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Besso Harper - Ben Harper's Youngest Son

The legendary artist can't help but beam with pride when he thinks of his five offspring, all of whom were born to different women. He is now married to his third wife, Jaclyn Matfus. Besso Harper is the only child of Jaclyn Harper and Ben Harper, both of whom are active in the social advocacy community.

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The world of music is home to a number of artists who have attained very high levels of fame for themselves. There have been many singers throughout history who have made their mark on the world. One such name is that of Ben Harper. Ben was given the name Benjamin Charles Harper at birth, and he is the recipient of a number of awards, including three Grammys.
The legendary artist can't help but beam with pride when he thinks of his five offspring, all of whom were born to different women. He is now married to his third wife, Jaclyn Matfus. Besso Harperis the only child of Jaclyn Harper and Ben Harper, both of whom are active in the social advocacy community.
The public became aware of the five-year-old youngster when he appeared on his father's social media platforms with his father. At such a tender age, it seems like Besso will follow in his father's footsteps in the not-too-distant future. Because of Ben's prominence, a lot of people are interested in learning more about his daughter, Besso Harper.

Quick Facts About Besso Harper

Full name Besso Harper
Age 5 years old
Family NameHarper
Birth CountryUnited States
Height2 Feet 8 inch

Siblings Of Besso Harper

Besso Harper is the youngest of five children, despite the fact that he is the first child that his mother, Jaclyn, had with his father. Indeed, in addition to him, his father is responsible for raising four additional children, all of whom came from his father's prior relationship.
Therefore, this indicates that he has a total of four older half-siblings. Besso's grandfather, Ben, was married to Joanna when he had his first child, Charles Harper, who was born in 1997. Charles is Besso's older brother.
Afterward, they welcomed a new member into their family, a baby girl whom they called Harris and who was born in the year 2000. In reference to their union, they exchanged their vows in the year 1996 and divorced the following year (2000), although they didn't become legally single until the following year (2001).
After going through a divorce with his first wife, the three-time Grammy winner started a relationship with actress Laura Dern. On December 23, 2005, the couple tied the knot and became a married couple. Yes, Laura Dern, who has won the Golden Award twice, is Ben's second wife after he divorced his first wife.
Besso's father and his second wife were able to grow their family with the help of their two children. The former couple had both of their children before they tied the knot. Ellery Walker, who was born in August 2001, and Jaya, who was born in November 2004, were both raised by their parents.
Concerning Ben and Laura's decision to end their marriage, the first signs of trouble in their relationship emerged in 2010. Ben was the one who initiated the divorce proceedings by claiming that the couple had irreconcilable disagreements. Nevertheless, after some time had passed, they were able to reconcile, but Laura rekindled the divorce proceedings by submitting a response to the court in July 2012. As a direct result of this action, the divorce between them was completed in September 2013.

Will Besso Take After His Father And Continue In The Same Line Of Work?

The child who belongs to Ben Harper is brought up in a musical household. Besso Harper comes from a musically talented family; his father is a renowned musician and instrumentalist. The vocalist has built up a strong reputation in the field of music throughout the course of their career. In addition to this, it's possible that Besso's father inspired his son to have an interest in music when he was young.
Additionally, Besso's father makes an effort to initiate him, his half-siblings, and himself into the world of music. In an interview with Fatherly, he revealed that he played music for his unborn children and helped them write their first songs while they were still in the womb. He also added that he sang to them before they were born.
Ben went on to say that he used to position the speaker so that it was exactly over his partner's stomach, and he would play music by a variety of musicians, including Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, A Tribe Called Quest, and Bob Dylan. It's possible that he behaved in the same manner when Jaclyn was pregnant with Besso.
Therefore, there is no telling whether or not Besso will grow up to become an exceptional musician. Who knows? It's possible that he'll even top his father in terms of achievement. Additionally, his father will most likely support him in whatever decision he makes about his professional life. Therefore, let us all keep our fingers crossed that Ben's kid has a successful career.
Ben Harper and Jaclyn Matfus
Ben Harper and Jaclyn Matfus

