instagram, Derrick Grace presently has over 650K followers. His profile also makes clear that he places a high priority on raising his children to be financially and intellectually independent. In addition, he permits his kids to handle firearms under his supervision.
Grace is a firm believer in teaching your kids practical skills from an early age. In addition to believing that they should have a sufficient disciplinary education, he also imparts analytical decision-making skills to them. The motivational speaker hasn't been charged with any felonies or misdemeanors despite all the talks about ammunition.
Apart from the money he makes from his books and brand endorsements through his Instagram account. It's noteworthy that he also owns an ammunition and weaponry business. In addition, he runs an internet clothing and accessories business.
Products related to self-love and motivation are the store's main focus. Additionally, he offers numerous courses on a variety of motivational subjects via the same web store. All of the aforementioned factors combined suggest that Grace has amassed a substantial amount of fortune for himself. Despite facing setbacks in the early stages of his entrepreneurial career, the man has established a solid reputation.
Derrick Grace multimillionaire
Derrick Grace multimillionaire

Derrick Grace Controversies

Derrick Grace's unconventional approaches to education and parenting have sparked debate and controversy within traditional educational circles.
His methods, focused on critical thinking, self-reliance, and life skills over conventional academic curriculums, have received both praise and criticism.
Critics often challenge the efficacy of his unorthodox educational methods, concerned about potential gaps in formal learning structures.
Grace's views on parenting, advocating for open dialogue and encouraging children to question norms, have also been met with scrutiny from more conservative circles.
However, supporters of Grace commend his boldness in challenging traditional educational systems and fostering an environment that encourages children to think independently.
They appreciate his emphasis on practical life skills and entrepreneurship from an early age.
Grace's controversies often serve as a catalyst for broader conversations about the shortcomings of traditional education and the need for more adaptable and diverse approaches to learning and parenting.

Derrick Grace's Social Media Presence

Derrick Grace's social media presence is a powerful platform where he shares motivational content, entrepreneurial advice, and snippets of his daily life. He maintains an active presence on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, using these channels to connect with his audience and share his unique perspectives on personal development and empowerment.
On Instagram, Grace often posts motivational quotes, snippets from his speaking engagements, and personal anecdotes that resonate with his followers. He uses the platform to engage with his audience, fostering a community centered around personal growth and empowerment.
YouTube serves as a space for longer-form content, where Grace dives deeper into topics related to education, entrepreneurship, and his personal experiences. His videos offer an intimate look into his life, sharing lessons learned and providing guidance for those seeking inspiration and guidance in their own journeys.
Through his social media presence, Derrick Grace not only shares valuable content but also cultivates a community that values authenticity, personal development, and thinking outside the box. His online presence has become a hub for those seeking unconventional yet impactful advice for navigating the complexities of modern life.
Derrick Grace social media presence
Derrick Grace social media presence

Derrick Grace Famous Books

Derrick Grace has penned several influential books that challenge conventional wisdom on education, parenting, and entrepreneurship.
His works offer a unique blend of personal experiences, unconventional wisdom, and practical insights. In books like "The Alpha Underwear Model" and "God and the Black Woman," Grace explores unconventional education methods, emphasizing critical thinking, self-reliance, and life skills.
"The Alpha Underwear Model" delves into Grace's journey as an entrepreneur, providing a raw and unfiltered account of his experiences, struggles, and triumphs. This book is not just about business but serves as a beacon for those seeking unconventional paths to success.
Grace's openness about his journey resonates with readers, encouraging them to embrace their uniqueness and break societal norms to achieve their aspirations. Meanwhile, "God and the Black Woman" is a thought-provoking exploration of the divine feminine energy.
Grace's candid narrative offers a perspective on the empowerment and celebration of Black women, addressing societal issues, self-worth, and spiritual connections. These books stand as powerful testaments to Grace's diverse intellectual prowess and his commitment to offering unconventional yet inspiring content to his audience.
  • Thank God We Don’t Look Like What We Been Through
  • God’s Amongst Men: 365 Routes To Supreme Being: 365 Routes To Supreme Be ing
  • Gods Amongst Men: 365 Routes To Supreme Being
  • God Amongst Men: 365 Routes to Supreme Being Volume 3

Interesting Facts

  • He began his career as a 911 dispatcher prior to 2012. This was before he discovered his T-shirt company.
  • Later, he achieved his greatest success by selling a top-rated apparel app on the Google Play market.
  • He had written various books on issues such as co-parenting, gun safety, self-learning, child education, and many more.
  • Derrick also became one of America's best-selling authors after selling 50,000 copies of his books.
  • He is the designer of the "At Home Banking" board game, which instills financial fundamentals in young people. After selling 80,000 copies, this game provided him with the majority of his financial worth.
  • Some of his best-selling works are Thank God We Don't Look Like What We've Been Through, God Amongst Men: 365 Routes to Supreme Being Volume 3, and others.
  • His Independent unlearn and Relearn Academy throws light on teaching self-will, financial independence, and privately held businesses.
  • Derrick Grace II is also quite active on social media. You can get the most up-to-date glimpses into his life by following him on Twitter.


What Does Derrick Grace Do?

Derrick Grace is involved in various ventures, including entrepreneurship, writing books, creating motivational content, and sharing insights on topics like personal development and empowerment.

What Are Derrick Grace's Books About?

Derrick Grace has authored books focusing on unconventional education, personal development, and his experiences as an entrepreneur, offering unique perspectives on life and success.

How Did Derrick Grace Gain Fame?

Derrick Grace gained recognition through his active presence on social media, where he shares motivational content, educational insights, and entrepreneurial advice, resonating with a broad audience.

What Is Derrick Grace's Approach To Education?

Derrick Grace advocates for unconventional educational methods, emphasizing critical thinking, self-reliance, and practical life skills in his approach to education and parenting.

How Does Derrick Grace Impact His Audience?

Derrick Grace influences his audience by sharing thought-provoking content that challenges mindsets, encourages personal growth, and empowers individuals to pursue their aspirations.

Is Derrick Grace Involved In Any Philanthropic Activities?

Derrick Grace has been involved in philanthropic efforts, supporting various causes related to education, community development, and empowerment initiatives.


Derrick Grace's indelible mark on the entrepreneurial and motivational landscape remains undeniable. Through his books, social media presence, and various ventures, Grace continues to impact and inspire countless individuals worldwide. His unwavering dedication to education, unconventional methods, and profound insights into personal development have made him a catalyst for change, challenging the status quo and encouraging others to embrace their potential.
Derrick Grace's net worth legacy as a thought leader and advocate for empowerment persists, leaving an enduring imprint on those seeking guidance, motivation, and the courage to pursue their dreams with authenticity and resilience. His empowering messages and innovative approach to life serve as a beacon of inspiration for those navigating their unique paths in the modern world.
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