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How Much Is The Average Cost Of A Destination Wedding In 2023?

The average cost of a destination wedding overseas is now half that of a regular, at-home ceremony.

Luqman Jackson
Oct 02, 20233596 Shares58950 Views
Many couples fantasize of having a destination wedding. Many people automatically believe that destination weddings are expensive. After all, destination weddings are often conducted in stunning, out-of-the-ordinary locales (such as the Caribbean) and at expensive, top-tier wedding resorts.
They may need overseas travel in addition to several nights of lodging for both the wedding and honeymoon stay. Despite this, the prices are very modest. The average cost of a destination weddingoverseas is now half that of a regular, at-home ceremony.

Average Cost Of A Destination Wedding

The setting is an important aspect of any destination wedding. Do you prefer domestic or international activities? Or maybe you're more interested in exotic luxury wedding locations abroad?
A wedding with a local or overseas location has an average total cost of $33,391. It's also common knowledge that local destination weddings cost roughly $28.372 extra to host.
On the other side, a foreign destination wedding will likely cost more per attendee, at an average of $27.277. This is due to the fact that the maximum number of guests for a wedding with a foreign location is 86.
The majority of the budget is spent on excursions. It's common for couples to chip in and cover a portion of the cost for their guests. Therefore, couples spend an average of $532 more on local destination weddings. An extra $1,427 is added to the total for marriages that take place outside of the country.
The entire cost of the couple's overseas wedding comes to $2,623 per person. The average cost of a local destination wedding is $1032 per attendee.

Beach Wedding Costs

When budgeting for a beach wedding, it's important to think about things like the location of the ceremony, whether or not you want a tent on the beach, and what you'd spend on a rain plan.
The weather might be more of a wild card for a seaside wedding or reception since it will most likely take place outside (unless a tent is used).
A bride and people on wedding stage at beach
A bride and people on wedding stage at beach

Mountain Wedding Costs

being stuff up and down the mountain may be one of the greatest expenditures for a mountain wedding, particularly if you're being married on a very high mountain or at a ski resort, in addition to the standard destination wedding costs you'll want to consider (guest count, venue, location, etc.).
The cost of the wedding can go higher if it requires specialized transportation to get perishable food and catering materials, like the cake, up the mountain.
If you're being married at a ski resort in the summer, for instance, you may be able to utilize the ski lift if you ask nicely (though this could cost more).

National Park Wedding Costs

Weddings in national parks may be more affordable than those at beaches or other exotic locations.
Since certain national parks have severe restrictions on the number of persons who may attend this sort of ceremony (often between $100 and $200), your expenditures may naturally be cheaper since the guest count will be fewer.
Keep in mind that the cost of a wedding photographer may be more than usual if you choose to have your ceremony in a national park, outdoor setting, or mountainous area.

City Wedding Costs

It's safe to expect that most prices will be greater in cities than in less populated areas if you decide to have your destination wedding there. Prices for everything from venues to lodging to transportation to food will be higher in a major city.
If you want to stick to your spending plan, it's important to start thinking about suppliers and services a full year in ahead.

What Do Couples Pay For With An International Destination Wedding?

It may seem daunting to plan a wedding on a tight budget, but there are certain expenditures involved with a destination wedding that can be anticipated and planned for.
Some of them are standard for every wedding, such as the wedding dress and invites, while others are exclusive to having your nuptials overseas. We've broken out the current average expenditures of a wedding in a foreign location to remove the guesswork.

Average Airline Ticket Price

Unlike a typical wedding near home, travel expenses play a significant role in the entire destination wedding cost. If you're planning on traveling abroad, budget about $1,000 for airline tickets to paradise, or more if you want to spend on a first-class experience!1
The cost of round-trip flight will, of course, vary based on where you're flying to and from. Travel expenses may be much lower if you are married in Mexico, for example.
Most major US cities now provide short, direct flights to Mexico's numerous regions. When you book early, you may also expect to save more money.

Average Accommodation Cost

Extensive-stay lodgings, like airfare, are an expense specific to destination weddings (sometimes known as "weddingmoons"). Most couples will stay at their preferred destination for at least five nights and will generally stay in a more romantic, upgraded hotel type.
Lower prices are usually available when a group room block is booked in advance. If your destination wedding resort is anticipating 20 or more guests, the average cost per room is less than $2,150; yet, without a group block, visitors should expect to spend well over $2,900 for their hotel stay. Keep in mind that an all-inclusive wedding resort will offer romantic touches and exclusive facilities in the pricing.

Average Cost Of A Destination Wedding Venue

Traditionally, it is advised that you set aside around 50% of your wedding money for the location. This is true for both local and distant marriages.
The difference with a destination wedding is that, if you choose an all-inclusive wedding resort, the cost of a wedding package frequently includes more than just the wedding location itself.

How Do Couples Choose Their Destinations?

In terms of wedding preparations, the world is your oyster. Consider borrowing some ideas from the couples we polled if you're having trouble deciding what to do. Almost six in ten couples cited the destination's uniqueness or potential for fantastic sightseeing as a major factor in their decision to visit the area.
Choosing a special location is a wonderful way to add a touch of individuality to your wedding day. Approximately 51% of 2022 brides and grooms indicated they choose their wedding location because it had sentimental value. Think about visiting the site where you proposed or where you first told your partner you loved them.

