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24 Top Black Instagram Models In 2024

In 2024, 24 top black Instagram models are expected to make waves, showcasing their unique styles and captivating content.

Adaline Fritz
Jan 19, 2024835 Shares36301 Views
The modeling industry is evolving with the rise of social media platforms like Instagram, with black models emerging as the most prominent.
In 2024, 24 top black Instagram modelsare expected to make waves, showcasing their unique styles and captivating content.
Despite their semi-nude content, these models are known for their curvaceous goddesses and sultry sirens, making their presence a must-see.

Putri Cinta

Putri Cinta is a sexy 2024 black Instagram model. She's a hot Instagram creative with the talent and attitude to make this list. She has perfect curves and can heat up a room with her seductive stances and sex appeal.
She has an amazing body and understands how to tempt her fans with provocative photos. This seductive vixen also pushes Instagram's rules by displaying virtually everything in her tight swimsuit. Imagine the rest.
Putri is nice and wicked, and if you want to get in touch with her, simply drop a comment in her DMs or on one of her posts. She likes to interact with her fans and is attentive.

Nyakim Gatwech

Another black Instagram model, Nyakim Gatwech, had to be included. Ethiopian-born, she's been making waves in showbiz. Nyakim is known as the “Queen of the Dark” because of her heavily darkened complexion.
Her ferocious Instagram posture and gorgeous curves make Nyakim enticing. She exudes confidence and has a strong sense of leadership.
Her photographs show her in lacy lingerie, abstract futuristic jumpsuits, and deep-neck, beautiful gowns. She stands out from other black Instagram models with her experimental approach. She often wears gold jewelry and gold-dust bikinis. How gorgeous!
She takes semi-naked images with her hands covering her goodies and more to heat up Instagram.
A black model in black bra and underwear
A black model in black bra and underwear

Iesha Gilchrist

Among black models, Iesha Gilchrist ranks high with 426K Instagram followers. You may find her on TikTok and other social media sites as well. On her Instagram, Iesha posts images and videos that cover a wide range of topics, including style, family, hair, and more.

Danielle Herrington

Next on our list of attractive black Instagram models is Danielle Herrington. This attractive black model has a large following on the site due to her confident demeanor and stunning images.
Her Instagram has stunning bikini and topless photographs with her lush hair as the sole cover-up for her plump melons. As a rookie model, she appeared in SI Swimsuit Edition and GQ. She is one of the most attractive black Instagram models.
She'll make you weak in the knees with more than her curves. Danielle has incredible sex appeal. Her stunning body is presumably why she models for Victoria's Secret.
Check out her Instagram clips for her sexier bikini photoshoots and runway presentations in see-through jumpsuits.

Nomthandazo Phangisile

Thando, alias Nomthandazo Phangisileand, is a thick black Instagram model. She's one of the sexiest Instagram Black Plus size models, with enough naughtiness and dare to lure and keep you coming back.
Thando flaunts her natural abundance. She calls herself your “personal pornstar” and publishes semi-nude photographs in bikinis, lingerie, and more that show virtually everything.
Although Instagram prohibits full-frontal nudity, she posts photos in see-through mesh tops that leave nothing to the imagination. As her Instagram is private, all of her 40,500 followers are real and dedicated.
Thando reveals her massive ass OnlyFans if you want to turn up the fire.
Her OnlyFans has full-length nudes, anal play movies, solo play clips, B/G or G/G clips, and more. Sext with Thando at any time for more attention. It's great for connecting with her authentically.

Lynae Vanee

Among the most prominent black women on Instagram, Lynae Vanee stands out. Her 735K followers are a result of her providing photographs and videos of style, lifestyle, and travel.


Sosa, a South African adult actor, influencer, and comedian, dominates Instagram. She's one of the most stunning black Instagram models.
Her massive breast, round ass, and thick thighs match her elegance and red-hot attitude. Instagram has lingerie photos and twerking videos. We promise, she's stunning!
Sosa has two Instagram accounts: one public and one private that only a handful may join. Her public Instagram has 128,000 followers, and her private account has 38,000.
Her OnlyFans account is handy if you're feeling hard and horny. Her unedited material can help you release stress!

