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Treat Yourself - Unforgettable Jewelry From Bauble Bar

Spark Joy! Indulge in statement pieces & everyday treasures from Bauble Bar. Find your next obsession with unique, on-trend jewelry.

Elisa Mueller
Feb 01, 202439 Shares9731 Views
If you're a fan of scoring bargains on statement necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or rings from inexpensive jewelry sites, you might think about purchasing fashion jewelry via Bauble Bar. As online boutiques have grown in popularity, it was inevitable that affordable jewelry sites offering discounted fashion jewelry would emerge online. For those women who don't want to break the bank on fashionable statement items, discovering top jewelry websites becomes essential.

Welcome To BaubleBar

BaubleBaris renowned for being a top choice among affordable jewelry websites, offering an extensive array of accessories including scarves, bags, wallets, and sunglasses.
Founded in 2011 by Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky, BaubleBar is dedicated to bringing women into the world of fashionable, yet budget-friendly, jewelry and accessories. Their belief is that while investing in key jewelry pieces is important, staying trendy with fashionable items shouldn't drain your finances.
BaubleBar's achievement can be attributed to its strong dedication to not only offering reasonably priced fashion jewelry online but also ensuring quick and efficient delivery.
BaubleBar's designers are capable of transforming emerging fashion trends into unique pieces in as little as eight weeks.
Based in New York City, BaubleBar designs all their jewelry in-house. They consistently introduce new products on their website each week and have organized their offerings into three distinct brand segments:
  • BaubleBar- Fashionable accessories and fashion jewelry available online.
  • SUGARFIX by BaubleBar -A line exclusively sold at Target.
  • Powered by BaubleBar- A private label division dedicated to assisting retailers in expanding their accessories lines.

Distinguishing Features Of BaubleBar Jewelry

In a market flooded with choices for statement necklaces, rings, bracelets, and various other fashion jewelry pieces online, what is it that makes BaubleBar jewelry stand out?
Our analysis of BaubleBar identified several distinct features that make BaubleBar jewelry unique:
  • Exceptional Quality for the Price
  • Proactive Customer Support
  • Adaptable Shipping and Return Options
  • Rewarding Points System
Moving forward, we've compiled a list of our top picks from BaubleBar.

Our Favorite Pieces From Halloween Collection

A collage of skeleton earrings and a girl wearing those skeleton earrings
A collage of skeleton earrings and a girl wearing those skeleton earrings

Pumpkin Earrings

BaubleBar's Oh My Gourd Pumpkin Stud Earrings ($24). These charming festive earrings are irresistibly adorable, sure to attract a plethora of compliments and prompt your friends to exclaim, "Oh my gourd!" – we couldn't resist the pun.
These jewelry items are adorned with small, multicolored stones that shimmer enchantingly when caught in the light.

Skeleton Earrings

BaubleBar's Bonafide Bones Earrings ($54). For those with a profound passion for Halloween, these dangling skeleton earrings are a must-have. These striking pieces are among BaubleBar's top sellers and have even caught the attention of celebrities such as Kate Hudson and Kourtney Kardashian.

Holiday-Themed Bracelet Collection

BaubleBar's Too Cute to Spook Pisa Bracelet Set ($25). This beaded bracelet set allows even the youngsters to join in the Halloween excitement.
Among BaubleBar's most sought-after items, the Pisa Bracelets, this special edition transforms the beloved accessory with festive Halloween charms, including pumpkins, ghosts, candy corn, and others.

Luminous Ear Cuff Collection

BaubleBar's You Glow Girl Ear Cuff Set ($24). Given that Halloween festivities often extend well into the late hours (particularly for those embarking on a spooky party tour), these glow-in-the-dark hoop earrings are perfect for keeping your festive style noticeable all the way into the early hours of All Hallows' Eve.

Bat Earrings

BaubleBar's Batty For You Earrings ($36). Elevate your Halloween attire with these glittering bat studs. Adorned with tiny crystals, these festive earrings provide a gentle sparkle. Crafted with a solid design, these Halloween-themed earringsare surprisingly light, ensuring comfort without ear irritation or heaviness, even after wearing them throughout the day.

Witch Earrings

BaubleBar's What You Witch For Glow-in-the-Dark Earrings ($42). Step away from the ordinary witch persona with these charming stud earrings. These delicate pieces capture the quintessential image of a witch, featuring bright red lips, a green-tinted face, and a classic pointed black hat.

Spiderweb Hoop Earrings

BaubleBar Disney Mickey Mouse Spiderweb Hoop Earrings ($58). These charming spiderweb hoop earrings, featuring a Mickey Mousehead silhouette, are likely to be snapped up quickly – faster than you can utter "Boo!" Ideal for enhancing even the most basic Halloween attire, these large hoops are a delightful addition to your festive look.

Disney Villain Earrings

BaubleBar Disney Maleficent Earrings ($48). Embrace your dark side this Halloween with these sparkling, gem-encrusted studs, perfect for embodying Disney's legendary antagonist, Maleficent.
These earrings are versatile enough to complement a full Maleficent costume or to add a touch of wicked glamour to any outfit. Whichever way you choose to wear them, expect to receive plenty of admiring remarks.

