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Common Causes Of Ear Pain When Swallowing


Ear pain when swallowing is relatively common, as any ear, nose, and throat specialist will attest. It is a common symptom of many ear conditions, any of which can make life miserable for sufferers. Ear problems can be a result of bacterial or viral infections, but the good news is that they are usually fairly simple to treat. Here we discuss a few of the most likely causes of earache and outline the best ways to get the problem sorted.

Earwax Blockage

Earwax exists to protect your delicate inner ear by catching dirt, dust, and other potentially harmful grime that might make its way into your ear canal and damage your ear. However, if earwax starts to accumulate it can become harmful. Excess earwax can harden and become painful as it puts pressure on the sinuses. This will be more noticeable while swallowing. The hardened earwax becomes difficult to wash out so the only way to have this properly diagnosed and correctly treated is by a doctor.

Ear Infection

Ear infections are very common in children, though they can affect every age group. Cause of a bacterial or viral infection and often linked to a cold or sore throat, the infection causes fluid to build up behind the eardrum. This can become very painful in severe cases and can cause additional symptoms, especially in children. There are home treatments for ear infections, herbal remedies are readily available. However, most physicians do not recommend self-treatment for ear infections. Most will clear up in a few days on their own but if they get worse over time, or linger longer than a few days, you might need to see a doctor. The doctor can check the cause on the infection with a quick look in your ear and might recommend pain medication while it heals. Ear drops might be prescribed to help with the pain and inflammation and hurry the healing process.

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Sinus Infection

A bacterial infection in the sinus cavities is another common ailment. The infection can cause a build-up of pressure that can get very uncomfortable and cause other symptoms such as head or toothaches. Ear pain when swallowing is another side effect of sinusitis. Over the counter medication for a sinus infection is easily available, and should be taken with rest. Persistent symptoms should be taken to a doctor who could prescribe antibiotics that will speed u your healing process.

Swimmer’s Ear

Many keen swimmers will be able to sympathize with the pain of the swimmer’s ear. It is caused by water that becomes trapped in the ear canal, which then becomes a perfect breeding ground for infection. The usual symptoms of a swimmer’s ear are muffled hearing accompanied by itching, discharge, and pain in the ear and when swallowing. This will require a visit to the doctor, who will be able to suggest and prescribe an eardrop of antibacterial or antifungal medication. This will kill the infection. If there is any pus caused by the infection the doctor will be able to drain the ear to clear it.

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