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Bar Poker Open National Championship: $200K Winning Reward Worth

It gives us great pleasure to announce that we will be returning to the Golden Nugget Las Vegas on October 10 – 16, 2021 for our 5th year and what will undoubtedly be our biggest championship and tournament series to date. We look forward to seeing you there!

Jaya Mckeown
Sep 12, 202174 Shares74384 Views
Following the most difficult period for our industry, which spanned from 2020 to 2021, as well as being forced to take a year off from Las Vegas and Atlantic City due to the epidemic,
It gives us great pleasure to announce that we will be returning to the Golden Nugget Las Vegas on October 10 – 16, 2021 for our 5th year and what will undoubtedly be our biggest championship and tournament series to date. We look forward to seeing you there!
Thanks to the incredible team at Golden Nugget Poker in 2019, we were able to achieve a $285,000 payment in the 2019 National Championship and more than $1.3 million in OPEN event payouts throughout the course of the 7-day tournament.
As a result of the "PRO" Memberships continuing our bar poker action online in 2021, and despite the fact that we have gone nearly a full year without hosting a bar poker event, we fully anticipate that the 2021 National Championship will reach and exceed a $400,000 Payout with YOUR attendance and the new tournament format!
Despite all that has happened to us, we will continue our trend and goal of shattering our own world records and creating the "World's Largest, The Funniest, and the Absolute Most Rewarding Bar Poker Championships on Earth!"

A Complete Guideline For Bar Poker Open

Use this form to begin the process of creating a Riverchasers Poker Tour-affiliated account. You may participate in private Riverchasers events, climb our leaderboards for special events, and receive Riverchasers League unique items if your account is linked to Riverchasers. It costs nothing to be a part of the Riverchasers Poker Tour.
After submitting the form, Riverchasers staff will check to see whether you are currently associated with another league and will respond via email. Please give us up to 24 hours to respond.
The Bar Poker Open is a massive community of bar poker players, as well as a series of high-stakes tournaments, entertaining parties, and a National Championship Invitational.
The Final Tables are played on the same WPT (c) final table set for all tournaments, including the Live-Streamed National Championship Final Table. Any participant from any league is welcome to participate in the open tournaments.
Only affiliate poker leagues and qualified players are allowed to compete in the National Championship Invitational. Our best players are invited to compete in one of the National Championship events against top players from other Bar Poker Open Affiliate leagues.

Tutorial on how to qualify for the next Bar Poker Open Event!

Method To Win A Direct Bar Poker Open Seat

Participates in a sanctioned bar and ranks in the top three on the leaderboard. Your TD will then get your name and email information, which will be used to offer you to participate in an online event in which one in twenty players (at the very least the top ten) will win a place in one of the next two Bar Poker Open Championships of their choosing!
The top place winner every weekend will also get a $700 travel package to the Las Vegas event, which includes $400 for flights and four nights of hotel accommodation!

Qualify for FREE in 2 Steps for the Bar Poker Open $200,000 National Championship

Championship: Rob Rayan Captures Bar Poker Open East Coast Championship

The Bar Poker Open East Coast Championship, which takes place annually at the Borgata in Atlantic City, returned for the sixth year in a row this weekend and was the largest ever.
Rob Ryan of No Limit Pub Poker dominated the final table to take home the championship and $26,838 in prize money. After two beginning flights and playing down on Day 2, Ryan played down on Day 3. The Championship attracted 820 entrants, making it the most competitive field in the tournament's history, and the $100,000 guarantee was comfortably exceeded.
They placed more than $120,000 in the prize pool, with part of the money going to the final 90 contestants. With even 500 entrants, Flight A was the most popular of the day, and Ryan finished with the largest stack.
Flight B had another 320 entrants, with the guarantee being exceeded early in the day and George Smith holding the highest stack at the conclusion of the Sunday session.
Kate Koper (Premier Island Poker) returned for Day 2 with the second largest stack, and she would ride that stack all the way to the final table of the tournament. Koper took the chip lead into the final table's eight-handed action, with Ryan settling into the center of the pack.
That soon changed when Ryan eliminated all but two of the final table players, putting him in a head-to-head match with Koper for the championship. He had a chip advantage of more than three-to-one, and it only took him two hands to win the whole event and take home the entire prize pool.
It was an intense, fast-paced final, and it was the ideal way to cap off a fantastic championship. Congratulations to Rob on winning the championship, and thank you to all of the Bar Poker Open participants for a great weekend series of tournaments.

