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Ben Abbott - An Expert Blacksmith

If you win once, many people will think it was a fluke, but if you win twice, no one will ever doubt your mastery, which is exactly what Ben Abbott did. Ben, a skilled swordsmith, won the reality TV show Forged in Fire not once, but twice.

Amandeep Coleman
Feb 14, 202310 Shares336 Views
If you win once, many people will think it was a fluke, but if you win twice, no one will ever doubt your mastery, which is exactly what Ben Abbottdid. Ben, a skilled swordsmith, won the reality TV show Forged in Fire not once, but twice.
Ben won the prize for the first time in 2016. He won the ninth episode of the second season and was crowned champion in the only episode dedicated to the champion. Ben was also invited to work as a judge replacing Neilson in some episodes during the fifth and sixth seasons after his talent was recognized. In this article, we'll take a closer look at Ben Abbott's wiki bio.
Ben Abbott, like the vast majority of other professional swordsmiths working during his time period, never had a master to whom he could look for guidance. The fact that the man educated himself from the ground up accounts for the erratic appearance of his style.
On closer inspection, however, it becomes clear that Ben employs a systematic approach to the production of some of the most effective weapons. Ben made his first blade when he was 13 years old and has been making them ever since.
Around this time, Ben became very interested in the arms and armor that were displayed in the various castles and museums throughout England. Ben began the process of forging his own blade when he was prevented from purchasing a sword at the time.

Quick Facts

Full Name Benjamin Abbott
Date of birth The 18th of January, 1972
Birthplace England, United Kingdom
Age 52 years old
Sun sign Capricorn


Ben's birth date is on the 18th of January, 1972. He is now 51 at this time. Although Abbott was born in England, his family emigrated to the United States and settled in California in 1975.
Rich is the only sibling he has. Abbott related how his frequent trips to visit his family in the United Kingdom gave him the opportunity to see old castles and weapons, which sparked his interest in what would eventually become his line of work.
When Abbott was 12 years old, he experimented with fashioning a sword for himself out of a discarded leaf spring, which is a relatively simple type of spring that is used for the suspension of vehicles.
Ben fashioned his own forge out of Kingsford Lighters, a hair dryer, and a galvanized steel buck because there wasn't exactly a local forge that he could try his hand at. It should not have been a surprise that his attempts were unsuccessful; however, he had discovered his true calling.
After conducting as much research on the topic as he could in the neighborhood library, Abbott attempted to make riveted chainmail around the same time. Again, he was constrained by his lack of resources, but he persevered and was eventually able to secure a meeting with the curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Even though the curator was missing, he was still able to provide him with additional research materials.


Ben Abbot is primarily a self-taught blacksmith who spends hours each day conducting research and studying. In the days before the Internet, it was necessary for him to collect any and all pieces of information he could find.
As soon as he had access to the Internet, he was able to make use of a virtually infinite number of resources, get in touch with experts, watch other people at work, and participate in classes. Ben claimed that he had attended a number of blacksmithing classes, but he had never attended a blacksmithing class.
He asserts that this has provided him with an advantage in the industry because he is able to fashion tools in his capacity as a blacksmith that enable him to perform the duties of his job more effectively.
Ben possesses a high level of intelligence and is trained to work in the field of electrical engineering. In addition, he attended Binghamton University from 1989 until 1993 and graduated with a degree in anthropology from that institution.
Additionally, between the years 1997 and 2000, he studied electrical engineering at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree.


Ben wasn't always able to devote his time to refining blades and knives, and for many years he had to make do with whatever came his way. Tools, furniture, ornamental ironwork, and jewelry are just a few of the things he makes to satisfy his creative urge.

Forged in Fire: Bonus: Ben Abbott's Home Forge Tour | History

Beginning in 2000, Ben Abbott worked as an electrical engineer at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Ben was also a member of a team of scientists working on LIGO, a high-tech device designed to detect the effects of gravity and associated waves.
After student Tom Harris completed research into the device behind "Greek Fire," a group of students began pushing for the construction of a forge on the site in 2012. Already having two decades of experience, Ben volunteered to teach metalworking once the blacksmith arrived, which was accepted - a LIGO report in 2018 reveals that he left LIGO to pursue his career on " Forged in Fire".
"Forged in Fire" is a History Channel elimination competition. Four candidates are put through a battery of tests to determine their aptitude as blacksmiths. The final round concludes with the contestants creating historically themed weapons and testing them on ballistic dummies.
The show debuted on June 22, 2015, and is currently in its seventh season. On April 12, 2016, Ben Abbot made his first appearance in episode nine of the second season. Despite the fact that this was his first time making the sword, he had long wished to do so and won the episode with his recreation of a Khanda sword, walking away with $10,000.
His performance on the show was so impressive that he was invited to the "Champion of Champions" episode on August 23 of the same year, where he won again with his Scottish Claymore, this time claiming additional prizes.
As the judges took time away from the show to pursue other interests and live their lives, Ben Abbott was asked to fill one of the show's empty spots.
He made his first appearance as a judge in the fourth series' 21st episode, and he continued to make guest appearances in subsequent episodes. Ben now runs his own forge, where he creates almost anything you can think of.
The Forge does not necessarily stock a large number of products, instead focusing on custom orders. Ben reinvested his show earnings directly into his business, upgrading and progressing until he had a functional forge.
He combines woodworking and blacksmithing to create beautiful knife handles, jewelry, and other items. His wife attributes everything in their kitchen to him, from carving knives to pots and pans. His inventiveness extends to the food industry, where chefs laud his knives' efficiency and functionality.

Net Worth

Ben Abbott's net worth is $2 million as of 2023. Aside from being a TV phenomenon, Ben Abbott's knives, jewelry, and swords make him a lot of money.

People Also Ask

Is Ben Undefeated In Forged In Fire?

Ben Abbott, a former competitor turned Judge, is still unbeaten in the forge.

When Did Ben Abbott First Appear Forged In Fire?

He first appeared on the Season 2 episode "The Khanda" and later became a judge, beginning with the Season 4 episode "Ultimate Champions Edition".

Why Does Ben Abbott Hold His Side?

He was most likely instructed to do so to ensure that his left hand is always in a secure location.

Final Words

Ben was previously married and is currently in a relationship. Despite the fact that the length and details of his marriage to Mandy are unknown, he continued to refer to her as his wife in 2017. In 2019, he met choreographer Heather Rabu, with whom he became incredibly close and is now reportedly in a romantic relationship. Ben announced the couple's pregnancy in an endearing Instagram post on May 8, 2020.
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