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Is Bitcoin A Tool For Cyber Criminals?


A lot has said that and believes Bitcoin a tool for cyber criminals. Many people believe that criminals and terrorists will find Bitcoin to be a fantastic currency because of its anonymity. Unsubstantiated assertions that terrorists or criminal organizations are adopting Bitcoin have appeared in several journalistic reports. Retractions have been issued for many of the publications cited in this article, but not before they had an impact on many individuals, including misguided criminals.

As a matter of fact, the Bitcoin ledger is available to anybody in the world, and it cannot be altered. For as long as Bitcoin is operating, it will keep a record of every transaction. To suggest that Bitcoin is really anonymous would be an error, since it is more of a pseudonymous system. As long as the identification of a Bitcoin address is known, it is feasible to follow all of its transactions. You might conceive of Bitcoin's anonymity as similar to that of the Internet: it all relies on how effectively you conceal and how well the other users can see you.

Inadvisable For The Criminal To Use Bitcoin

Using Bitcoin for any crime that genuinely has a victim is a bad idea because of this. There are several ways to connect addresses to real-world identities, even after the crime has been committed. A connection to a criminal's identity may still be found, even if it has been many years after the crime was committed. Many internet drug traffickers have been captured thanks to the Bitcoin payment trail since they believed it to be fully anonymous.

As long as thieves have access to money, they can use it whenever they choose. Anyone may use any currency to do criminal acts, but because of the permanent ledger of Bitcoin, crimes involving victims who could attempt to investigate the circumstances are far more difficult with this digital currency. "Victimless crimes" may benefit from the usage of Bitcoin since the lack of a victim means that no one will be able to identify the "criminal." No crime is really victimless if you get through the rhetoric of the twentieth century state. Regardless of what certain self-important voters or bureaucrats feel about their power to impose morality for others, if an activity has no victims, it is not a crime.

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/bitcoin-a-tool-for-cyber-criminals/ by Luke Evans on 2022-03-11T07:20:10.946Z

For These Illegal But Perfectly Moral Actions

For Bitcoin, there are no victims to track down the criminal. The innocuous activity is recorded as a single transaction on the blockchain, which might be caused by a variety of factors. Victimless crimes like online gambling and capital restrictions evasion are more likely to employ Bitcoin than violent ones like homicide and terrorism.

The Bitcoin blockchain seems to be a place where drug sales take place, however this is likely due more to the desires of addicts than good judgment, as proven by the vast number of Bitcoin drug buyers that law enforcement has tracked down. I wouldn't be shocked if purchasing drugs with Bitcoin is more risky than with official money, despite the lack of data on the subject.

Gold bitcoins that are dispersed and overlapping
Gold bitcoins that are dispersed and overlapping


As a result, Bitcoin is likely to enhance individual liberty, but it will not necessarily facilitate criminal activity. No one should be afraid of it, but instead should embrace it as an essential instrument for building a peaceful and successful future.

Ransomware, a technique of illegal access to computers that encrypts the victims' data and only unlocks them if the victim pays the receiver, generally in Bitcoin, is a high-profile crime that has used Bitcoin extensively. While these types of criminal activity existed before to the introduction of Bitcoin, they are now more easier to carry out. In this case, Bitcoin is being used to facilitate criminal activity. However, it's easy to see how these ransomware crimes are based on exploiting weak computer security.


Thousands of dollars may be at stake for the hackers, but the value of this information to the firm's rivals, customers, and suppliers might be considerably more. Bitcoin ransomware has facilitated the discovery and public disclosure of security holes in computers.

Companies are becoming more aware of the need of computer security as a result of this trend. This means that the computer security industry may be monetized via the use of Bitcoin. However, in the long term, the most productive enterprises will be in the greatest position to secure themselves.

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