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 Cosmetic Eye Laser Surgeries

Cosmetic Eye Laser Surgeries

Last updated: February 16, 2021 | January 26, 2021 | Gordon Dickerson

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  • Blepharoplasty: a popular cosmetic eye surgery procedure
  • Lasers, a world of benefits

Did you know that you can have cosmetic eye surgery performed on your upper and lower eyelids? As we get older the skin that surrounds our eyes starts to lose its elasticity and also additional lumps of the skin can appear. The collection of bags of fat around the eyes is also all too common. These conditions aren’t always age-related since some young people can have conditions such as de thyroid eye disease and facial nerve palsy that cause the same symptoms, so even for some young people, cosmetic laser eye surgery is a viable option.

This cosmetic eye surgery is often used to remedy these skin problems. A laser beam is used to make incisions to trim the waste skin and muscles from the eyelid. With this technique, even fatty deposits located under the eye can be removed.

Lasers, a world of benefits

Using lasers for cosmetic eye laser surgery provides several additional benefits. One big advantage is that the surgeon can see the organ he’s working on much, much better since he has the ability to very quickly seal any blood vessels. This obviously allows the surgeon to work with much higher precision. Also, a patient who undergoes cosmetic laser eye surgery will normally suffer far less swelling after the operation. What to expect once the procedure is over: One must be prepared for some discomfort from bright lights and possibly some blurred vision soon after the operation. This is quite normal and in a lot of cases, your doctor will probably give you some medication to deal with this problem. After a few days, your eyes will return to normal and you can resume normal activities.

Anyone interested in undergoing cosmetic surgery on their eyes will first need to go through a thorough examination by their doctor first, to be sure they are good to go with their cosmetic eye surgery. One must definitely research types of laser eye surgery for some time to find out the pros/cons before You make a decision. As with all surgical procedures, there are both benefits and risks that should be weighed carefully before proceeding.

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