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What Is Buckefps Real Name? Uncovering The Real Name, Age, And Career Of The Fortnite Pro

Buckefps real name, age, and more! Get the inside scoop on this top Fortnite pro. From online alias to IRL, we've got you covered.

Candice Burns
Jan 24, 20242514 Shares33515 Views
For years, the virtual battlegrounds of Fortnite have been witness to the extraordinary feats of a player shrouded in the mystique of the gaming world - none other than the elusive BuckeFPS. A phantom of lightning reflexes and strategic brilliance, his virtual persona became a symbol of awe-inspiring plays and last-minute triumphs.
Yet, behind this digital veil, a real-life individual with a compelling narrative exists, waiting to be unveiled. Today, we embark on a journey to unravel the enigma surrounding BuckeFPS, stripping away the layers of anonymity to expose the man behind the moniker.
Who is the mastermind responsible for those mind-blowing snipes and gravity-defying edits that sent shockwaves through the Fortnite community? What is BuckeFPS real name, age and more? What is the story of his ascent from a humble bedroom streamer to the zenith of professional Fortnite competition?

Beyond The Username - BuckeFPS Real Name

Renowned Esports player and Twitchstreamer, BuckeFPS, hailing from the United States, has garnered fame for his prowess in Fortnite. Known for his diverse gaming interests, ranging from horror to story mode, he captivates his audience with a unique playing style and engaging interactions. BuckeFPS has become a prominent figure in the gaming community, celebrated not only for his gameplay but also for his appealing looks, charming smile, distinctive style, and an outstanding personality.
In addition to his gaming exploits, BuckeFPS has made a mark on social media, particularly on Instagram and TikTok. His eye-catching pictures and videos have amassed a substantial fan following. With a growing presence in the TikTok community, he is recognized for his comedic clips, dance performances, and lip-syncing endeavors. BuckeFPS is set to diversify his portfolio further, as he ventures into modeling shoots, adding another dimension to his multifaceted career. As he continues to share his fashionable outfits and modeling snapshots on Instagram, he has earned the title of a "muser" in recognition of his TikTok accomplishments. Stay tuned for more updates from this rising star in the world of Esports and entertainment.


Born on June 22, 2003, Logan Eschenburg is the true identity behind the alias Bucke. A 20-year-old American by nationality, he falls under the zodiac sign of Cancer. Despite limited information available about his personal life, it's known that he has a penchant for creating Reels and IGTV videos. A notable gamer, Bucke frequently shares gameplay highlights on his Instagram, showcasing his skills. Engaging in various gaming championships, he has proven his prowess in the competitive gaming scene. Additionally, he manages a YouTubechannel where he regularly uploads gameplay videos, providing his audience with a deeper insight into his gaming adventures.

Physical Traits

Known for his intelligence and charm, he holds immense popularity, especially among the younger demographic. Standing at approximately 5 feet 8 inches and weighing around 72 kilograms, he boasts a slender physique. His distinctive features include captivating brown eyes and matching brown hair.

Family, Relationships

Limited information is available regarding his family and personal relationships. It is known that he has a sister, and his father has made appearances on his YouTube channel.

Gaming Journey

Fortnite game
Fortnite game

Commencement Of BuckeFPS’s Professional Journey

BuckeFPS ventured into the professional landscape of Fortnite after catching the attention of Pittsburgh Knights, who recognized the depth of his hidden talent and enlisted him on May 18, 2018. Simultaneously, Bucke dedicated more time to cultivating his YouTube channel, focusing on uploading entertaining moments and meme content centered around Fortnite. This strategic move significantly boosted his channel's popularity, currently boasting over 227,000 subscribers.
The year 2019 marked a transformative period in Bucke's professional trajectory. In January, he made the official decision to start streaming Fortnite on Twitch. However, at the onset of February 2019, Bucke opted to part ways with Pittsburgh Knights. The motivation behind this move stemmed from Fortnite's limited offerings during that time, prompting Bucke to explore the newly launched Battle Royale shooter, Apex Legends.
Yet, this deviation was short-lived, as Bucke swiftly reconsidered his decision when a golden opportunity materialized. This opportunity materialized in the form of the Fortnite World Cup 2019 announcement later that month, featuring an enticing prize pool of $3 million.
During this pivotal juncture in his Fortnite career, Bucke solidified his position as an active member of Team Envy in June 2019, signing a formal one-year contract. This decision marked a watershed moment, bringing about a profound transformation in his life as a Fortnite gamer.

