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The Bezzle's Purpose- The Government's Involvement

Modern economic reality may be explained in part by this basic occurrence. For example, there are a lot of businesses that generate money but provide nothing of value to anybody. Because the bezzle financing that funds them is utterly disconnected from economic realities, government institutions have gained worldwide recognition for their workers' stupidity.

It's common for government organizations to put themselves through a self-assessment and decide that more money is the only solution to their problems. Government agencies and personnel seldom suffer meaningful penalties, regardless of the degree of ineptitude, carelessness, or failure. A government agency will continue to function even after the reason for its existence has been abolished, and it will be given new tasks and responsibilities. Let's talk about more about bezzle purpose and the government's involvement.

International Governmental Organizations Are Now Included In Bezzle

Increasingly, the bezzle is not limited to national governments, but has expanded to encompass multinational governments, a worldwide known drain on time and effort for no possible benefit to anybody beyond the people who work in them. With less ties to taxpayers, private entities may operate with less responsibility and a looser grasp on fiscal constraints like deadlines and spending limits than national government agencies.

Many students pay ever-increasing amounts to enter universities, but when they get there, they find themselves being taught by professors who care little about their students, preferring instead to spend their time publishing illegible research in order to gain government funding and move up the academic food chain. By teaching or publishing anything that people really read and profit from, academics would have to offer value to the free market. Only a tiny number of academics in each field reads scholarly papers on a regular basis to ensure that the norms of groupthink and politically driven conclusions masquerading as academic rigor are maintained.

Reason For Gaining Even More Power And Money

Since universities exist to provide their students with the best possible education in a free market economy, they have no incentive to teach their pupils things that are so obviously incorrect and nonsensical. Although the curriculum is defined by reality in a compromised academic system funded by government money, it is dictated by the political agenda of the governments that sponsor it. And governments adore Keynesian economics now for the same reason they enjoyed it in the 1930s: because it provides them with the rationale and excuse to gain more power and money.

There are numerous sectors and specialties in contemporary academia where the same pattern repeats: financing from government agencies is monopolized by groupings of like-minded researchers who share underlying prejudices. This topic may go on and on. If you want a job or financing in this system, you need to advance the agenda of the donors, not produce meaningful study that is productive and beneficial in the real world.

World map painted on two hands
World map painted on two hands

Endlessly Rolling Government Bezzles

As long as there is no mechanism by which government funding can ever be reduced when it does not benefit anyone, academic debates are almost completely irrelevant to the real world, and their journals' articles are almost never read by anyone other than those who write them for job promotion purposes, but the government bezzle rolls on indefinitely.

There are two key duties that bankers undertake for economic growth in a society where money is sound: safeguarding assets as deposits and matching investors' maturity and risk tolerance to investment possibilities. If a banker succeeds, they get a portion of the profits, but if they fail, they don't earn any money at all. Successful bankers and banks are the only ones who remain in their positions when the failures of others are eliminated. Because all banks have their deposits on hand and investments with similar maturities, the collapse of any one bank has no effect on the availability of funds in a sound money system. It's important to note that banks are not "too big to fail," even if they are suffering from illiquidity or bankruptcy. The failure of a bank is solely the responsibility of the firm's shareholders and lenders.


Despite the fact that the financial sector is home to the bulk of the bezzle, it does not stand alone. It's been a long-standing benefit for bigger companies over smaller ones, according to some.

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Elyse Woods - As a product marketing manager, I've had the opportunity to help a variety of companies improve their sales margins and audience reaction to new products. Since I am passionate about product perception, marketing, and company statistics, I have brought commitment and positive results to the companies with which I have worked. What makes a product successful fascinates and inspires me.

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