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Discover The Caribbean: 3 Best Citizenship Programs To Consider

Caribbean islands attract tourists and wealthy entrepreneurs. Foreigners who have visited Malta or another country seek to obtain a second citizenship.

Tobey Strickland
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Caribbean islands attract tourists and wealthy entrepreneurs. Foreigners who have visited Malta or another country seek to obtain a second citizenship. Fortunately, this has no difficulties because the states offer unique opportunities for investors.
The cost of participation, available areas, and processing time depend on country-specific conditions. You can learn more about Investment Immigration Programsat Passportivity's agent consultation. In addition, useful information is available in this review.

Benefits of Caribbean Citizenship

It is worth exploring Caribbean countries' options because of the exceptional advantage. The programs provide not only an acceptable amount of investment but also:
  • fast processing of applications without obligatory visits;
  • possibility to use the local taxation system;
  • availability of several investment options (bonds, property, business).
You do not need to study the language or history of the country to obtain a Caribbean second passport. It is enough to contribute to public funds or the economic sphere. This way, the passport holder gets the opportunity of movement around the world without a visa and to apply for one upon arrival.

How to Apply for Caribbean Citizenship?

Certified agents help you apply for the program. They offer to familiarize you with the requirements and prepare the documents. You do not have to be present in the country; lawyers and consultants do the bureaucratic work.
To apply, you need to provide:
  • proof of legal employment and tax payment;
  • a criminal record;
  • information on a valid visa;
  • data on the availability of funds for investment;
  • a medical statement on the health condition.
Including close relatives in the application requires the preparation of a similar package of papers, except for the state of the bank account. The processing time does not depend on this.

3 Best Caribbean Citizenship Programs

Studying the main characteristics will allow you to evaluate the Caribbean Islands' best programs adequately. So, pay attention to the number of investment options, processing time, and requirements for applicants.

Grenada Citizenship Program

Caribbean citizenship program in Grenada is characterized by a small cost of participation from 150 to 220 thousand dollars. The final price depends on the number of applicants, but the increase is only 50 thousand. The features of the offer are:
  • the possibility to obtain a visa to visit the States;
  • buying real estate or part of a company;
  • switching to a simplified taxation system.
It takes about six months to verify the applicant and his family. There is no need to visit the country in person during the period. Detailed information on Grenada citizenship by investmentis provided once the option and number of applicants are confirmed.

St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship Program

It is the oldest program available. Due to the long period of use, foreigners have no problems with participation in the offer. The amount of investment is from 150 thousand dollars. The government offers to purchase property with a holding period of 5 or 7 years.
The return on investment is equal to 5 years. The investor can return the spent capital or sell the real estate. The passport remains valid, and there is no need to renew it.

Dominica Citizenship Program

A non-refundable contribution of 100 thousand dollars to the state fund will allow you to obtain island citizenship. You can buy real estate if this option does not meet your requirements. In this case, the price of a passport rises to 200,000 dollars.
Diversification of the stock portfolio, visa-free travel, and a favorable tax payment system make this program of Caribbean citizenship by investment an excellent option. The perfect business environment and many opportunities to try tourism deserve attention.


Moving to another country does not have to be a hassle, as proven by the unique offers of the Caribbean islands. There are no strict requirements, and many wealthy immigrants are eligible for indefinite citizenship. Since the government does not oblige foreigners to visit the country, immigration will occur at an acceptable pace.
Expert consultation and lawyers' practical assistance will help you quickly pass from a foreigner to a full-fledged resident. Loyal conditions and a high standard of living are available to the applicant and his dependents. This way, a better future for children and elderly parents is ensured.
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