BuckeFPS Secures Victory With Father's Coaching Expertise

In the intense competition leading up to the Fortnite World Cup 2019, players faced unparalleled challenges in securing coveted slots for the event. BuckeFPS, unlike many others, confronted a task easier said than done.
However, he held a secret weapon that surpassed all expectations—his father. Notably, BuckeFPS was not affiliated with any gaming organization during the Fortnite World Cup, emphasizing the formidable challenge he faced in qualifying for the main event.
A video on BuckeFPS's YouTube channel sheds light on pivotal matches that propelled him into the event. What remained consistent throughout these games was the unwavering support and guidance provided by his father. Each match became a testament to his father's ability to keep him focused and steer him in the right direction.
Among these matches, one stood out where stress peaked for BuckeFPS due to the closing storm circle and numerous surviving players. It seemed like the end of the road, but his father's strategic guidance, emphasizing optimal positioning for survival, turned the tide. His father's actions vividly demonstrated a profound understanding of the game mechanics, contributing significantly to BuckeFPS's success.

A Career Trajectory Explored - Achievements And Milestones

Prestigious Endorsement

On the significant date of July 21, 2020, a momentous announcement reverberated through the gaming community as 'Built by Gamers' proudly unveiled their endorsement of a distinguished gamer. This proclamation hailed the gamer as a pinnacle figure, recognized for exceptional prowess within the Fortnite realm. To convey this exciting news, the BBG organization opted for a captivating video presentation, a strategic move that resonated strongly, captivating the attention of a wide and eager audience.

Bucke's Esports Earnings And Rankings

According to Esports Earnings, the Fortnite player accumulated a total prize money of $118,418.06 across 26 competitions in 2019 and 2020. However, information about Bucke's net worth and salary remains undisclosed.
As of 2020, Bucke held the 249th position in the highest earnings among players in the USA and ranked 1260th in the overall earnings. Throughout 26 competitions, he secured victory in three, attained the runner-up position in one, and claimed the third position in three others.


As per his Twitch chat bot, BuckeFPS boasts approximately 310 subscribers, potentially generating a minimum monthly income of $775 USD. This figure does not account for additional revenue streams such as sponsorships, tiered subscriptions, tips, Twitch cheer bit contributions, team salary, tournament winnings, and advertisements. According to EsportsEarnings, his accumulated winnings exceed $90,000 USD.


  • His Instagram handle is bucke_fps.
  • He boasts a follower count of over 106,000+ on Instagram.
  • Logan Eschenburg is his given name.
  • He has a background as a professional model.
  • Identified as the Professional Fortnite Player for @builtbygamers.
  • Consistently shares stunning images on his Instagram.
  • His Twitch account commands a following of over 758,000.
  • The subscriber count on his YouTube channel exceeds 354,000.
  • He has engaged in collaborations with diverse influencers.
  • Recognized as a social media influencer.
  • Endorses a variety of brands.


Beyond his gaming endeavors, his YouTube channel reveals a diverse facet, featuring not only gaming content but also a collection of comedic videos. A standout among these is a video released in January 2022, where he embarked on the novel experience of exploring Tinder for the first time. The video showcases his humor as he records amusing pickup lines, adding a lighthearted touch to his content.
However, not every chapter in his gaming journey has been without its challenges. In March 2020, a notable incident unfolded as Bucke, alongside three other Fortnite players, confronted a 60-day ban. This disciplinary action was imposed on grounds of alleged cheating in the Fortnite Champion Series, marking a moment of adversity in his professional gaming trajectory.
Despite his online presence and the visibility he maintains within the gaming community, details about Bucke's family, educational background, and romantic relationships remain veiled in privacy, adding an air of mystery to the personal aspects of his life.
He is recognized for using the song "All The Way Up" by Fat Joe & Remy Ma as the soundtrack for one of his video clips.