Destination Wedding Tips

You've picked out a breathtaking location for your big day. It's time to become educated on the best practices when organizing a wedding in a faraway location.

Manage Your Invitees

Everything, from the number of visitors to the food to the decorations, will have to be planned around that number. You'll have to be more selective with your guest list if your ideal venue is in a more inaccessible area or has limited capacity. If you can't cut down on the number of people invited, maybe you might have the event somewhere near to where you live.

Consider Your Wedding Date

If you've got your heart set on a tourist hotspot for your wedding, it's best to plan it at a less busy time of year. Your guests will save money on airline and hotel accommodations if you have your event in the spring or autumn, and you can probably get your first choice of dates (and maybe even a better bargain) if you book early.

Set Up A Wedding Website

As soon as you have settled on a date and location for the wedding, start planning your website. If you won't be footing the bill for your visitors' transportation and meals, give them plenty of options and information to work with.
Include accommodation choices (both high-end and more affordable options) and information on how to secure group rooms at hotels or discounted airfare from major airports.
Give them information on how to get about, where to eat, what to see, what to wear, the usual weather, whether or not they'll need warm clothes, and the dress code for your wedding.

Send Save-the-dates

Sending out save-the-date cards nine to twelve months before the wedding gives guests plenty of time to decide whether they can make it. The beginning and ending times of your weekend are quite useful.

Consider Requesting No Gifts

If you're worried about your guests having to spend money to attend your wedding, you could always include the statement "your presence is our present" on the wedding website and invites.
If a visitor really wants to offer you something, they should do so in advance of the wedding by having it delivered to your house.

Costs To Consider In Your Destination Wedding Budget

It's common for the costs of a wedding to skyrocket when compared to a local ceremony. Our research indicates that in 2022, a destination wedding will cost an average of $35,600, while the national average for a wedding will be $30,000. The price disparity might be attributed to a number of things.
Costs associated with travel, including flights and hotel stays, must be considered when organizing a destination wedding. Couples may save money by holding their wedding at an all-inclusive resort, where lodging, food, drinks, and even group activities are all rolled into one price.
A wedding organizer, symbolic ceremony, wedding cake, flowers (including bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces), and sometimes even extras like spa treatments are all part of the all-inclusive wedding packages they provide.
When planning your wedding, keep in mind that guests' travel expenses may be more expensive if your big day falls during a popular travel period of year.
When organizing a wedding in a far-flung location, many couples choose to employ a professional planner. Our research found that 7 out of 10 couples who had an overseas destination wedding and 51% of those who held a domestic destination wedding in the United States used the services of a wedding planner.
While hiring a wedding planner is an extra cost, it is essential if you are planning a destination wedding and need assistance arranging for an officiant, local suppliers, and other logistics.

Who Pays For What

Guests are expected to pay for their own transportation and lodgings. Flights, hotel stays, non-wedding-related meals and activities, and maybe even taxi rides to and from the ceremony site might all be part of your destination wedding package. They may also need to take time off work and go shopping for appropriate attire for the destination.
Extra meals and activities like a welcome supper, cocktail hour, and goodbye brunch may be warranted in light of these costs (and the fact that everyone is traveling from out of town). You are not obligated to hire a vehicle for the guests, although doing so would be appreciated, particularly if alcoholic beverages will be offered at any of the activities.
Inquire with the hotel(s) you plan to stay at whether they provide airport transportation. If it isn't, you may want to consider footing the bill for your visitors.
Have the hotel bring to the rooms at check-in a basket of goods, a handwritten letter, and a summary of the wedding weekend. Put in anything you want, from local delicacies and fruit to wine and bubbly. All of this is to express your gratitude for their effort in traveling to be a part of your joyous occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Factors Influence The Average Cost Of A Destination Wedding?

The average cost of a destination wedding can vary significantly based on factors like the location, guest count, wedding package, and additional expenses such as travel and accommodation.

How Can Couples Budget Effectively For A Destination Wedding?

Couples can budget effectively for a destination wedding by setting a clear spending plan, researching costs in advance, prioritizing their expenses, and considering all-inclusive packages.

Are There Ways To Save Money On A Destination Wedding Without Sacrificing Quality?

Yes, couples can save money on a destination wedding by choosing an off-peak season, negotiating with vendors, limiting the guest list, and opting for more affordable destinations.

What Are Some Hidden Costs Associated With Destination Weddings?

Hidden costs in destination weddings may include marriage license fees, vendor gratuities, currency exchange fees, and transportation expenses, which couples should factor into their budget.

Can Destination Wedding Costs Be Tax-deductible In Some Cases?

In certain situations, destination wedding costs might be tax-deductible if they meet specific criteria, such as the wedding doubling as a business expense or charitable event. Couples should consult a tax professional for guidance.

Final Words

The average cost of a destination wedding can vary widely depending on various factors, making it essential for couples to plan and budget carefully.
By considering their desired location, guest list, wedding package, and additional expenses, couples can create a realistic budget that allows them to enjoy a memorable destination wedding without breaking the bank.
Whether opting for a lavish celebration or a more budget-friendly affair, careful financial planning can help couples make their dream destination wedding a reality.
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