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4 Common Dreams And Their Meanings

Dreams have been a subject of study for many years. The reasons behind why we dream and what messages the dreams hold for us have always fascinated humans. From ancient times, philosophers like Plato have put forward their theories about dream patterns, but they are yet to be scientifically proven.

The National Sleep Foundation found that an average human dreams four to six times a night and cannot recall 95% of those dreams. Dreams can be about your thoughts before falling asleep, your day in general, or feelings you may be trying to avoid. It is understandable that people experience different dreams and with varying intensities, but the dreams mentioned here are frequently reported by the general population:


Falling from heights is one of the most common dreams. According to a popular myth, if you fall in your dreams, your death is likely near, but a large number of dream interpreters have unanimously called this a misconception. Instead, they put forward the idea that dreams about falling mean your life is not going right, and you need to rethink your decisions and consider new options. Russel Grant, the author of The Illustrated Dream Dictionary, also adds to this explanation by saying falling may represent that you need to let loose and enjoy life more.

Being Chased

If you have ever dreamt about being chased, it was probably an unpleasant and terrifying experience. Interpretations of this dream often center around how you may avoid certain things in your daily life or want to flee from your fears. These fears can be anything, but dream analysts say that the nature of the pursuer provides us a hint.

If an animal is chasing you, then you are hiding from feelings like anger and passion. If the chaser is someone from the opposite sex, it could represent a fear of love and commitment or a haunting past relationship. However, if the pursuer is an unknown figure, it can represent past trauma you are trying to suppress.


Dreams about flying can invoke a sense of liberation within you but can be scary to people with height phobia. According to Tony Crisp, author of Dream Dictionary, you can interpret dreams about flying in two ways. It can be synonymous with freedom and independence. However, it is also seen as a way of wanting to escape from the realities of life.

Losing Teeth

If you have previously dreamt about losing your teeth, then it is because you worry about your appearance. This dream does not only refer to your physical beauty, but it can also be about your fear of embarrassing yourself. Penny Pierce, the author of Dream Dictionary for Dummies, suggests that teeth are used to cut, tear and grind. They provide you with a sense of self-power, and you lose the meaning attached to them when they fall out.


It is important to remember that there is no scientific basis for dream prediction. The work done in this regard is inconclusive to put forward an actual theory as the same dream can lead to varying interpretations for different people. Studies also show that 65% of dreams are based on our daily lives, so it is hard to apply the exact meaning of dreams to the entire population. For more information on dream interpretation, visit www.everspiritual.com.

About The Authors

Paolo Reyna

Paolo Reyna - Paolo is a senior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, majoring in International Studies with a Latin American emphasis. During the fall semester of 2012, he had the opportunity to study abroad in Peru, which piqued his interest in international growth. He learned about the disparities that impact indigenous peoples, got a taste of Peruvian culture, and improved his Spanish skills. Mitchel interned with the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, conducting research on food security in Latin America, after being inspired by his foreign experience. He wants to work in international development and for a government department, writing legislation. He loves playing intramural basketball and practicing for the Chicago marathon when he is not thinking about current events in Latin America.

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