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Best Ogx Shampoos 2022 - 15 Amazing Ogx Shampoos For Every Hair Type

Are you searching for a shampoo that can help you with all of your hair issues? Or are you concerned about the potentially harmful chemicals in shampoos? Don't worry if you answered yes to any of these questions; OGX is here to help! OGX creates sulfate-free shampoos with organic ingredients that nurture and cleanse your hair.

OGX shampoos are renowned for their nutrient-dense, unique formulations that meet all of your hair's needs. This brand provides a variety of shampoos to address certain hair problems.

Ingredients, appropriateness, and scent are all essential things to consider when purchasing an OGX hair care product. These are covered in the purchasing advice at the bottom of this page. But first, have a look at the top 15 OGX shampoos on the market right now!.

Ogx Hydrating + Tea Tree Mint Shampoo

OGX Hydrating + Tea Tree Mint Shampoo is a light and refreshing shampoo with a tea tree scent. It's ideal for hair that's dry, coarse, curly, color-treated, or frizzy. This finest OGX shampoo's unique mix smoothes hair, reduces split ends, and gives your hair a healthy-looking shine.

It strengthens your hair by nourishing and moisturizing a damaged and greasy scalp. It contains Australian tea tree mint oil, milk proteins, and micro-infused peppermint oil, all of which assist in strengthening and hydrating your hair while also balancing your scalp.

Its energizing composition awakens your senses by stimulating each hair strand. It cleanses your hair and scalp thoroughly, leaving you with smooth, moisturized tresses.

Ogx Smoothing + Liquid Pearl Shampoo 

OGX Smoothing + Liquid Pearl Shampoo is the best choice for giving your hair a new lease of life and a natural shine. This shine-enhancing shampoo contains pearl extracts and sea kelp, which give your hair a lustrous sheen.

This unique mixture nourishes your hair and gives it a lustrous sheen. It thoroughly nourishes each hair strand, smoothing your hair. This shampoo also protects your hair from pollution and other damaging environmental factors.

Ogx Anti-breakage + Keratin Oil Shampoo

The OGX Anti-Breakage + Keratin Oil Shampoo is ideal for hair that has been damaged. It contains keratin proteins and argan oil, which help protect your hair from damage caused by styling and brushing.

This nourishing and creamy shampoo adds shine and silkiness to your hair while increasing elasticity. This shampoo's keratin proteins strengthen each hair strand, preventing split ends.

Ogx Renewing + Argan Oil Of Morocco Shampoo

The finest hair restoration shampoo is OGX Renewing + Argan Oil Of Morocco Shampoo. It contains a special argan oil mix that penetrates the hair shaft and protects it from UV damage and harsh styling. It hydrates, renews, and softens your hair.

Argan oil is high in essential hair vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, all of which assist in enhancing hair strength and suppleness. It contains silk proteins, which help to lock in moisture and leave your hair feeling smooth. This shampoo's sulfate-free formula won't remove your hair color. It's ideal for hair that's dry or damaged.

Ogx Nourishing + Coconut Milk Shampoo

The finest sulfate-free shampoo for dry hair is OGX Nourishing + Coconut Milk Shampoo. It's made using a special combination of coconut oil, coconut milk, and ultra-whipped egg white proteins. This unique solution nourishes hair from the roots to the tips.

It gives you healthy hair by adding strength, moisture, bounce, elasticity, and balance. This shampoo contains coconut oil, which hydrates and nourishes your hair, leaving it silky. The proteins in egg whites assist in thickening hair and promote better development.

The creamy texture of this highly nourishing shampoo hydrates and softens your hair. It provides hydration for your hair without weighing it down. All hair types will benefit from this nourishing coconut shampoo.

Ogx Ever-straightening + Brazilian Keratin Therapy Shampoo

All hair types will benefit from OGX Ever-Straightening + Brazilian Keratin Therapy Shampoo. It contains keratin proteins, avocado oil, cocoa butter, and coconut oil, all of which help to strengthen and smooth your hair while also adding a natural shine.

This shampoo strengthens the hair by smoothing the cuticle. The keratin proteins in this shampoo create a protective barrier around the hair strands, reducing hair damage and fighting pollutants. This OGX shampoo straightens hair naturally, reducing the need for hair treatments.

Ogx Weightless Hydration + Coconut Water Shampoo

The best shampoo for greasy hair is OGX Weightless Hydration + Coconut Water Shampoo. Its ultra-light composition hydrates you without weighing you down.

The coconut water in this shampoo revitalizes and restores strands that have become dry. With electrolytes that give vital nutrients to your hair and coconut oil that transforms fine, dry hair into velvety smooth hair, this OGX shampoo locks in moisture and moisturizes your hair.

It doesn't leave any residue on the hair or the scalp. This shampoo is appropriate for all hair types, although it is especially effective for extremely thin hair.