Beyond The Arena - A Glimpse Into BuckeFPS's Life Off-Stream

A poster with the words "NRG BUCKLE IS OFFLINE". Below this text are the logos of several brands.
A poster with the words "NRG BUCKLE IS OFFLINE". Below this text are the logos of several brands.
While BuckeFPS reigns supreme in the Fortnite arena, his life beyond the screen is just as fascinating. Let's peek behind the curtain and discover the man behind the username:

Balancing Esports With Reality - Education, Hobbies, And Maintaining A Normal Life

Despite his demanding esports schedule, BuckeFPS prioritizes education. He's enrolled in college, juggling online classes and tournaments with impressive dedication. This balance speaks volumes about his commitment to a well-rounded future, proving that even esports pros value academic pursuits.
But life isn't all textbooks and controllers. BuckeFPS enjoys spending time with friends and family, reminding us that even the most skilled players need downtime and social connection. He's also a passionate musician, finding solace and expression through his guitar playing, a creative outlet that complements his competitive spirit.

Connecting With Fans - BuckeFPS's Online Presence And Social Media Impact

BuckeFPS isn't just a gamer; he's a community leader. He actively engages with his fans on Twitch, Twitter, and other platforms. His streams are filled with witty banter and insightful commentary, creating a welcoming space for Fortnite enthusiasts of all levels.
He also uses his social media to share glimpses of his life off-stream, from funny moments with friends to behind-the-scenes training routines. This transparency fosters a genuine connection with his audience, making him more than just a pro player; he's a relatable friend who shares their passion for the game.

A Philanthropic Streak

BuckeFPS believes in using his platform for good. He's actively involved in various charitable initiatives, raising funds for causes close to his heart. He's participated in charity streams, partnered with organizations, and even used his esports winnings to support worthy causes.
This dedication to giving back showcases his humility and compassion. He recognizes the power of his voice and chooses to use it to make a positive impact beyond the world of Fortnite.
By delving into these aspects of BuckeFPS's life, we gain a deeper understanding of the man behind the legend. He's not just a skilled player; he's a dedicated student, a passionate musician, a supportive friend, and a champion for good. This multifaceted personality adds another layer to his appeal, making him an inspiration for fans and a role model for aspiring gamers.

Frequently Asked Questions - BuckeFPS Real Name

What Happened To BuckeFPS In Copenhagen?

Logan, better known by his gaming moniker "BuckeFPS," faced a notable setback when he was deported from Denmark after Epic Games disqualified him from the Fortnite Global Championship a few hours before the event started.

Why Did Bucke Get Disqualified?

"I just got official word from Epic games the reason for my disqualification was because when i was warming up i was looking too swifty. They won't allow me to compete. See you guys on sunday in america for a viewing party." BuckeFPS on X

What Is 313 Bucke?

The numerical sequence "313" holds more than just numerical significance for Bucke; it encapsulates the essence of his origins in Detroit, Michigan. Its where Bucke is from and he made it part of his brand. If you see it in usernames they are Bucke fans.


We began this journey by revealing BuckeFPS's real name and his story. But as we've explored his life beyond the pixelated arenas, it's become clear that his impact extends far beyond his in-game achievements. Logan Eschenburg is more than just a skilled Fortnite pro; he's a testament to the human spirit's ability to excel in diverse arenas. He juggles competitive gaming with education, showcasing commitment and dedication on both fronts. His passion for music reminds us that even the fiercest competitors crave creative expression. And his philanthropic endeavors illustrate a genuine desire to use his platform for positive change.
Through it all, Logan Eschenburg maintains a genuine connection with his fans. He fosters a welcoming community, shares his life with transparency, and celebrates the shared passion for Fortnite. So, the next time you see "BuckeFPS" dominating the leaderboard, remember the name behind the username. Remember Logan Eschenburg, the young man who redefined what it means to be a champion, both in the game and in life.
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