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Top 6 assignments business students usually complete

Are you already a proud business school student or still hesitating whether it’s worthwhile to get an MBA degree? Either way, you’ve probably heard a lot about how rigorous MBA training usually is.

Stefano Mclaughlin
Jul 20, 2021105007 Shares1567262 Views
Are you already a proud business school student or still hesitating whether it’s worthwhile to get an MBA degree? Either way, you’ve probably heard a lot about how rigorous MBA training usually is.
No surprises here. Rumors don’t lie: it’s really hard to be a business school student. And there are more reasons than one why it is so.
Consider these:

Rigorous Selection Process

The standards for MBA programs are very high, and the more respected the school, the more difficult it is to become its student. The world’s top degree programs are only accessible for candidates with high exam scores and extensive work experience.

High Tuition Costs

MBA programs are also known to be generally very expensive. In part, it’s logical: most business school students are seasoned professionals who need to expand and deepen their knowledge. Most likely, they’ve worked hard to fund their degree and have counted the ROI prior to applying. If you haven’t done that yet, don’t forget to.

Demanding Assignments

Business schools are for those who are ready to work really hard. So, the students’ stamina is going to be put to the test time and again while they are studying for a degree. If you take a go at MBA, be prepared to get loads of assignments and deliver them in a timely manner.
This last item is often the most intimidating for many students because they just don’t know what to expect. That’s why we’ve put together the following list of the most common assignments business students typically complete. Brace yourself!

Research Papers 

Research papers and essays in general are among the most common assignment types regardless of school or major. It’s also the type widely used on all steps of the academic ladder.
Given the fact above, you probably already know that you can find an essay writer at EssayWritingServiceand get the task done with no hassle. However, be aware that MBA research papers and essays are not the same as high school or even college essays.
These assignments require a lot of time and serious work. So, plan your time wisely – even if you’re planning to hire a professional writer or editor to help you with your paper.

Business Plans 

Knowing how to write a business plan is a vital skill for every business person. Whether you’re a company owner or a hired executive, being able to plan ahead can be a life-saver, so it’s no wonder they teach this at business schools.
However, writing business plans in real life and as an academic assignment is not quite the same thing. At school, you’ll have to take care of the form as well as the content.
However, even here, writing services can help. Many offer business plan writing help, but we recommend that you search “essay review by NoCramming team” before you make your choice. There, you’ll find one of the most comprehensive Essay Pro reviewsyou can find on the internet. It indicates all the pros and cons of the service (spoiler: the pros outweigh).
Business plans
Business plans

Case Studies 

A case study is a staple among business school assignments. The reason is, it is the perfect task type to develop the skills students need in their everyday professional life, like problem-solving and decision-making.
Basically, a case study for a business schoolis a document describing and scrutinizing a real-life or an imagined business scenario. By studying multiple cases, students learn to see patterns, connect causes and effects, and work out the best solutions to the problems they will be facing in their real working environment.
This task usually comes in two forms: students are either asked to read and analyze certain case studies or write one of their own.

Problem Sets 

A problem set is a common assignment used for teaching many disciplines. In business schools, it is most often used in finance and statistics courses. Problem sets, unlike formal academic papers, do not require any extensive research. They are all about activating your thought process and solving typical problems based on the knowledge you have.
Such tasks are very important for improving problem-solving skillswhich are vital in real work environments. So, don’t treat them lightly. Try to complete these assignments on your own before working in a team so that you learn to rely on your own knowledge and abilities.


If you have sufficient working experience to apply to a respectable business school, then you already know how indispensable presentation skills are for your job. Well, during your MBA program, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to hone these skills.
You’ll be challenged with preparing a class presentation on a nearly weekly basis. So, be ready to overcome your fear of public speaking and become a proficient PowerPoint (or Google Presentations) user as well as an excellent team player.


Although practical projects are becoming increasingly popular in business schools, a good old thesis or a dissertationis still the golden standard of an end-of-the-program task.
Writing a thesis is no easy task, but if you’ve been diligent enough throughout the program, you’ll be able to handle it without too much stress. However, if you need help with editing, formatting, and other formal aspects, you already know where to get it.

Wrapping Up 

Being an MBA student is a challenge in more ways than one. In addition to going through a rigorous selection process and finding means to cover tuition costs, you’ll be faced with a serious workload once you are admitted to the program.
Having so many assignments to complete may feel overwhelming, but knowing what exactly you’ll be supposed to do usually helps a lot. Besides, there are always some ways to ease the academic burden by delegating certain parts of your assignments to professional writing services.
However, even with that in mind, be prepared to work really hard. After all, going to business school is all about gaining skills and knowledge, not just a prestigious certificate.
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