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Buzzfeed To Use AI To Write Its Content After Firing 180 Employees


BuzzFeed to use AI to write its content after firing 180 employees. After firing scores of employees, struggling web publisher BuzzFeed will begin utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to assist in the creation of its quizzes.

The news site, which is known for its funny articles and "listicles," will work on the project with OpenAI, the company that made ChatGPT.

AI To Write BuzzFeed Quiz And Other Stuff

BuzzFeed to use AI to write its content after firing 180 employees. BuzzFeed, an online publisher that is having trouble, has fired a lot of people and will now use artificial intelligence (AI) to help make quizzes.

The news site, which is known for its funny articles and "listicles," will work on the project with OpenAI, the company that made ChatGPT.

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/buzzfeed-to-use-ai-to-write-its-content-after-firing-180-employees/ by Kaleem Kirkpatrick on 2023-02-02T14:07:24.953Z

The chatbot, which responds to questions with written answers that look like those of a person, has been praised by tech executives, academics, and politicians who think it will change and streamline tasks in a number of industries.

Utilizing this technology, tests on the website will be made specifically for each user, including one that includes a pitch for a custom rom-com.

According to a message to staff from chief executive Jonah Peretti, the quiz will ask quick questions like "Pick a cliche for your rom com" and "Tell us an endearing defect you have" before utilizing AI to construct a write-up based on the responses.

The Wall Street Journal found a document in which Mr. Peretti said that he planned to use AI in more of BuzzFeed's editorial work and business processes this year.

Mr. Peretti said that AI would help the creative process and make the work better, while people would contribute "cultural currency" and "inspired prompts."

He said that over the next 15 years, technology could be used more to "produce, personalize, and animate the content itself."

Buzzfeed to use AI to write its articles after firing 180 employees

A representative for BuzzFeed said that the company's staff is still focused on journalism made by people.

The action demonstrates the increased interest in AI, especially in light of ChatGPT's public debut in the latter half of last year. In response to the hype surrounding OpenAI, Microsoft reportedly invested $10 billion in it.

The technology has already been tested by US publisher CNET, which used an AI tool to help them generate over 75 personal finance articles. It later stopped the trial after discovering a number of factual mistakes.

An article on CNET's AI push that was fully written by ChatGPT was published by BuzzFeed itself.

The company's drive into AI comes barely over a month after it let go of over 180 employees, or 12 percent of its workforce. Mr. Peretti said that both the worsening economy and changes in how people use media were to blame for the drop.

Since its disastrous public market IPO at the end of 2021, BuzzFeed has been dogged by financial issues.

The value of the online publisher peaked at $1.7 billion. Along with Vice and Vox, it was one of a number of new media start-ups that garnered interest from investors and viewers in the 2010s.

However, since BuzzFeed went public through a merger with a special purpose acquisition company, its stock has lost more than three-quarters of its value (Spac). It is now valued at about $340 million.

The stock went up after the Wall Street Journal reported that BuzzFeed got a lot of money from Meta to get more content creators to use Facebook and Instagram.

What Is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a long-form question-answering AI from OpenAI that conversely responds to complicated inquiries. It's a ground-breaking technology since it's been taught to understand what people mean when they ask questions.

Many users are in awe of its capacity to deliver responses of human quality, which gives rise to the idea that it might soon have the ability to revolutionize how people interact with computers and alter how information is retrieved.

Based on GPT-3.5, OpenAI created the big language model chatbot known as ChatGPT. It is remarkably capable of engaging in conversational conversations and responding in a way that occasionally seems surprisingly human.

The task of foretelling the next word in a string of words is carried out by large language models. Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF), an extra training layer, helps ChatGPT learn how to follow directions and give answers that humans like.

ChatGPT logo
ChatGPT logo

Who Trained ChatGPT?

GPT-3.5 was trained on a huge amount of code-related data and information from the internet, such as Reddit discussions, to help ChatGPT learn how to talk and respond like a person.

In order to teach the AI what people anticipate when they ask a question, Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback was also used to train ChatGPT. This method of training the LLM is revolutionary because it goes beyond merely teaching it to anticipate the next word.

What Are ChatGPT's Limitations?

Restrictions On Toxic Response

ChatGPT is designed to avoid giving out negative or harmful responses. As a result, it won't respond to certain queries.

Directional Quality Determines The Quality Of The Answers

The fact that the output quality is largely dependent on the input quality is a significant ChatGPT restriction. In other words, instructions (prompts) from experts lead to superior responses.

Answers Are Not Always Correct

Another drawback is that because it is programmed to give responses that feel natural to people, the answers may lead people to believe that the output is accurate.

Many users observed that ChatGPT sometimes gives false information, including those that are radically false.

People Also Ask

Is ChatGPT Free?

Yes, it is completely free to use.

Who Made ChatGP?

OpenAI created and developed ChatGPT, an AI chatbot. The bot responds to inquiries and assertions from human users by producing text responses. The chatbot, which debuted on November 30, 2022, now has more than a million users.

What Is ChatGPT Plus?

The famous ChatGPT chatbot now has a paid version called ChatGPT Plus. The new service intends to give users a premium experience that includes ChatGPT during peak hours, quicker response times, and priority access to new features and upgrades.


BuzzFeed to use AI to write its content after firing 180 employees. To produce content, the media company, known for its pop culture pieces, tests, and "listicles", will collaborate with OpenAI, the startup behind ChatGPT.

The chatbot responds to questions with written responses that resemble those of a human being. Academics and tech executives have praised it, and Microsoft is said to have put $10 billion into OpenAI.

By generating a write-up based on the answers to the quiz's prompt questions, the technology will be utilized to generate quizzes on the website that are personalized for each user. Additionally, certain content will be personalized using it.

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