Ogx Rejuvenating + Cherry Blossom Ginseng Shampoo

Sulfate-free OGX Rejuvenating + Cherry Blossom Ginseng Shampoo is for dry, coarse, and thick hair. It's packed with a rich mix of cherry blossom and Asian ginseng root extracts that smooth out the outer layer of your hair for a healthy shine and minimize the appearance of split ends.

It also revitalizes your scalp and hair follicles while adding volume to your hair. It gives your hair a natural sheen and deep moisture.

Ogx Extra Strength Refreshing Scalp + Tea Tree Mint Shampoo

The best shampoo for dandruff is OGX Extra Strength Refreshing Scalp + Tea Tree Mint Shampoo. Tea tree oil, which has antibacterial and antifungal qualities, is included in the formulation. It revitalizes the scalp for a more youthful appearance and feel.

The mild composition of this OGX shampoo cleanses the scalp and removes residues without robbing your hair of its natural oils. With a pleasant tingling, peppermint extract helps to awaken your senses.

Witch hazel is a natural astringent with anti-inflammatory qualities that aids in the removal of build-up while also nourishing the scalp. The scent of this shampoo is sweet peppermint and iced vanilla.

Ogx Frizz-Defy/Moisture + Shea Soft & Smooth Shampoo

A moisture-rich shampoo, OGX Frizz-Defy/Moisture + Shea Soft & Smooth Shampoo. It contains shea butter, agave nectar, and coconut oil, which help to smooth and soften tough hair.

The shampoo's thick and creamy formula leaves your hair looking healthy, smooth, and lustrous. This shampoo defrizzes the hair and is appropriate for thick and coarse hair. It also nourishes your hair and minimizes the appearance of broken ends.

Ogx Salon Technology Restoring + Bonding ‘plex Shampoo

Try OGX Salon Technology Restoring + Bonding ‘Plex Shampoo at home if you want salon-like hair protection. With its three-step composition, this shampoo is packed with cystine and vegetable proteins to help repair damaged hair strands.

Your damaged hair will benefit from our unique formula's excellent protection and deep conditioning. This shampoo also enhances your hair's luster and structure.

Ogx Healing + Vitamin E Shampoo

OGX Healing + Vitamin E Shampoo is a sulfate-free, lightweight, and hydrating shampoo. It contains vitamin E and is ideal for dry and damaged hair.

Its formula smooths your hair's exterior layer, reducing the appearance of split ends and frizz for healthier hair. It aids in the reduction of heat-related damage. It also improves the suppleness of the hair.

Ogx Hydrate & Color Reviving + Sunflower Shimmering Blonde Shampoo

The OGX Hydrate & Color Reviving + Sunflower Shimmering Blonde Shampoo is ideal for blondes and highlights. It infuses a moisture-rich combination of honey and sunflower extract into your golden blonde hair strands, helping to brighten warm tones and give them a dazzling shine.

It has UVA/UVB sun filters that shield your hair color from the sun's harmful rays. This color-reviving shampoo also nourishes and detangles your hair.

Ogx Thick & Full + Biotin & Collagen Shampoo

The finest shampoo for volume is OGX Thick & Full + Biotin & Collagen Shampoo. Collagen, vitamin B7, biotin, and hydrolyzed wheat protein are all added to infuse nutrition into each hair strand. This unique combination of natural substances gives your hair a fuller, shinier appearance.

Biotin offers vitamins that promote hair development and supply nutrition for each strand of hair. Your hair will be thicker, fuller, and healthier after using this thickening shampoo. Collagen and wheat proteins, for example, enhance volume and protect hair from damage.

Ogx Purifying + Charcoal Detox Shampoo

The finest clarifying shampoo is OGX Purifying + Charcoal Detox Shampoo. Try this shampoo if you want to give your hair a deep-cleansing detox. It contains charcoal powder and kaolin clay, which help to cleanse your hair.

The chemicals in this detox shampoo break down the build-up to restore the health of your hair's cuticles, which have become dull and clogged. This clarifying shampoo nourishes your hair, giving it a healthy shine. Kaolin clay is a natural detoxifier that absorbs all of the toxins in your hair and scalp. It also eliminates excess oil, giving your hair a lustrous, clean, and healthy appearance.

About The Authors

Katharine Tate

Katharine Tate - I’m a native of Massachusetts, where I earned bachelor's degrees in Health, Science, Society, and Policy and Sculpture from Brandeis University. I enjoy assisting and inspiring women in all aspects of their lives, and I consider myself a partner in their OB an GYN treatment. I particularly enjoy forming relationships with young women and assisting them in determining their healthcare needs and goals. I love to travel, create metal and fiber art, cook, and spend time outside. Also, I’m fluent in both German and American Sign Language.

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