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Best casinos in Canada you must visit

Best casinos in Canada you must visit

Canada is a great tourist attraction boasting of the best that nature has to offer. Among the greatest tourist attractions that Canada has to offer are the land-based casinos. Gambling in Canada dates back years ago when the first casino was established. The list of casinos in Canada is endless.

Iram Martins
Sep 17, 2021

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Canada is a great tourist attraction boasting of the best that nature has to offer. Among the greatest tourist attractions that Canada has to offer are the land-based casinos. Gambling in Canada dates back years ago when the first casino was established. The list of casinos in Canada is endless. 

What is more fascinating is the fact that most of the casinos in Canada have a touch of elegance and offer unmatched luxury. The sole aim of the casinos in Canada is to provide patrons with a memorable experience in their casinos such that they keep coming back to the establishments. According to our expert Michelle Thomas, if you are planning a visit to Canada, these are the best land casinos that you should make a point of visiting:

Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casinos

Caesars Windsor Hotel & Casino is one household name when it comes to matters casinos. The luxurious casino has been reviewed by many as one of the best casinos in Canada. Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino boasts of many accolades to its name, including being named the casino of the year 18 times by the Casino Player Magazine. Most of the players in the prestigious casino are mostly from Canada and the USA as its borders the USA. 

Games collection

Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casinos offers a wide variety of games, including more than 2,200+ Slots and an additional 80 Table Games. The luxurious casino is also known for having 14 different poker tables, which allow for playing Texas Hold'Em. The casino has also joined the online space, and its sportsbook app is featured on the online casinos platform.


The casino also boasts of having massive screens, which ensure that the players never miss a chance to watch exclusive sports content. It is also important to note that the Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino slots are equipped with Total Touch Technology. This means that you do not have to go through the hustle of calling a waiter to order drinks.

Instead, you can do this directly from your slot machine. The casino also offers numerous promotional offers to their loyal customers, including vouchers that can be used to purchase items from their gift shops and also stake while playing casino games.

Niagara Falls View Casino Resort

If you fancy a nice view with a touch of nature's best, then the Falls view Casino Resort is the place to be in. The luxurious casino which was built in 2004 by the Ontario Government, is believed to be the largest casino in Canada, boasting of covering an area of 200,000 sq. ft. The Falls view Resort Casino was a successful multi-billion investment by the Ontario government, which continues to bear fruit to date. The casino overlooks the famous Horseshoe Falls on the cliff. 


Suppose you are looking for the most various gaming options. In that case, this is the place as this casino boasts of a total of 3,000 slot machines with 100 gaming tables distributed in the casino premises. The casino is also equipped with all types of games ranging from poker, roulette, and blackjack.


The social amenities in the FallsView Casino Resort are also endless. These include a massive massage spa and a fitness center that can accommodate all their patrons. One additional advantage of visiting the FallsView Casino Resort is that it has an accommodation facility. The facility boasts of a 374-room capacity all equipped to deliver uttermost satisfaction to its clients.

Casino De Montreal

Casino De Montréal is one of the household names when it comes to the best casinos in Canada. Casino De Montreal is perhaps the oldest and most visited casino in Canada. The casino's architecture is spectacular, boasting  5 well-decorated gaming floors. 

The casino boasts of offering a variety of games top on the list is100 gaming tables and 3,000 slots evenly distributed across all gaming floors to satisfy the more than 18,000 visitors who visit the casino daily.

What's more, is that the casino offers free nonalcoholic drinks to their clients. The casino recently celebrated its 25th anniversary and offered the players a slot tournament where the winner stood a chance to walk away with the ultimate winning of $250,000.

If you are planning to visit Canada, make sure you visit the best on-water casino or any of the discussed casinos for the ultimate gaming experience.

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