Nia Harris

Nia Harris is our next sexiest black Instagram model. The OG ebony beauty will fulfill all your wishes for thick, juicy girls to steam you. If you want your girlfriend wet and messy, this voluptuous queen with her hot and curvaceous physique is perfect for you.
This seductive blonde is known for her enormous natural endowments, and her huge breasts and jaw-dropping booty will take your breath away.
She poses in tiny, tight-as-hell lingerie ensembles on her Instagram page, which is scorching. There's absolutely no holding back—everything is gushing out and about to say hello! Trust us—your heart will race and your mouth will drool.
She has 51 Instagram posts and 40,900 followers. Nia Harris is presently upping her game on OnlyFans, so you may follow her there for uncensored stuff. She is also a popular TikToker with an OnlyFans page.

Lias Riberio

Meet Lias Riberio, another gorgeous black Instagram model! Her runway presence has been impeccable since 2011.
After working for Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Versace, and Gucci, Lias is a fashion icon. That's not all that makes this bombshell memorable.
Lias Riberio's hot body will impress. Her 3,372 Instagram images show her reclining by the pool, on the beach in a little bikini, in her backyard bathtub, and more. Over 3.2 million followers may view them.
Despite her non-risqué substance, Lias understands how to heat things up. She oozes confidence and makes even the simplest posts appear gorgeous. Her bikini skills will astound you.

Jasmine Tookes

Next on our list of the hottest Black Instagram models is Instagram queen Jasmine Tookes.
She's gorgeous, charming, and has 6.8 million Instagram followers! Yes, you heard right. It's easy to understand why she's our most popular and following female.
Jasmine can work a camera, and you'll adore her. See those legs? They last days! Her page has breathtaking bikini photographs, comfy daily photos, and spectacular red carpet outfits. She publishes IG stories and videos frequently. Keep up with her without going far.
She stands out for more than her appearance. Her fashion sense is outstanding. She could make everything seem chic. She always looks great in a basic white sweater or a daring cut-out jumpsuit.
If you want your girlfriend to be sophisticated yet show off her curves, follow Jasmine.

Ebonee Davis

One of the most famous black Instagram models is Ebonee Davis. She was a prominent American model, so you may have heard of her.
This little beauty flaunts her incredible figure. Ebonee has over 335,000 Instagram followers, more than her looks. Ebonee pairs her physique with an eccentric style that exudes sensuality. She posts as Cleopatra in an abstract golden bikini and as her inner goddess in a mesh see-through garment.
She's sexy, confident, and athletic like never before. People are crazy about her. She has 141 photographs and reels as of this writing. She hosts a podcast about her life and decisions and operates an NGO that promotes trips to Africa.
Unfortunately, she isn't active right now, so you'll have to use her already-uploaded postings.

Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan Dunn is our next sexiest black Instagram model. With 3.7 million followers and over 1,500 sexy photos and videos, this A-list model can get you ready. Since she travels for work, she shares images almost daily from across the world.
Jourdan tweets stunning photographs of her glowing dark complexion, lush curls, and long legs. A fire-breathing girl—what else do you expect?
With plunging necklines, elegant jackets, and transparent dresses that show off everything, Jourdan has you covered. Remember when everyone dressed to show off their underboob? Jordan Dunn not only ruled that trend; she elevated it.
You should follow Jourdan Dunn on Instagram if you enjoy ladies in risky dresses revealing just enough flesh. Her site has frequent photographs and videos of her partying with pals.

Precious Lee

Precious Lee concludes our list of top Black Instagram models. She may be last on our list, but her substance isn't lacking. This curvaceous wonder is enjoying her time in the industry and isn't afraid to experiment.
Her voluptuous form, brunette hair, and natural endowments make this sexy, thick lady a sight to behold. Her professional, diversified, and bold material will heat things up.
She's always experimenting and exploring, so her Instagram posts include anything from a tight black dress that fits her every inch to a purple leopard print jumpsuit that will turn attention.
Jourdan always looks fierce, whether she's wearing a traditional dress or a colorful one. If you like brave, lively ladies, Jourdan will liven up your Instagram page.

Iman Abdulmajid

A black Instagram model named Iman Abdulmajid has amassed 857K followers. This businesswoman and sometimes actress rose to prominence as the creator of the Iman cosmetics line.

