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Biden's Issue With Classified Documents - Republicans Will Investigate Classified Documents In The Biden Office

Files with a secret classification were discovered in former Vice President Joe Biden's private office at a think tank, prompting a congressional committee to announce that it would examine Biden's issue with classified documents.

Tyrese Griffin
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Files with a secret classification were discovered in former Vice President Joe Biden's private office at a think tank, prompting a congressional committee to announce that it would examine Biden's issue with classified documents.
[The oversight panel] is concerned that President Biden has compromised [intelligence] sources.- James Comer, Republican Chairman
Briefings on international nations are said to be among the documents uncovered at Washington's Penn Biden Center. The US Department of Justice is looking into the case.
Representative for a Kentucky district, Mr. Comer, has requested that, by January 24th, the White House provide him with all records and correspondence pertaining to the classified files, as well as a list of all individuals who had access to the office. It is only a polite request and not a formal demand.
Mr. Biden told reporters in Mexico City, where he was attending a meeting, that he was "surprised" by the finding on Tuesday.
I don't know what's in the documents. We're co-operating fully with the review.- Biden
It is unknown how highly classified the materials are or why they were ever kept. According to CNN, citing a person with knowledge of the situation, the ten secret files include notes and briefing materials from U.S. intelligence agencies on a variety of issues, including the Ukraine, Iran, and the United Kingdom.
One of Mr. Biden's attorneys reportedly discovered them in a manila folder labeled "personal" at the Penn Biden Center. Mr. Biden's old private office had a locked cupboard where the records were discovered on November 2, 2016, days before the US midterm elections, according to special counsel to the president Richard Sauber.
The documents, according to Mr. Biden's attorney, stretch back to when he was vice president, between the years of 2009 and 2017. From 2017 through 2020, Mr. Biden worked out of an office at the think tank located within walking distance of the White House.
It has been stated that officials are looking into whether or not Mr. Biden has access to any other confidential information. The Justice Department is also looking into Mr. Biden's predecessor, Donald Trump, for allegedly bringing classified information to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.
Republicans in the newly-controlled House of Representatives in the United States have accused President Joe Biden of hypocrisy and promised to probe his administration.
When questioned about the papers found at Mar-a-Lago in September, Vice President Biden claimed they were "absolutely irresponsible." The instances of Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump are not identical in any significant way.

Classified documents from Biden’s time as VP discovered in private office

Republicans Initiate A Subcommittee

McCarthy gave up a lot to win the gavel, and one of the things he gave up was the power to create the select subcommittee. According to the idea, not only would it investigate all active criminal investigations, but it would also "be permitted to receive material accessible to the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence," giving it access to the most sensitive information in Congress.
Today we are putting the ‘Deep State’ on notice. We’re coming for you on behalf of everyday Americans.- Dan Bishop, GOP Rep.
The subcommittee will report to the House Judiciary Committee, which Jordan has said would investigate the FBI and the Justice Department. Democrats are quite concerned about the broad mission and broad jurisdiction of the new panel that was constituted by the Republicans.
Democratic aides have expressed confidence that McCarthy's House subcommittee investigating the "weaponization of the federal government" would have access to information on active criminal investigations. The body will have the same access to classified US intelligence as the House Intelligence Committee.

How Biden-Trump Secret Files Differ

There are over 300 papers related to Mr. Trump's investigation that are labelled as classified, with 18 of them being tagged as top secret.
After a historic FBI raid on Mr. Trump's Mar-a-Lago club in August, federal prosecutors contend that his legal team did not effectively cooperate with the National Archives to properly return the papers.
According to the White House, Mr. Biden's attorneys notified the National Archives as soon as they located the documents, and the National Archives staff picked them up the next morning.
CBS News reports that US Attorney General Merrick Garland has been requested to evaluate the documents, and the FBI has been brought into the investigation. President Trump has been sharing his thoughts on the situation over at Truth Social.

Biden Administration Is Focus Of Standing Committees

To complement the select committee's wide-ranging authority, House Republicans want to use their majority on the different standing committees to investigate the Biden administration.
The chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Comer, told CNN that a hearing on COVID expenditures might take place as soon as February.
There hasn’t been a single hearing pertaining to any of the funds and how they were spent. We have reports of massive fraud in the unemployment insurance programs in all 50 states. We have reports of massive fraud with the stimulus money and with the (Paycheck Protection Program) loan funds.- Comer,
Comer's group, which he claims can do between 40 and 50 substantive investigations, will also be dealt with issues pertaining to Biden's son, Hunter. According to CNN, he said his committee "will start immediately" bringing in individuals to give transcribed interviews, first on a voluntary basis, and that there are "for now" no plans to bring in the president himself.
Comer called the move by the Biden administration a "cheap shot," and the panel's swift action in seeking bank documents and beginning to build up their inquiry indicates the same.
Comer told CNN that he and Jordan "talk every day" and that there would be "some overlap" between their investigations; both men will likely sit in on interviews being conducted by the other.
Under Jordan's leadership, the House Judiciary Committee will conduct its own independent investigations. Jordan suggests that the first hearing of the Judiciary Committee would concentrate on border concerns, but this has not yet been finalized.

Final Words

Evidence that Trump or his allies knew and willingly held the data and purposefully attempted to disrupt the department's investigation to have them returned is necessary for prosecutors to establish criminal wrongdoing.
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