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Daisy Head Movies And TV Shows - From Drama To Fantasy

Discover how Daisy embarked on her acting career, from her early roles to landing significant parts in both movies and TV shows.

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Daisy Head, born on 7 March 1991, is a talented English actress known for her notable roles in various television series. She portrayed Grace in the American drama series "Guilt," Amy Stevenson in BBC One's compelling drama "The Syndicate," Kate Bottomley in the third season of the Hulu series "Harlots," and Genya Safin in the captivating Netflix show "Shadow and Bone." With her versatile performances, Daisy Head Movies and TV Showshas made a significant impact in the world of television, showcasing her acting prowess across different genres.


Head initiated her acting journey with an inaugural appearance beside her paternal figure in the TV series Rose and Maloney. Subsequently, she graced several television productions, including Trial and Retribution, Doc Martin, and Holby City.
In the year 2010, she marked her cinematic debut, portraying Chloe Chambers in The Last Seven, sharing the screen with Danny Dyer. In the same year, her role as Daisy in CBBC's musical film Rules of Love, alongside future Rixton frontman Jake Roche, further showcased her versatility.
The annals of 2016 witnessed her stellar performance as Arriane Alter in the British/Australian/American romantic fantasy film Fallen. Simultaneously, she left an indelible mark in the realm of supernatural cinema with her role as Alexia in the new Underworld film, Underworld: Blood Wars.
In November 2015, the revelation unfolded that Head would assume the lead character, Grace, in Freeform's dramatic series Guilt. This narrative centred around an American student in London grappling with the aftermath of her roommate's tragic demise. The series culminated after the airing of ten riveting episodes.
The year 2017 witnessed Head's captivating presence in the Shakespearean Pilot A Midsummer's Nightmare, sharing the screen with Casey Deidrick.
In 2018, Head embarked on a supporting role in Kay Mellor's ITV drama Girlfriends, commencing its broadcast in January. In a noteworthy cinematic announcement in May 2017, it was unveiled that she would co-star alongside Daisy Ridley in the 2018 film Ophelia.
The tapestry of 2019 saw Head joining the cast of Harlots, embodying the character of Kate Bottomley in the Hulu series' third season. October of the same year ushered in the revelation that she would undertake the role of Genya Safin in the 2021 Netflix series Shadow and Bone. This series stands as an adaptation of the fantasy book series Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo.
The trajectory of Head's career reflects a tapestry woven with diverse roles, spanning both television and cinema, underscoring her prowess as a thespian of remarkable depth and nuance.
Daisy Head wearing a black turtledneck and braided hair
Daisy Head wearing a black turtledneck and braided hair

Early Life

Daisy Head was born in Fulham, London, and hails from a family with a strong connection to the entertainment industry. Her father is the renowned actor Anthony Head, and she is the younger sister of actress Emily Head. Daisy pursued her education at Kingswood School in Bath and honed her skills at the Dorothy Coleborn School of Dance. This background in both academic and dance training has contributed to her well-rounded abilities as an actress.


  • 2010- The Last Seven as Chloe Chambers
  • 2014- Heart of Lightness as Bolette
  • 2016- Fallen as Arriane Alter
  • 2016 - Underworld: Blood Wars c
  • 2018- Ophelia as Christiana
  • 2019- The Ninth as Olivia Reed
  • 2019- Exit Eve as Claire
  • 2021- Wrong Turn as Edith
  • 2023- Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves as Sofina the Red Wizard

TV Shows

  • 2004- Feather Boy as Kate Barber
  • 2005- Rose and Maloney as Daniella Terry
  • 2005- Trial & Retribution as Naomi Franke
  • 2005- Patrick's Planet as Christina
  • 2007- Doc Martin as Mandie Jordan
  • 2010- Holby City as Miri Gellert
  • 2010- Rules of Love as Daisy
  • 2011- Doctors as Victoria Liston
  • 2012- Endeavour as Jenny Crisp
  • 2012- The Proxy as Sarah
  • 2013- When Calls the Heart as Julie Thatcher
  • 2015- Suspects as Emily Perkins
  • 2015- The Syndicate as Amy Stevenson
  • 2016- Guilt as Grace Atwood Main role
  • 2017- A Midsummer's Nightmare Elena Television pilot (aired on Lifetime)
  • 2018- Girlfriends Ruby Main role
  • 2019- Harlots as Kate Bottomley
  • 2021-2023- Shadow and Bone as Genya Safin
  • 2022- The Sandman as Judy Talbot
Daisy Head wearing elegant robes with vibrant red hair alongside Jessie Mei Li
Daisy Head wearing elegant robes with vibrant red hair alongside Jessie Mei Li

The Last Seven (2010)

Daisy Head acted as Chloe Chambers Set in a spooky, post-apocalyptic London, the movie follows the story of seven people who are the last survivors after a big disaster wipes out everyone on Earth. They're trying to figure out what happened, but things take a scary turn when a mysterious and evil force starts hunting them down one by one. The survivors face not only the eerie emptiness of their surroundings but also the creepy threat that lurks around, turning their struggle for survival into a suspenseful and frightening tale.