Bar Poker Open 2016 $100,000 East Coast Championship Recap Video

Glenn Mccrory, Founder And Managing Partner Of The Bar Poker Open

It's time to get the word out, shift some old mindsets, and raise the bar for success to new heights.
Maybe you haven't heard of "bar poker leagues."
You may be surprised to learn that poker is played in bars throughout the nation, especially if you live in one of the country's largest poker markets, such as Las Vegas or Los Angeles.
It's all too easy to feel alone.
The truth is that there are just as many games, with tens of thousands of new players drawn to poker as a result of a five-year-old relationship.
The Bar Poker Open is a daring new concept that has surged in popularity.
Everyone linked to the modern-day poker scene owes a huge debt of appreciation to this incredibly successful idea created by a tiny group of organizers who overcame many hurdles and achieved what had previously been believed to be virtually impossible.
The Bar Poker Open was founded in 2014 by veterans of the bar poker business. Their aim was to provide quick and concrete rewards for bar poker games. They reasoned that offering rewards would entice more people to participate.
For poker players seeking instant gratification, the allure of a prize might be a more appealing alternative. After all, while playing poker, everyone wants to earn something valuable.
There were few motivations or prizes for playing in a bar poker tournament prior to the establishment of the Bar Poker Open. The giving of rewards, however, was just the start of a new poker deck with apparently limitless possibilities and potential.
Poker players who competed in bars in the past (and still do in non-Bar Poker Open events) were required to put in multiple days (sometimes 3 to 5 nights weekly) in order to earn enough qualifying points to advance to a local playoff series with a relatively small prize pool of perhaps a hundred dollars.
For such a small stake, it felt like a lot of effort. A low-buy-in entry into a minor tournament conducted at a nearby casino was sometimes included in the main prize.
Much bigger national poker leagues would then welcome participants to a regional qualifying event with nothing to lose but an invitation to a national tournament, which would be held later.
Because participants were forced to cover their own costs and were enticed by a prize pool of just $5,000 to $10,000, this comfortable but complacent arrangement offered very little benefit to them. Participating in bar poker leagues offers few benefits to outsiders other than amusement. That's not to say it was all terrible.
The real benefit for many players was just getting together with their friends and having a good time at the pub playing poker. The Bar Poker Open injects over $700,000 in prize money each year in an attempt to make the game more lucrative and attract more individuals to bar league games.
Furthermore, a simple and quick "two-step qualifying" was created to enable participants to participate in major championship events in an attempt to make participation considerably simpler.
The Bar Poker Open's unrestrained success may be due in large part to the fact that it allows new players to join for almost no money, other than possibly purchasing a meal and/or a drink or two to keep the bar owners happy.
The majority of poker tournaments are held at local pubs, taverns, or restaurants in suburban areas. The games are often located outside of mega-casinos, away from the bright lights and big money.
The loyalists of the Bar Poker Open are ordinary folks with regular jobs and lifestyles, not poker professionals. The leagues also have the highest proportion of female players of any open poker tournament anywhere on the globe.
Female participation in the World Series of Poker and most other big poker tournaments is approximately six to seven times higher than male participation. As a result, these leagues are obviously doing something right that the more well-known locations seem to be overlooking.
Here's our opportunity to learn more about what a bar poker tournament is and how it's incorporated into the Bar Poker Open, which is probably being played near you right now.
We'll also learn a little more about Glenn McCrory, one of the company's founders and managing partners, who is very likely the youngest industry veteran I've ever met, with a very bright future in the game.

Glenn from Eastern Poker Tour talks about the future of the Bar Poker Open

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