The Early Life Of Besso Harper's Father

Benjamin Charles Harper was born on October 28th, 1969, in the city of Pomona, California. Ben Harper is his stage name. He is the son of Ellen Harper Verdries and Leonard Harper, who passed away before his birth. Ben's father was of African-American and Cherokee descent, while Ben's mother is Jewish.
Ben's mother is Jewish. Ben was just 5 years old when his parents got divorced, and he and his brothers, Peter and Joel, remained with Ellen's family throughout their childhood. Ben started learning to play the guitar when he was a youngster, and his maternal grandparents founded the Folk Music Center and Museum, where Harper now works.
Harper played his first show when he was only 12 years old, and he taught himself how to play slide guitar when he was a teenager.

The Career Of Besso Harper's Father

Ben contributed to Taj Mahal's 1990 album "Follow the Drinking Gourd" after being asked to tour with him. In 1992, Harper collaborated with Tom Freund on the limited-edition album "Pleasure and Pain" before Virgin Records offered him a lifetime record contract.
On February 8, 1994, he released his first studio album, "Welcome to the Cruel World," which peaked at #11 in France and was certified Platinum in the United States, Gold in Canada, and gold in Australia. "Fight for Your Mind," Ben's follow-up single from 1995, earned platinum in Canada and garnered gold status in the US and France. It peaked at number seven in New Zealand.
In 1996, he put out the EP "Ben Harper Tour EP," which was followed by the albums "The Will to Live" (1997) and "Burn to Shine" (1999). In France and Australia, "The Will to Live" was certified Gold, while in Australia, New Zealand, and France, "Burn to Shine" was awarded Platinum status. The track "Steal My Kisses" from the album "Burn to Shine" peaked at number one on the "Billboard" Adult Alternative Airplay chart and number fifteen on the Adult Top 40 list.
"Diamonds on the Inside," Ben's fifth album from 2003, earned 2x Platinum in Australia and New Zealand and peaked at number one in Italy, number two in Australia, France, and New Zealand, and number three in Switzerland.
He contributed to the Grammy-winning Toots and the Maytals album "True Love" in 2004 and joined the group onstage for a performance on "Saturday Night Live." Along with The Blind Boys of Alabama, Harper also recorded the album "There Will Be a Light" in that year, which peaked at number one in France and Italy. Ben's 2006 double album, "Both Sides of the Gun," hit number one in Australia, Italy, and New Zealand and was certified platinum in Australia, France, and New Zealand.
The album "Lifeline," which was published by Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals in 2007, peaked at number one in France, Italy, and Switzerland. In 2009, Ben Harper and Relentless7 followed that up with the album "White Lies for Dark Times." Around this period, Ben and Vanessa da Mata also worked together on the song "Boa Sorte/Good Luck," which took home the Prêmio Multishow for Best Song.
He founded the band Fistful of Mercy in 2010 with Joseph Arthur and George Harrison's son Dhani, and they issued the album "As I Call You Down" later that year. After releasing the album "Give Till It's Gone" in 2011, Harper worked with Charlie Musselwhite on the songs "Get Up!" from 2013 and "No Mercy in This Land" from 2018, as well as "Childhood Home" from 2014 with his mother Ellen.
Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals came back together for the 2016 album "Call It What It Is," after which he issued the instrumental albums "Winter Is For Lovers" and "Bloodline Maintenance" in 2020 and 2022, respectively. Additionally, Harper co-produced the 2013 album "Mother" by Natalie Maines and wrote and produced all 11 songs on the 2019 Mavis Staples album "We Get By."
Ben Harper son Ellery and daughter Jaya with ex wife Laura Dern
Ben Harper son Ellery and daughter Jaya with ex wife Laura Dern