Fallen (2016)

Daisy Head acted as Arriane Alter. Lucinda "Luce" Price is sent to Sword and Cross Academy for troubled teens, blamed for the death of a boy named Trevor in a mysterious fire. Feeling cursed, she blames herself for Trevor’s death.
At Sword and Cross, Luce encounters various students, including Cam, who flirts with her; Arriane, her supportive friend; Molly, a harasser; Penn, a friendly face; and Daniel, a brooding boy she's drawn to. Despite the attraction, Luce attends a party with Cam but can't shake a deeper connection to Daniel. A confrontation with Molly, near-death experiences, and sightings of mysterious shadows add to the intrigue.
Luce overhears suspicions about Cam's involvement in a dangerous incident and learns of her unbaptized status, causing fear. As she investigates her past with Penn, they discover a 1854 photo of her and Daniel, triggering a flash of memory. A fire erupts, killing Todd, and Daniel saves Luce.
Daniel reveals they are characters from his graphic novel, and he's a fallen angel, immortal due to their cursed love. Cam warns Luce of Lucifer, vying for her favour. In a confrontation, Daniel protects Luce from Miss Sophia, who orchestrated the danger. Miss Sophia justifies her actions, claiming order would be restored without Luce. The shadows consume her.
Daniel explains Luce's unbaptized state makes her next death permanent, and Lucifer will come for her. They express their love and leave to find safety from Lucifer.

Underworld: Blood Wars (2016)

Daisy Head acted as Alexia. The story talks about vampires. The remaining vampire covens teeter on the brink of extinction due to the relentless attacks by the Lycans.
Selene becomes the focal point of their conflict: the vampires seek retribution for Viktor's death, while the Lycans, led by Marius, aim to exploit her to find Eve, whose blood can create vampire-werewolf hybrids.
Semira of the Eastern Coven convinces Thomas to advocate for Selene before the council, resulting in a pardon in exchange for her assistance. Despite Selene's efforts, Semira, with her ally Varga, betrays her, orchestrating a massacre and framing her for the crimes. Semira plans to steal Selene's power by draining her blood. A rescue attempt by Thomas and David ensues, leading to Thomas's demise.
Selene and David seek refuge at the Nordic Coven, where they unveil David's true lineage as the son of Grand Elder Amelia. They confront challenges from Alexia, dispatched by Semira. David, as Amelia's legitimate heir, becomes a crucial figure.
Amidst the chaos, Selene is stabbed by Alexia, and Marius attacks Var Dohr, the Nordic Coven stronghold. Selene appears drowned, but she is resurrected by the Nordic Coven with new powers. Semira, now in control at the Eastern Coven, faces a rebellion after Alexia's betrayal. Meanwhile, Marius targets Eve's location but retreats upon learning Selene doesn't know.
Semira drinks Selene's blood, gaining power, and retaliates against Alexia. David returns to the Eastern Coven, exposing Semira's deceit, leading to her imprisonment. The coven faces a Lycan assault, causing havoc. Selene reemerges, Nordic in appearance, with enhanced abilities, aiding in repelling the Lycans.
In the final confrontation, Selene confronts Marius, learning of his ruthless actions. She defeats him, and David eliminates Semira. Selene and David are chosen as new Elders alongside Lena. It's revealed that Selene, after her Nordic resurrection, reunites with Eve, who had been following her telepathically.
The tale concludes with Selene, David, and Lena stepping into their roles as Elders, ensuring a new era for the covens.

Notable Roles

  • Grace in "Guilt" (2016) - Daisy Head played the character Grace in the American drama series "Guilt," showcasing her ability to take on complex and compelling roles.
  • Amy Stevenson in "The Syndicate" (2015) - In the BBC One drama series "The Syndicate," Head portrayed Amy Stevenson, further establishing herself as a versatile actress.
  • Kate Bottomley in "Harlots" (2019)- Daisy joined the cast of the Hulu series "Harlots" in its third season, bringing depth to the character of Kate Bottomley.
  • Genya Safin in "Shadow and Bone" (2021)- Head ventured into the realm of fantasy in the Netflix show "Shadow and Bone," where she portrayed Genya Safin, earning praise for her performance.

FAQ - Daisy Head Movies And TV Shows

What Is Daisy Head Known For?

Daisy Head, born on March 7, 1991, in England, UK, is a renowned actress recognized for her captivating roles in notable films. Her filmography includes standout performances in "Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves" (2023), "Underworld: Blood Wars" (2016), and "Fallen" (2016).
Daisy Head holds the distinction of being the second and youngest daughter of Anthony Head and Sarah Fisher. Additionally, she is the niece of Murray Head and shares a sibling bond with her younger sister, Emily Head.

Is Daisy Head In Sandman?

Daisy Head: Judy Talbot.

Was Daisy Head In Doc Martin?

Doc Martin" Movement (TV Episode 2007) - Daisy Head as Mandie.


Daisy Head Movies and TV Showsreflects her dedication to the art of acting. From her early experiences to her notable roles in various projects, Head's career trajectory is one of promise and potential. As she navigates the dynamic landscape of the entertainment world, Daisy Head is undoubtedly a rising star to watch, bringing her unique charm and talent to screens around the globe.
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