Frantzcesca Casimir

Black fitness trainer and lovely Instagram model Frantzcesca Casimir shines. Her 976K followers are a testament to the success of her Instagram account, which she uses to provide updates, fitness tips, and comments from customers.

Donnell Blaylock

A famous black model on Instagram, Donnell Blaylock has 388K followers. In a video titled "Is this too much chocolate, ladies?" this real estate agent and model gained popularity on Facebook and Instagram after posting a 17-second clip of himself devouring a Hershey's bar.

Chanel Delisser

One breathtaking black Instagram model is Channel Delisser. As an influencer and fitness teacher, she has amassed one million followers on Instagram. Her stunning images and fitness-related posts have made her famous.

Alex Kaufmann

Yoga, health, and living life to the fullest are some of Alex's greatest interests. Over the course of her yoga journey, she studied and perfected a variety of styles, including Power, Baptiste, Hot, Restorative, Rocket, and Vinyasa Flow. Additionally, she has trained as a yoga teacher with renowned teachers for more than 500 hours. Alex teaches beginner-level yoga classes with an emphasis on core conditioning, flexibility, and the cultivation of self-love and respect via meditation and practice.

Liya Kebede

The Ethiopian city of Addis Abeba is the site of Liya Kebede's birth on March 1, 1978. She promotes maternal health in addition to her acting, modeling, and fashion design careers. With 254,000 followers, she is among the most famous black models on Instagram.

Beverly Johnson

One of the Black female models on Instagram is Beverly Johnson, who is also an entrepreneur, singer, and actor. Her 1974 cover of American Vogue made history as the magazine's first Black woman to do so.

Babeth Lando

Among the most famous black Instagram models is Babeth Lando, a multi-talented Congolese woman who acts, models, sings, teaches fitness, and has a large following on social media. At the tender age of five, Babeth Lando joined the church choir and began singing gospel songs.

Lachae Bold

The worlds of style and cosmetics have always been her forte. As a makeup artist, hairstylist, and costume designer, Lachae has inadvertently built an influencer brand on social media with her one-of-a-kind videos on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. With more than 50,000 followers, she is among the most followed Black female models on Instagram.


Her occupation is that of a social media strategist and manager. Across a wide range of social media channels, she has been an effective marketer for the past seven years. Through her work with communities and influencers, she helps businesses boost awareness, devotion, and advocacy for their brands. You may perhaps work with this black hottie, who has around 10,000 followers and is seen as a modest influencer.

Brittney Q. Hill

Brittney established FAITH AND FAME®, a media and entertainment platform that aims to unite faith with entertainment, and she serves as its chief executive officer. This producer, TV personality, and actress has 12.8k followers and is among the most stunning black models on Instagram.

FAQs - Black Instagram Models

Who Are Some Prominent Black Instagram Models In 2024?

Renowned black Instagram models in 2024 include Duckie Thot, Leomie Anderson, Riley Montana, Jourdan Dunn, and Maria Borges.
Black Instagram models often showcase the latest fashion trends, including bold prints, vibrant colors, and innovative styles that cater to diverse tastes.

How Do Black Instagram Models Influence Beauty Standards On The Platform?

Black Instagram models play a crucial role in diversifying beauty standards by promoting inclusivity and challenging traditional norms, fostering a more representative space.

Are There Any Black Instagram Models Who Have Successfully Transitioned Into Other Industries?

Several black Instagram models have transitioned into successful careers in acting, entrepreneurship, and activism, showcasing their multifaceted talents beyond the modeling realm.

What Initiatives Or Campaigns Do Black Instagram Models Support To Promote Diversity And Inclusivity?

Many black Instagram models actively engage in campaigns and initiatives that aim to promote diversity, inclusivity, and positive body image, using their platform for meaningful advocacy.

Final Words

Black models are gaining significant attention on Instagram due to their talent, beauty, and drive. Their presence is expected to grow in the coming years, making a significant impact on the industry.
Some of the best black instagram models are highlighted for inspiration. These models are known for their attractiveness, determination, and ability to make a significant impact in the industry. Their presence is expected to continue growing in the coming years.
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