Awards And Nominations Of Besso Harper Father

Harper has been nominated for seven Grammys, winning two of them—the Best Pop Instrumental Performance Grammy in 2005 for "11th Commandment" and the Best Traditional Soul Gospel Album Grammy in 2005 for "There Will Be A Light"—and the Best Blues Album Grammy in 2014 for "Get Up!"
His other nominations included "There Will Be a Light" (2005) for Best Gospel Performance, "Paris Sunrise #7" (2008) for Best Pop Instrumental Performance, "I'm in, I'm Out, and I'm Gone: The Making of Get Up!" (2014) for Best Music Film, and "No Mercy in This Land" (2019) for Best Traditional Blues Album.
Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite received the Blues Music Award for Song of the Year in 2019 for their collaboration on "Mercy in This Land." In 2003, the French edition of "Rolling Stone" awarded Ben Artist of the Year.

Some Interesting Facts About Besso Harper

  • Besso Harper is the only child of Jaclyn Harper and Ben Harper, both of whom are active in the social advocacy community.
  • Through his appearances on his father's many social media channels, he was able to get noticed.
  • Besso has a close relationship with his four half-brothers and sisters, namely Jaya Harper, Ellery Waler Harper, Harris Harper, and Charles Joseph Harper.
  • His African, American, and Cherokee heritage comes from his grandfather, Leonard Harper, and his grandmother, Ellen Harper Verdries.
  • Besso's grandmother, Ellen Harper, is the author of the autobiography titled "Always A Song: Singers, Songwriters, Sinners, and Saints: My Story of the Folk Music Revival."
  • Ben Harper, Besso's father, has gone through the process of being married and divorced three times.
  • Although he does not maintain his own social media accounts, you may find him on his father's Instagram account.
  • Besso has dark brown hair that is wavy and eyes of the same color.
  • He and his father, as well as his grandmother, have a lot of fun going to the Folk Music Center together.
  • Besso takes great pleasure in hearing his father's music.
  • Ben Harper is good friends with Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen DeGeneres, both of whom host talk shows.
  • Besso's father is a co-owner of the skating company known as "Roller Horror."

Ben Harper dishes on new album

Besso Harper's Net Worth

Besso Harper, inherited his father Ben Harper's lavish lifestyle, a multi-award-winning singer, composer, and guitarist. He has an amazing $10 million in net worth. Benjamin makes a sizable income via tours, endorsements, and business agreements. Ben has received three Grammy Awards thus far.

People Also Ask

Who Exactly Are Besso Harper's Mother And Father?

Jaclyn Harper and Ben Harper are Besso Harper's parents. Besso is their only child.

How Many More Brothers And Sisters Does Besso Have?

Jaya Harper, Ellery Waler Harper, Harris Harper, and Charles Joseph Harper are Besso's three brothers and sisters, respectively.

What Is The Name Of Besso's Maternal Grandmother?

The name Ellen Harper Verdries was given to Besso's grandmother when she was born.

What Is The Total Number Of Times That Ben Harper Has Been Married?

Ben Harper has gone through three different marriages in his life.

Is There Any Evidence That Besso Uses Social Media?

No, Besso does not maintain a presence on any social networking platforms.

What Is The Title Of The Memoir That Besso's Father Wrote?

Ellen Harper, Besso's grandmother, penned the autobiography "Always A Song: Singers, Songwriters, Sinners, and Saints, My Story of the Folk Music Revival."


The infant son of social activists Jaclyn Harper and Ben Harper, Besso Harper, has already attracted notice and notoriety. Besso has the opportunity to be in the limelight thanks to his participation on his father's Instagram account, despite the fact that he may not have a personal social media profile.
Besso's renown is largely credited to his close ties to his family, including his father's prosperous music career and his siblings' successes in a variety of industries. Being surrounded by great people and coming from a powerful family surely helped Besso get visibility. Besso has a potential propensity to follow in his father's footsteps, signaling the prospect of a great career in the entertainment sector. He has brown eyes and wavy brown hair, and he loves spending time at the Folk Music Center with his father and grandmother.
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