Perfect Picks For Summers

A collage of a girl wearing nameplate necklace and two nameplate necklaces
A collage of a girl wearing nameplate necklace and two nameplate necklaces
Continue reading to discover our top picks from the brand, perfect for beginning your summer wardrobe!

BaubleBar Personalized Slider Bracelet, Priced At $48

Having sold close to 250,000 of their custom Pisa bracelets, BaubleBar has recently launched an innovative version of this piece – the custom slider bracelet. This new design includes an adjustable toggle, ensuring a perfect fit for any size.
Moreover, it offers full customization options, allowing you to choose from a variety of colors, metals, sparkles, enamels, gems, crystals, and pavé settings to suit your personal style.

BaubleBar Personalized iPhone Case, Priced At $68

If you're searching for a unique, personalized iPhone case, BaubleBar has got you covered. The brand boasts an extensive selection of colors, fonts, and styles to suit any aesthetic preference.

BaubleBar Personalized Throw Blanket, Starting At $78

BaubleBar has perfected the art of creating personalized throw blankets that are as Instagram-worthy as they are comfortable.
Select from an array of styles, colors, and designs, and add a personal touch by customizing your chosen blanket with your name or initial, enhancing your couch-cuddling experience.

BaubleBar Custom Nameplate Necklace, Priced At $138

BaubleBar offers a sophisticated twist on the classic nameplate necklace, available in three distinct fonts and four different chain styles, allowing you to create your desired look.

BaubleBar Lauren 18K Gold Earring Collection, Priced At $88

BaubleBar presents a diverse range of earrings, from bold statement pieces that accentuate an outfit to simpler designs for daily wear, like these 18K gold huggies. The Lauren set includes three distinct styles, offering the versatility to be worn individually or in combination.

Customer Service

SWAT Stylists

BaubleBar refers to its customer service team as Service With Accessorizing Talent (SWAT). Whether you have inquiries about your order, seek advice on a specific style, or require any other shopping assistance, a SWAT stylist is readily available for contact via phone or email.
Furthermore, these services are available for complimentary accessorizing advice at any time. Customers have the option to receive styling assistance through email, messenger, or video chat, which offers a closer look at BaubleBar's jewelry pieces.
Here's how you can leverage this process to discover new fashion jewelry online:
  • Share photos of your planned outfit with your SWAT stylist, and they will select accessories that complement it perfectly.
  • Receive expert advice on layering, mixing, and matching accessories like a pro.
  • Your stylist will demonstrate the pieces, allowing you to understand their size and weight before making a purchase.
  • Brides and bridesmaids can receive styling for all events, from the bridal shower to the wedding day.

Complimentary Shipping & Returns

BaubleBar brand is notably more accommodating than other budget-friendly jewelry websites.
Every order placed within the U.S. enjoys complimentary shipping, irrespective of the order value. Adding to the convenience, orders include a prepaid label for cost-free returns, allowing you to experiment with new BaubleBar jewelry risk-free, without the concern of being left with discount fashion jewelry that falls short of your standards.
It's worth noting that orders might take up to three days to process, so for those needing quicker delivery, expedited shipping options are available for an extra charge.

Loyalty Points Program

BaubleBar's complimentary loyalty program, The Vault, grants points for each purchase. You earn one point for every dollar spent, and for every ten points accumulated, you get $1 to use on future BaubleBar purchases.
So, if you spend $100 on BaubleBar jewelry, you'll receive $10 to use on your subsequent buy.
Upon creating a BaubleBar account, every new member is instantly included in The Vault loyalty program, and gains access to these perks:
  • Receive an immediate BaubleBar promotional code for a 15% discount on your initial buy.
  • Get 150 Vault points when you refer a friend.
  • Use your Vault points on subsequent purchases for additional savings, applicable even when using a BaubleBar promo code.

Frequently Asked Questions - Bauble Bar

What Is The Financial Performance Of BaubleBar?

BaubleBar's revenue is $17.0 million.BaubleBar has 175 employees, and the revenue per employee ratio is $97,142. BaubleBar peak revenue was $17.0M in 2022.

What Is Similar To BaubleBar?

BaubleBar's top competitors include Gemvara, Showroomprive, and C. Wonder. Gemvara operates as an online retailer of jewelry. It is an online shopping site for creating custom designer necklaces, rings, and earrings.

Is BaubleBar Real Jewelry?

At BaubleBar, they use the highest possible carat (18K) for all of our gold-plated sterling silver pieces, with the exception of a few items that are made in 14K in order to increase longevity. their18K gold plating is .25 microns thick.


BaubleBar stands out in the realm of online fashion jewelry with its unique blend of style, affordability, and customer-centric services. From the vast selection of trendy pieces to the personalized shopping experiences offered through their SWAT team, BaubleBar caters to a diverse range of tastes and preferences. Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or accentuating your daily wardrobe, BaubleBar offers an exceptional shopping experience that makes it a go-to destination for fashion-forward jewelry enthusiasts.
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